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For the week of April 23 – 29, 2018:

Get ready for another intensely powerful week ahead.  With Saturn and Pluto retrograde, we’re moving deep into our current reality to unearth the hidden potential for transformation and new possibilities.  As our attention goes into the density of our current identities, forms, and structures, we’re remembering the infinite potential and sacredness that live in the empty space of all things.  Through our consciousness, we’re birthing the resurrection of spirit into our daily ordinary life, which upgrades all of our structures to the higher universal laws, giving brand new meaning to life on Earth.  We’re in the unveiling process of Heaven on Earth.



It’s important to remember that transformation occurs in a rapid, unpredictable environment that can feel like chaos.  The status quo of any structure, belief, or paradigm must be interrupted so that a new possibility can be accessed and integrated.  If we continue to operate in a comfortable steady pace, nothing changes, and there is nothing new to calibrate.  Or better stated, the calibration to a higher frequency will by nature disrupt and interfere with the current energy patterns, causing temporary disruption until the higher frequency takes root.  The activation of a higher frequency will instantly shift and recalibrate the whole system, interrupting any normal or stuck holding patterns, and elevating holistically to the new frequency.  Everything shifts through the process.  That temporary disrupt can feel like chaos and uncertainty, however it’s the necessary catalyst (or contraction) that births change.


Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, which is the sign of alchemy, transformation, death/rebirth, resurrection, and transmutation through physical Love.  When we infuse anything physical with the consciousness of Love, there is alchemy.  We activate the potential to shape shift.  We are not bound to anything in the physical realm.  The physical dimension is 99% empty space.  That empty space is infinite potential for Love.  Love is the language and the law of 5D consciousness.  When we calibrate anything physical to the frequency of Love, we shift the dynamic.


When we witness anything in the physical dimension with the presence of Love, when we’re fully present in our bodies as the awakened response of Unconditional Love, we become the alchemists of transformation, and our presence calibrates our environment.  We don’t need to make anything happen by reacting, fixing or doing, we only need to be fully present and awake, owning our power to choose an elevated vibrational response, and allow the universal flow of communication to move through us, calling us forth, stepping into right action when necessary, or simply witnessing and holding space from the purified lens of Love.


If we get triggered by what we’re experiencing in the physical dimension, or if our instinct is to look away, detach, disconnect, walk away, or ignore – even by leaving our body and tuning into a higher dimension that feels more peaceful – we’re giving our power away.  The greatest contribution we can make, especially through the uncertain moments of transformation and awakening, is to remain fully present, as full participants, healers, midwifes, and leaders…engaged from the heart, offering Love to all beings, through the environment and the planet.  This movement of energy creates an abundant tidal wave of Love that interrupts the norm and manifests a higher vision.


Our current experience of physical reality is the reflection of our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.  In order to sustainably shift any aspect of our reality, we must soften and surrender to the current experience, and elevate our response to Love.  We may not love the current behaviors or experiences, especially if there is suffering or discomfort for ourselves or others; however, we can plant our minds into our hearts, and generate our thoughts from there.  The discomfort is meant to awaken us, from the heart, to what matters most.  The more Love we embody, the more power we have to rewrite the script.


There is infinite potential in the unknown and the uncertain.  When we know what comes next, when we’re walking on steady ground in familiar terrain, there is nothing new to discover or awaken to.  When we already know what’s coming, there’s little room for spontaneity or surprise.  We’re living in such a magical time – humanity and the earth are awakening and ascending.  Our willingness is required…the willingness to be deeply present and in our bodies, while surrendering to what we don’t know, moment to moment.  Allowing the experience to transform us, and staying tuned to Love.  Love elevates, heals, inspires, and transforms.  Love is the alchemical agent, the facilitator of radical transformation.  As we become walking embodiments of Unconditional Love, in practice and in spirit, we become the agents of alchemy to transform the world.  Now is the time, and Love is the answer.


On Monday 4/23, the Black Moon is in a stepping stone with MakeMake, and the Sun is in a great eliminator with MakeMake.  MakeMake represents the new authority and leadership through the higher laws of nature and the laws of the universe.  The old shadows of the feminine are stepping up empowered, awakened, and matured through experience and wisdom.  Our consciousness clears the old outdated beliefs and fears so that we can recognize and embody the higher spiritual laws.


On Tuesday 4/24, Mars and Jupiter are in a resource, Venus and Varuna are in a resource, the Black Moon and Mercury are in a stepping stone, the Black Moon is manifesting with Orcus, Mercury and Orcus are in a great eliminator, the Black Moon and Ceres are in a great eliminator, the Black Moon and Saturn are conjunct, Ceres and Saturn are in a great eliminator, Venus enters Gemini, and Venus and Chiron are in a resource.  Wow…that’s a lot of active energy!   Venus in Gemini gives our heart the multidimensional capacity to communicate, beyond any language barrier, challenge of authority, or circumstance.  When we operate from the lens of the pure heart, with the consciousness of Love, we can see everything, including our purpose and promise, and we can birth miracles through our awakened presence.


