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For the week of April 16 – 22, 2018:

Get ready for an extremely powerful week ahead.  Mercury has stationed direct, and with the recent Aries New Moon conjunct the Great Awakeners, we’re igniting new creative potential from our most awakened consciousness.  It’s more important than ever to be fully present, eyes wide open, and in relationship with our deepest truth from the heart.  We’re manifesting at lightning speed, and every thought matters.



Hafiz wrote the famous quote “the words you speak become the house you live in”.   This is the essence of the mind/body connection.  When we speak unconsciously, or when we engage in shallow mindless communication, whether we realize it or not, we’re manifesting that structure as our reality.  It’s important to align our communications with the heart, so we speak our deepest truth with clarity and purpose.  It also matters that we be fully awake, conscious, and present as we’re speaking.  Mercury has just gone through a very profound retrograde journey, upgrading our inner communications and operating system to the yin/yang balance of heart/mind.  There can no longer be a separation between mind and heart, they are committed to partnership moving forward.


The heart holds the blueprint of our soul’s highest vision and purpose.  The purpose of the mind is to elevate to the highest observer, the equanimous meditator mind, focusing undivided attention on the heart, aligning our thoughts and our attention with our vision and purpose.   This kind of partnership eliminates the need to wander, to worry, or to spin off in multiple different directions in search of meaning and purpose.  The heart holds the truth.  Our practice becomes honoring and obeying the heart.  Meditating through the eye of the heart as a living practice.


Our thoughts, words, and actions manifest as tangible results.  If we declare the truth of our heart, and then spin the mind into worry, fear, or doubt, we create unnecessary disturbance which delays the manifestation of the original thought.   When we trust our hearts, we can allow the manifestation to occur in divine timing and divine order.  There’s nothing to make happen, nothing to force, and nothing to fear.  Surrendering to the heart requires letting go of attachments and agendas that might judge the process or the outcome.


The heart holds the template for higher vision.  It’s brand new.  If we think we know what it should look like, we’ll create an expectation or an attachment.  It’s best to allow the unfolding, like watching a seed sprout and blossom into a flower.  To predict the outcome from our mind would only project thoughts onto that seed.  If we can trust and allow with patience and maturity, we can fully receive the harvest of our most awakened heart.


There’s a lot changing on the planet right now.  Everything is in transition and flux.  The old structures are de-manifesting as quickly as the new voices are emerging.  When evolution hits critical mass, a paradigm shift occurs from the old social norms to the new vision for humanity.  Collectively, we’re challenging outdated beliefs and questioning the sustainability of certain ways of operating.  We’re awakening to the ways that our current methods are damaging our environment, ourselves, and future possibilities, and as those price tags become unbearable, there is a critical shift in consciousness.  That shift requires respect for all beings, the Earth, and our resources, transparency in communication, and commitment to sustainability and evolution.


This week, Saturn and Pluto turn retrograde, which is extremely important to the transformation and  reconstruction of sustainable systems of power and authority.  Pluto will usher us through the death and rebirth process.  We must be willing to let go of what no longer serves us, including our limiting beliefs and outdated patterns, so that we can experience something new.  This transformation process also requires us to be compassionately unattached.  We don’t know what’s coming, and we can’t judge the process in any way.


Transformation is a process like birth, it requires surrender to completion.  The only way out is through.  What’s available to all of us is the most exquisite manifestation of our awakened heart, mirrored through our physical reality.  Imagine a world that looks like Love.  Imagine an inner environment that feels like Love.  Within and without, we are changing.  We don’t have to think about it or try for it – change is occurring, rapidly.  Resistance creates inflammation and stagnation, which is uncomfortable.  If we get distracted by the discomfort, we will loop around in our minds trying to “fix” the discomfort instead of surrendering to the heart.


It’s important to discern the symptoms of rapid change versus the need to make a change.  And only the heart knows.  As Mercury moves forward this week, our practice is to merge mind and heart together, and listen from a highly calibrated lens of Love.   The heart is our navigation system, and Mercury is speaking the new language.  It’s time to listen, and trust.  This is the new navigation system.  The new language is Love, and it comes from the heart.


On Monday 4/16, the Black Moon is in a great eliminator with Varuna.  The wholeness of the rising feminine is clearing out whatever has blocked our vision from seeing the highest truth.  Varuna represents the highest cosmic vision, the scope of vision that is accessed only by equanimity, unconditional Love.  When we are operating from a neutral and forgiving consciousness, willing to see the wholeness with compassion and understanding, we can see everything, crystal clear.  Judgment clouds our vision and limits our understanding.


Tuesday 4/17 is a huge day.  Venus and Jupiter are in a bridge, Chiron moves into Aries, the Sun is manifesting with Ixion, Venus is manifesting with Pluto, the Black Moon stations direct, and Saturn goes retrograde at 8:29pm ET at 9 Capricorn 09’ inside a void moon.  Chiron’s shift from 29 Pisces to 00 Aries is a massive change of collective energy.  We’re moving from the overwhelming infiniteness of the human condition of suffering, insecurity, and core wounds to the spark of a thought that manifests something new.  If we feel limited or victimized by our suffering in any way, we will manifest more suffering.  But if we feel empowered to elevate our thoughts with Love, by consciously disciplining our minds to think loving thoughts, we can actually shift the current story on our planet by engaging the mind/body connection to manifest a brand new physical expression.  This is an opportunity for a powerful shift in consciousness that changes the game completely.


