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For the week of March 19 – 25, 2018:

We’ve been birthed from the wormhole experience and are embarking on a journey of new creation and manifestation.  It’s important, now more than ever, that we consciously choose to elevate our thoughts with Love, no matter what’s occurring.  We’re moving into Aries this week at the Spring Equinox, just as Mercury turns retrograde.  New creative potential is available if we can allow our inner communications to synch with the heart.  Everything is in full bloom, and our internal messaging system is no exception.


It’s a whole new world, and we are the pioneers.  It’s important to remain focused on the higher vision of what’s possible as we lay new ground and carve new paths below our feet.  The founding pioneers of any new terrain often experience some bruising and fatigue along the way.  When there’s no guaranteed next step to choose, only faith and vision from the heart, it can feel like stair climbing through thin air sometimes, even while we’re sleeping.  We may not see immediate results from our thoughts, words, and actions, yet they matter.  Every step, breath, and thought matters.  What we seek along the way, what we find value in –  especially in times of discomfort or frustration – reveals the deepest undercurrent and value system of our future manifestation.


If we gravitate towards instant gratification in times of discomfort, or if we choose to avoid and numb out with various distractions or interferences, those are the things we’re placing value on in this time of infinite potential.  It’s important to remain awake and aware of what we’re choosing and how we’re responding to the available options.  We always have a choice, and if we think we’re stuck, then we are.  If we believe we have infinite potential and abundance available, we do.  If we align ourselves with our higher vision, we will reach for and be inspired by the opportunities to calibrate that frequency of energy.


We’ve been through more change and transformation that we realize, especially at the physical cellular level.  The frequency shifts over the last 8 weeks have been incredibly powerful.  The most subtle vibrational change can overhaul the entire physical body, and for those of us sensitive enough to hear light, we’ve been downloading so much into our operating system through our auditory channel, which also travels vibrationally through the nervous system and into our kinesthetic channel.  We’re rewriting the code in our cellular blueprint and activating new portals of communications.


The kinesthetic channel processes more slowly than the auditory and visual channels, so our bodies take longer to integrate downloads, and get much more fatigued in the process.  As Mercury journeys retrograde for the next 3 weeks, we can take the time to fully digest and absorb these recent downloads into our physical bodies.  Through that integration process, our practice is to continue elevating our thoughts with the frequency of Love, and allowing right action to occur from the heart in divine timing, while eliminating any distractions and inefficient uses of energy.


There are a lot of stepping stone aspects this week, giving us plenty of opportunities to consciously step up onto new ground from the heart, and experience a new perspective or manifest a new possibility.  If we continue to do what we’ve always done, we’ll recreate the past again and again.  When we allow ourselves to take new steps, no matter how small, each step will birth the next, serving to liberate us from any holding patterns and physically elevate us to a whole new world with a lighter vibration.


The week begins on Monday 3/19 with the 2nd of 3 Black Moon/ Saturn conjunctions and Ceres stations direct at 5 Leo.   The divine feminine is still undergoing a massive reconstruction, redefinition, and reemergence of power and authority, and by the 3rd and final Black Moon/ Saturn conjunction, the new cycle will officially be calibrated.  Ceres has been the only retrograde planet for the entire wormhole passage, and her station now indicates our birthing station.  Similar to newborn babies out of the womb, it might take a little while to orient ourselves with the new environment, although this new environment we’ve been delivered to is within us.  We can’t see what’s different, but we can certainly feel it.


On Tuesday 3/20, Mercury and Venus form a new cycle at 17 Aries, the Sun and Varuna are manifesting, and the Sun enters Aries…all on the Spring Equinox.  The Spring Equinox is the birthing point of the new world, highlighting the new growth and creative potential that is ignited from the first spark of an original thought.  Our thoughts manifest our world, and we’re in a whole new world now where anything is possible.  This Spring Equinox is the most exciting and promising we’ve encountered, because everything is so radically shifting all around us.


Mercury and Venus form the new template of relationships for the new world.  When mind (yang) and heart (yin) are in balance, that still point simultaneously induces the mirrored still point of spirit and matter.  We can manifest anything into matter when the new relationship template of yin and yang are unified and calibrated with Love.  The way to birth our higher vision into physical form is to unify yin and yang at the root and open the birth canal at the crown to usher it into reality.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the sign of Mental Power and Conscious Discipline to think loving thoughts.  The ruler of Aries is Mars, who is in Capricorn now, moving towards Saturn.  Mars in Capricorn merges our physicality with the spiritual crown chakra.  As we think loving thoughts, we activate our physical reality to create the reflection of Love, in physical form.  The physical realm is a reflection of our state of consciousness, giving feedback to the power of our thoughts.  As we elevate our thoughts to Love, we begin to see a shift in all relationships around us.


Wednesday 3/21 is a Mars Quaoar new cycle at 3 Capricorn, Mercury/ Black Moon stepping stone, and a Venus/ Black Moon stepping stone.  Mars and Quaoar calibrate our physical actions with the infinite realm of possibility.  All things are possible, but we must take committed action, from a balanced mind/heart.


Thursday 3/22 is a Black Moon/ Eris stepping stone, a Sun/ Quaoar stepping stone, a Black Moon/ Haumea stepping stone, and Mercury goes retrograde at 8:18pm ET at 17 Aries.   More stepping stones all day – opportunities to step up through awakened feminine empowerment, conscious awareness of the infinite possibilities, and divine wholeness to see the big picture in all that’s occurring.  Then Mercury stations, beginning his 3 week journey, recovering the footsteps of the journey towards the heart.  As the heart moves forward, the new communications are still in tact, integrating through the nervous system and upgrading the kinesthetic channel of communication.  In order for the new mind/heart relationship to effectively take root, that connection has to be received in the body through physical sensation, powerful enough to inspire physical action.  Mercury rules communication, Venus rules the heart.


Friday 3/23 is a Black Moon/ Uranus a stepping stone, and Venus/ Pluto stepping stone.  Another unexpected awakening to the empowered feminine as the heart courageously transforms to reveal something hidden.


Saturday 3/24 is a Mars/ MakeMake stepping stone, a Sun/ MakeMake stepping stone, and a Sun/ Mars stepping stone.   MakeMake is the higher octave of Saturn, representing the higher laws of the universe and the authentic leadership of the new world.  We’re physically taking bold action and making conscious choices to align with the higher laws instead of the ego agendas and outdated patriarchal structures.


And Sunday 3/25 is a Venus Jupiter great eliminator, a Sun Ceres manifestation, and a Venus Eris new cycle.   When the heart opens to Love, there is expansion, no matter how challenging the situation might be.  Today is a day for awakening, new birth, and infinite potential…if we’re willing to open our hearts through the discomfort.


The practice this week is to visualize violet light, within and surrounding the entire spine, soothing the entire nervous system, the internal messaging system, and the nerves that travel from the spin outward to the muscles, bones, organs, and skin.  As you breathe, imagine every inhale nourishes that violet light, purifying and transmuting the physical body with the frequency of Love.  Every exhale gently expands that violet light through the individual nerves and muscle attachments.  Imagine flossing the inside of the every nerve with violet light, like clearing out the inside of tiny fiber optic channels.  We’re aligning our new communications system with the heart, and flossing out the old vibrational imprints, elevating to Love.  This opens up new possibilities from within, aligning our thoughts with Love, preparing to vibrationally broadcast new messages through our physical cells and through our skin.


“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” ~Rumi    



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