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For the week of March 26 – April 1, 2018:

The week ahead delivers an opportunity to calibrate the mirror, addressing the old distortions, seeing clearly what needs attention, acknowledgment…and even celebration.   It’s important to remember that times of rapid change contain equal opportunities for celebration and joy, that hard work doesn’t have to leave us feeling heavy and fatigued.  It’s time to lighten up a bit and clean out our filters.  As we lighten up, we expand our capacity for more light, and light re-calibrates the mirror that we view our physical reality from.  Light is the element that clears the old distortions, allowing us to see ourselves and each other clearly through the ultra pure lens of Love.



The presence of light creates clarity so we can see the truth and eliminate the distractions.  Light awakens, reveals, exposes, purifies, and transmutes.  Light also elevates the environmental frequency and inspires joy, expansion, amplification, and abundance.  As we lighten up, our spirit gains freedom and passion, vital nutrients for sustainable life.  If our mind, heart, body, and spirit have become heavy, congested, or fatigued, it’s time to breathe.  Consider light as medicine for the soul, fuel for the journey.  Without it, we exhaust, or become sedentary in our current experience.


The density on the planet must become penetrable by something new.  Everything holds the potential for new creation and new expression, and every event can be the catalyst that sparks new life into being, uplifting and inspiring new possibilities.  Emotions like anger, depression, frustration, and sadness are necessary catalysts for freedom and expansion through karmic debris.  As we find spaciousness through the density of our current physical reality, we can inhale a new possibility that changes the game in a flash.


When we recognize a vision that inspires or awakens the heart, any action in that direction is movement towards alignment.  Any action, no matter how small, brings us into circulation with the universal energy of change.  As long as we’re not stagnant, frozen, or refusing to move, we can achieve miraculous results with steady flow.  The intention is not to be reckless or immature, but to move with discernment, wisdom, faith, and courage.  There is a vibrational communication of truth in the gut when the heart speaks, and that message is unmistakable.


We’re rewiring our inner communications systems to learn to trust our innate intuitive messaging system.  The old systems of mental logic placed upon linear flat structures based on tried and true methods are becoming obsolete.  Everything is changing.  The new way is fluid, feminine, multidimensional…uncharted territory at times, yet graceful and free.  Move with ease, through the open space instead of struggling to force an outcome that isn’t happening just to go with along the social norms or historic patterns for anticipated results.


There’s nothing wrong, nothing to fix, we’re simply in a state of radical change.  It’s time to listen, and respond from the heart.  Every movement leads to the next, like dancing blindfolded upon the earth, listening through the souls of our feet.


The social norms are shifting, vulnerability and authenticity are the new expressions of leadership, from the heart, that unify and inspire humanity.  We’re ready for something new, something meaningful, something that nourishes our spirit more than our ego.  As we open our minds and hearts, ready and available, the universe moves through us, ushering in more and more light to the core of our being.  It’s time to plug into a higher source of energy.  That source of energy is LOVE.


The week begins on Monday 3/26 with a Mars Ceres great eliminator.  We’re being given the permission and authority to take committed action towards our own rebirth.  Letting go of fear or doubt, we’re stepping into the role of our own midwife, holding the space for Love to emerge.


On Tuesday 3/27, Venus and MakeMake form a light bridge.  The higher authority of the heart is illuminated, and once we activate and take ownership, we can never forget or ignore the dynamic leadership of the heart.


Wednesday 3/28 is a Venus Uranus new cycle and a Venus Ixion manifestation.   This is a massive awakening of the heart, like a lightning bolt sparking new creative potential.  How the heart awakens isn’t as important as the fact that the heart is awakening.  As the heart awakens, the authentic purpose and blueprint of the soul is activated and revealed.


On Thursday 3/29, the Sun and Orcus are in a great eliminator, and the Sun and Saturn are in a stepping stone.  Our conscious awareness acknowledges the soul’s promise and agreement to be here now, participating in this lifetime, fully present and awake.  The lights are on, and there’s no turning back.  We’re stepping into our power and authority to be the leader and be the change that we seek.  There’s nothing outside of us, and we can’t wait for someone else to give us permission or ask us to take the lead.  It’s time to trust ourselves and take the initiative.


Friday 3/30 is a Mercury (retrograde) North Node (Soul Star) manifestation and a Venus Varuna stepping stone.  We’re still integrating the new template of mind/heart unity through our operating system, and from that new balance, we’re manifesting our evolutionary path of liberation, at the personal and collective level.  The heart steps into a higher dimension of vision, fine tuning our lens with Love.  When we calibrate our visual channel to the frequency of Love, we can see everything, crystal clear.   Nothing is hidden, nothing is blocked or withheld.  Love is the lens that transcends all filters and judgments, and when our vision is equanimous, we can see truth everywhere.