Venus – the ruler of the heart – is expanding our social consciousness and also manifesting massive transformation, just as Saturn stations.  This Saturn retrograde is a profound reconstruction of the status quo into a social norm that’s conscious, sustainable, and awake.   We’re shifting the conversation from powerless to power.  For any current scenarios that reflect a power struggle within a social norm, now is the time for change.  Change occurs though awakening, not by force.  Once we awaken, we never forget, and we never go back to sleep.  Conscious evolution occurs through awakening, not by over powering.  We are awakening to our own personal power, starting with the power we each hold to choose a new thought.  That new thought shifts our reality.  The power of an original thought is the most underrated resource available on this planet to ignite change and spark a conscious revolution.


Wednesday 4/18 is a Sun Uranus new cycle and a Vesta stepping stone with MakeMake.  This feels like lightning flashing through the Sun, a spark of super charged light generating the new Aquarian consciousness to the planet for All.  Aquarian energy awakens the fire of devotion for humanity, calling forth the greater laws of leadership, service, and integrity.


On Thursday 4/19, the Black Moon is in another great eliminator with Varuna, the Sun is in a stepping stone with Varuna, the Sun is manifesting with the Black Moon, and the Sun enters Taurus at 11:13pm ET.   Again, Varuna is the highest cosmic vision, only accessible through the consciousness of Love, through equanimity.  As the Sun enters Taurus, we are collectively planting ourselves into the consciousness of Love.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is the sign of Mental Love and Conscious Obedience.  When we plant our minds in the consciousness of Love, we also fine tune our communications from our heart.  It’s important that we obey the messages that come from the heart.   The heart is the navigation system, it holds our deepest truth, our blueprint, and our soul’s purpose.  As we move into the Taurus aspect of our consciousness, our minds become like the Tree of Life – deeply rooted, powerfully present, and offering Love through every thought.


Friday 4/20, Venus is in a great eliminator with Haumea.   Our hearts are coming home to wholeness, and clearing out any doubts, insecurities, or fears that have ever created an illusion of separation.  We’re always home in our own hearts, and our hearts are always home in the universe.  No matter where we travel, if we find ourselves alone or in community, we belong.  Any circumstance that has ever had us doubt that, is up for elimination and clearing.


On Saturday 4/21 Venus and Sedna form a new cycle at 27 Taurus.  This is an interesting conjunction between the 2 Libran rulers.  Venus used to be known as the ruler of Libra, now Sedna is the 5D ruler.  Libra is the mirrored realization that I am You and You are Me.  In this new cycle, Venus and Sedna are mirroring each other.  The ruler of the heart is mirrored by the record keeper of the Cosmos.   As our hearts evolve to the awakened consciousness of pure unconditional Love, we become the equanimous mirrors that reflect the entire universe – past, present, and future – through the clarity of our hearts.  Even more important to keep our minds attuned to our hearts, because the heart contains every truth of the universe.


And Sunday 4/22, Pluto stations retrograde at 6:06am ET at 21 Capricorn 17’ , the Sun manifests with Quaoar, and the Black Moon is conjunct Quaoar for a new cycle.   Another huge day.  Pluto’s station in Capricorn signals transformation of the most divine order.  We’re shedding the ego attachments and allowing our higher authority, the voice of inner truth, to take us on an inner journey, beyond the veils and illusions that we’ve been buying into up until now. The Sun is manifesting with Quaoar which is the infinite potential of our new paradigm, the vast limitlessnes that we are returning home to, and that vast limitlessness is empowering the wholeness of the feminine to rise and shine in all her glory.


A new day is manifesting from our current thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes.  We are the pioneers and the creators of the New Earth.  It matters that we’re awake, conscious, and in our hearts.  The most powerful resource available to humanity is the power to think Loving thoughts, the power to choose to elevate in consciousness.  There is no greater gift to humanity than an awakened heart walking the planet.  No matter what is occurring moment to moment, even through the unknown shifts and changes, the unexpected twists and turns, be the awakened response of Love.  We are changing the game during this pivotal moment in time.  This is the moment of reconstruction.  This is what we came for.  There’s no greater place to be than right here, right now.


The practice this week is to elevate your thoughts to Love and tune into your heart.  Practice listening to your heart, without judgment or agenda.  Journal about your deepest truth at the end of each day, and notice what you heart reveals.  Notice the times when you hold back saying what your heart really means, notice the times you censor, judge, or water down the deepest truth from within.  Be curious about why you censor or edit, and be curious about what would happen if you obeyed your heart, with clarity and urgency.  If your heart was leading the way, what would you take action on, different than your current reality?  What would shift?  What would require courage, faith, and trust?  Do one thing each day that is inspired by the truth and clarity of your awakened heart.  And note, if you’re not clear what your heart is saying, be patient until clarity emerges.


“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”  ~ Antoine de Saint Exupéry


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  1. Beautiful wisdom of the heart Christine inspiring in the radiance of truth. This simple message from my heart occurred yesterday on the New Moon in Aries. The Spark…The simple and the ordinary become extraordinary in the presence of love… the New! New! New!

  2. Simply stunning words and messages. These are the words that fill my heart this week ❤️ Thank you so much for your guidance through this miraculous shift.

  3. I would humbly add “what is essential is invisible to the eye” is also invisible to the brain, because how can the brain admit to its dependence on the heart?

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