Wednesday 4/25 is a Mercury Saturn stepping stone.  Our communications form the new structures that we’re stepping into.  The words we speak, the thoughts we think, become the building blocks of tomorrow.  As we’re challenged by what feels like limitation or pressure, we’re actually being called forth to elevate our thinking, and elevate our communication to a higher consciousness.   It matters that we stay positive and attuned to our highest vision, not to allow challenges to limit our thinking.


On Thursday 4/26, Mercury and Ceres are manifesting, Venus and Quaoar are in a great eliminator, Mars and Pluto are in a new cycle, and the Sun and Albion are in a new cycle.  We’re birthing higher communication, from the infinite realm of the heart, and when we do, all things physical are up for transformation and shapeshifting.  As we elevate our thoughts to Love, we activate a brand new cycle of physical transformation.  The old attachments to the old identities fall away, and there’s space for something new.  Albion represents the infinite potential that lives within the perceived empty space, which isn’t empty at all, it’s rich with spirit, alive with every possibility we could ever imagine.  As our consciousness begins to realize what lives within the empty space, we awaken to a new relationship with the space between all things, and we begin to see a whole new world emerging.


Friday 4/27 is a Venus MakeMake manifestation, a Black Moon Pluto new cycle, a Black Moon Mars new cycle, a Haumea Arcturus new cycle, and Mercury manifests with the Moon’s North Node (Soul Star chakra).   Our hearts are manifesting with higher authority, the emerging feminine is transmuting and recycling the old shadows into light, transmuting the physical structures and old expressions, and we’re communicating from our most awakened collective voice of evolutionary wisdom.  This is a very forward thinking and forward moving day, where we’re downloaded with cutting edge insight and technology to see beyond what we currently know, to access the higher dimensional ways of being.


On Saturday 4/28, the Sun is manifesting with Orcus, and the Black Moon is manifesting with Sedna.   We’re consciously manifesting our soul’s promise for this lifetime, and our feminine wholeness is remembering the truth of who we are. Every shadow serves a purpose, to remember the source of Light that we originate from.  As we own our shadows and our light, we remember the sacredness of our wholeness, the journey of our soul, and why it matters.


And Sunday 4/29 is a Sun Saturn manifestation and the Full Moon in Scorpio at 9’39.   We’re manifesting with our most awakened power and authority to rewrite the script as the Full Moon in Scorpio is reflecting the infinite potential of Albion.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Scorpio is Physical Love, the aspect of our consciousness that is the alchemist, manifesting our highest vision, and shapeshfiting all things physical by the consciousness of Love.  Scorpio is the polarity of Taurus, which is Mental Love, the aspect of our consciousness where we choose to plant our minds in Love, and focus our minds to obey the heart.  When we consciously obey the messages of the heart with Love, we manifest Love in the physical dimension, we experience transformation of the highest order.


When we try to change what we see “out there”, we generate resistance and inflammation.  When we consciously plant our minds in Love, in partnership with our hearts, we see the fruits of alchemy, and we see the infinite space of divine love that lives within all things.  Everything physical is also spiritual.  There is no separation.  The form, structure, and definition of what appears to be physical (tangible) is created by our thoughts, beliefs, attachments, expectations, and overall paradigm.   We are awakening, which means the lens from which we view the world is shifting…allowing us to see what we couldn’t see before, and activate a brand new intimate relationship with the seen and the unseen potential that lives all around us.


There is magic and sacredness all around us, beyond what our eyes can see.  The infinite universe is divinely present in all things, always.  If we can learn to see from the heart, we can experience heaven on earth, now.


The practice this week is to let go of attachments, judgments, and expectations, and soften your gaze.  See what emerges in the empty space when you let go of what you think you know.  Allow yourself to be moved by each unfolding moment, as if it was brand new, beyond your wildest dreams.  See what is waiting to emerge before you, see what possibilities can take shape when you let go of control, let go of any agendas, and allow the universe to reveal Love.  Transformation occurs in a nanosecond, and in the blink of an eye, everything can change.  If we insist on operating with our mind, based on what we think we know, there’s no room for surprise in the unknown magic.  Find patience for the spontaneous, and allow something new to birth before your very eyes.



“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”  ~ Deepak Chopra   



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  1. Don’t want to get ahead of myself, though I can’t help feeling Frankie Goes to Hollywood “The Power of Love” is what is needed to get us through this birth canal.

  2. Hey Stephanie,
    Just looking at your beautiful being form Ireland workshop last year at Creacon Day.

    I had a shape shifting little baby fox guide and lead me down my mountain road two nights ago. for about two miles, it was a fox, it was a chiwauwau dog, then a cat,then just a guide and all the time kept turning around, in front of my slowly moving old Mazda, and looking at me, telling me I can shift to be whatever i need to be, whenever needed. That is the secret and magic now is it not? heart centered of course, sending prayers to get to Ireland, the Green Lady in June, yet if not WE ARE ONE.

    Loveloveloveand more Lovelovelove,
    Susan in Virginia with dogs and hummoingbirds and Divine Life

  3. Thank you…for your never ending interpretation of the energies! I am so grateful for this as it serves as a reminder to Allow the flow and observe it All from a more expanded viewpoint than what is in front of my nose. It truly is such a beautiful dance….!

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