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For the week of April 2 – 8, 2018:

Get ready for a powerful week of high definition structure, clarity, and committed action – from the heart.  After last weekend’s Full Moon in Libra, we’ve been looking at our current results and reality in the mirror, and hopefully taking a good look at what’s in alignment and what’s out.  With our hearts and minds merged together, we can bring ourselves into alignment with self Love, which recalibrates the mirror and delivers ultra refined results.


We’re still moving through our Aries energy, which is the creative spark of mental power.  When we think loving thoughts, we experience Love through the manifestation of our bodies, our relationships, and our physical reality.  Mercury is still retrograde, meaning we’re refining and reviewing the karmic threads within our operating system.  Any internal conversations that are based in self judgment, criticism, obligation, expectation/disappointment, scarcity or lack must be addressed and elevated to the new conversation of Love, which is self acceptance, self respect, trusting and believing that we are enough, that there is enough….celebrating abundance, giving generously, and expressing gratitude.


Now is the time to turn the volume up and witness our innermost dialogue, how we speak to ourselves about ourselves when no one is looking.  If we find ourselves speaking harshly, or punishing ourselves in any way, withholding love or praise, neglecting our innermost needs, or overriding our gut intuition, it’s time to shift that channel of communication.  Just like a radio station that gets irritating and negative, we don’t have to listen to that quality of consciousness, especially in our own internal sacred space.  It pollutes our water.  It’s abrasive and abusive to our nervous system, it’s heavy on our bodies, and it manifests as the opposite of our hearts’ true nature.  This is a contributing factor to the incongruent reality we’ve been  living in.


The heart operates on Love.  We thrive on Love.  The vibrational frequency of Love is nourishing, uplifting, inspiring, expansive, supportive, abundant, gracious, and kind.  Love creates connection, intimacy, community.  The opposite of Love is hate, which is acidic, resistant, disconnected, disrespectful, arrogant, righteous, judgmental, and mean.  If we’ve ever hated something about our reflection in the mirror, we’re contributing to acidic inflammation in our bodies, self-resistance in our immune system, and irritation in our skin.


Fear is the absence of Love.  When we’re spinning in our minds, we’re not trusting or allowing.  If our minds are running separate from our hearts, we can’t focus our full undivided attention to the current moment.  We’re leaking precious fuel and mental power, our most valuable creative resource.  With a still mind, centered in the heart, calibrated with Love, we gain access to our full power with clarity, alertness, and peace.  From that still point, we are inspired to take right action, with efficiency, refinement, and vision.


If we believe our self worth is conditional, meaning our inherent core value is determined by superficial results, achievements, or appearances, then we’re operating on a core belief of not being enough.  Even if we think that motivates us to continually do better, to elevate and evolve.  In this scenario, we need something additional to prove our value and worth, as if we have to earn it, or be deserving of it.  If we reach our goal, we look good in the mirror.  If we don’t, we feel bad about our reflection in the mirror, we feel inadequate or disappointed.


An accurate mirror reflects the true nature of our soul, consistently, which is infinitely beautiful.  Our Light signature is a frequency of energy, consistent no matter what we do or don’t do.  It’s important that we begin to see that in the mirror, the spark of divinity that’s present and alive within each of us.  That Light is the universal presence of Love, which is the highest source of motivation of our thoughts, words, and actions.  Action flows freely from the heart when there’s nothing to prove, nothing to gain, and nothing to lose.  Love inspires authentic service and generosity from the heart.


The frequency of Love that manifests from recognizing the Divine IS the most powerful creative force of energy available to us.  Living the word “Namaste” with ourselves in the mirror is one of the most important practices we can do to recalibrate our relationship with the mirror, and begin to elevate the inner dialogue of our mental body.  Namaste means “I bow deeply to honor the divine within.  The Light in me sees the light in you.”  Imagine how our reality would shift if humanity awakened, acknowledged and greeted the Light within us each morning, before bringing ourselves out into the world and into rush hour traffic.


As we elevate the vibrational quality of communication inside our body, we calibrate the water element inside our body too.  Our bodies are approximately 80% water, and a fascinating property of water is that it responds to frequency and vibration.  Water records vibration, then circulates that information throughout the structure of the environment.  The brilliant Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto documented extensively the hidden messages in water, showing crystalline structures of water molecules manifesting according to the communication present.  As we bring our awareness into the power of the mind/heart union, we can see that we have unlimited power within ourselves to calibrate our own water with our thoughts.   In fact, we’re doing it anyway, every moment.


If we look in the mirror and think anything other than Love, it’s our responsibility to pay attention to the opportunity to shift.  It’s the most fundamental way we can collectively elevate the global condition.  If 70-80% of all humans on the planet could see the divine within themselves in the mirror, our planet would be very different and our global water sources would be radically improved.  That’s a lot of potential divine love in motion circulating around the globe.