On Saturday 3/31, Venus enters Taurus just after midnight ET (which is extremely important) and the Full Moon at 11′ Libra occurs at 8:38am ET.  The heart roots deeply into Taurus, which represents mental love.  In the new world, the heart leads, the mind follows, the mind holds undivided attention to the deepest truth of the heart.  The heart inspires action and the mind obeys by holding stillness, clarity, focus, and discipline.  The mind/body relationship is where we realize the power of our thoughts in relationship with our physical reality.


The Full Moon in Libra reveals the ultimate power of the mind/body relationship.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra is the sign of physical power, realized through the mirrored self.  We can see our thoughts and current commitments reflected through our physical results and experiences.  I am you, and you are me.  I am that I am.  There is nothing outside of me, everything I’m acknowledging as my physical reality is a reflection of the power of my own mind to manifest.


What I believe, I will see.  What I value most, I will manifest.  My innermost default setting determines my experience of reality around me. If my mind and inner communications are rooted in Love, I will experience the world through the lens of Love.  If my mind is rooted in fear, lack, or despair, I will see my world through that lens, and my experience will reflect fear, lack, and despair…no matter what I’m looking at or how I’m navigating it.


This Full Moon is bringing us to the realization of the infinite power we each hold through our own mental body, and the responsibility we have, to ourselves and our relationships, to continue elevating and refining the quality of our thoughts and the environment of our minds.  Our commitment to awakening consciousness and fine tuning our mental body results in a commitment to take care of our physical body, our most cherished relationships, and our global environment.


The commitment to being the response of Love means we recognize the imperative necessity to elevate our own thoughts and inner landscape in order to create a more sustainable world to live in.  Unconditional Love is Self Care, and it’s the healthy immune system that functions through Divine Love for All.  It’s the most important daily practice we can commit to.  This is the moment to recognize our individual power and personal responsibility to be the response of Love that corrects the distorted reflections of the world.  Wherever we hold an attachment to a distorted view of ourselves or humanity, we have a responsibility to tend to that mental perspective within ourselves, and make the correction by calibrating to Love, elevating our collective immune system for global health, wellness, and vitality.


And Sunday 4/1 is Easter Sunday, April Fool’s Day, and the inferior Mercury Sun conjunction, marking the midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde journey.  This is a highly potent calibration point that holds the potential for new creation, operating from a solid foundation of yin/yang in a world of infinite possibility, miracles, and blessings.   The Fool represents the most innocent blind faith and trust in Love, which is the mental body calibration attuned with the pure heart that believes anything is possible, always.  This is the necessary shift required to walk in grace as an awakened heart, and this is our new operating system for the new world.


As we continue to strengthen the foundation of mind/heart balance, we establish a deep root system of Love that nourishes our thoughts, words, actions, and ways of being.  This is the turning point (and tuning fork) for a brand new world as we let go of what we’ve clung onto for lifetimes, interrupt the historic karmic patterns and trends, and awaken the pure hearted innocence that inspires brand new creation.  When we believe with all our hearts that anything is possible, we tap into the realm of magic that lives within all of us.  We’re paving the way with Love, and pioneering the new Earth from a brand new vision..


The practice this week is a mirror gaze meditation.  Find a full length mirror, sit in front of the mirror with no distractions for 10 minutes.  Soften your gaze as you breathe in and out, bringing your undivided attention and presence as you sit with the reflection in the mirror.  Notice what you see, what you sense, what you connect with, even what you resist.  Surrender any judgment or criticism, this isn’t about looking for flaws or looking for perfections.  As you soften, surrender, and sit with equanimity, allow the response of Love to transmute any distortions that appear in the mirror, as the mirror calibrates to Love.


“When we resist change, it’s called suffering. But when we can completely let go and not struggle against it, when we can embrace the groundlessness of our situation and relax into it’s dynamic quality, that’s called enlightenment”
― Pema Chödrön, Living Beautifully: with Uncertainty and Change 



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  1. Amazing, as always!! I love waking up on Monday mornings because I get to read these beautiful messages of love!! Thank you 🙂

  2. Yes, you are “the fuel for the journey”, and the journey requires “dancing blindfolded upon the earth, listening through the souls of our feet”. Thank you with all my heart!

    1. So beautiful and inspiring! Yeah for Monday mornings and everyday we are able to strive for that light! Thank you!

  3. Thank you Christine – today a big day calmly embraced, and something huge expressed with openness and clarity because it was time.

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