We’re in the Aquarian Age, and the theme of Aquarius is Divine Love for humanity, starting with Self.  Self Love is Divine Love, and Love for Humanity is seeing our own reflection mirrored through All.  This is the most important work for us to do, and the only reason it’s “work” is because it’s not our social norm, yet.  We’re awakening it now.


Falling in Love is ecstasy, surrendering into the bliss of divinity is even more beautiful.  As we practice this, we begin manifesting in alignment with our soul’s highest vision and highest truth.  Our world starts to shift as we elevate to Love.


The week begins on Monday 4/2 with a Mars/Saturn new cycle, then Black Moon retrogrades into Cancer forming a Light Bridge with Varuna, the Sun manifests with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra), and the Black Moon is in a resource with Chiron.   Mars and Saturn in Capricorn create new definition, boundaries, and structure through powerful action and divine authority.  This new divine authority is inspired by the Light Bridge of super conscious feminine vision.  The awareness of this vision reminds us of our personal mastery, refined through every limitation, circumstance, and healing crisis.   Our path of spiritual evolution has refined all of our core wounds as gifts of awakened mastery.  Nothing is ever a mistake, our shadows have served as the necessary contrast to develop and refine our brilliant light, which returns us home to our true nature and source.


On Tuesday 4/3, Venus and MakeMake form a great eliminator.  The heart leads the way in the new world, and the heart holds leadership and authority, operating from the divine laws of nature.  We must be willing to let go of our ego attachments, self serving agendas, and fear based mechanisms that have motivated and controlled results.  Love is the new motivator for sustainable results, and Love is the universal language that is unconditional.


Wednesday 4/4 is a Mercury Mars stepping stone, a Venus Ceres stepping stone, and a Black Moon Eris stepping stone.  Stepping stones are opportunities to elevate to a new way of thinking, activate a new perspective, or take different action to find higher ground.  If we do what we’ve always done, we will eventually find our limitations, hit a wall, or reach a breaking point.  If we rise up and shift our operating system, we can be delivered to new dimensions, realizing our infinite potential.  The challenges that require us to step up are blessings in disguise.  Every edge of discomfort is an invitation to explore within ourselves what’s possible, and keep rising up to the challenge.


On Thursday 4/5, Mercury is in a stepping stone with Saturn, and Mercury forms a great eliminator with Orcus.   Our inner communications are being refined as we hold ourselves accountable to be our own authority, our own guide.  The voice of the guru is within, so if our personal dialogue isn’t one we would want to listen to, it’s time to elevate  Orcus reminds us of our immortality, the voice within us that is infinite, always awake, always aware, and able to see beyond the veils of the physical lifetime.  If we’ve been buying into a perceived limitation, it’s time to let go, remember our truth, and expand our perspective.


Friday 4/6 is a Venus Orcus manifestation.  The heart is manifesting with that immortal aspect of our soul that remembers why we’re here.  It’s time to create what we came to create, and the heart knows why it matters.


Saturday 4/7 is a Venus Saturn manifestation and a Sun Ceres stepping stone.  The heart is manifesting with divine power and authority and our consciousness is birthed and expanded through every challenge that activates our inner power to step up.  Right action delivers us to awakened consciousness.  The journey of each conscious step polishes and refines our light.


And Sunday 4/8 has no major aspects.  This is a great day to practice gratitude and Love for every event, challenge, risk, and effort.  Offer gratitude to yourself and others, and nourish your environment with blessings and Love.


The practice this week is another mirror gaze meditation, intentionally communicating Love to your reflection.  Practice bowing in Namaste to the mirror, or write yourself a love letter and read it in the mirror.  For any time you’ve spoken unkindly to yourself, rewrite the script this week, intentionally send a different message to your Self and your cells.  Calibrate the water element in your body to the vibrational frequency of Love.  Bless your body in the mirror, the way you would bless your food before you eat it for nourishment.  The more consistently you practice the new language with yourself, the more consistently your cells will hold the higher vibration of energy, expressing as Love in divine action.


“We must begin by learning what it means to have enough… to feel gratitude for having been born on a planet so rich in nature and gratitude for the water that makes our life possible. If you open your eyes you will see that the world is full of so much that deserves our gratitude. When you have become the embodiment of gratitude, think about how pure the water that fills your body will be. When this happens, you, yourself will be a beautiful shining crystal of light.” 
― Dr. Masaru Emoto, Messages from Water, Vol. 1


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  1. These beautiful words are ones to live by ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ These messages impact me deep down in my soul, and guide me in my journey. Thank you, as always.

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