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For the week of March 12 – 18, 2018:

Welcome to the final week of the 8 week long eclipse passage!  We’ve been journeying through a very profound period of awakening, calibration, and alignment with our soul’s highest truth and purpose.  This week is the completion of that passage, the final stretch through the birth canal.  As with any birth, we can’t predict how we’ll be delivered, the only thing we can trust is that we will, with Grace.

Many of us have always known that we were destined for greatness, or destined to make a contribution, in our own unique and special way.  For some, that path has always been familiar, for many, that path has been undefined, yet calling out from a distance, as a recurring reminder that there’s something more.  The gap between our current scenario and that destined path can feel unclear, or at times impossible.


The current themes are to allow –  there’s nothing to force, nothing to make happen.  To trust while tuning into a higher calling, to be ready without knowing where or when or how to step, to surrender all attachments while still taking care of commitments that are on the table…all while feeling the discomfort from outdated patterns that are destined to release, like skin that doesn’t fit anymore but we’re required to wear for just a little longer…holding space for the new that hasn’t manifested yet, from the inside out.  Discomfort has become familiar, and we can see now that the moments of inflamed friction have facilitated our awakening and activation from within the birth canal.


When we’re born into 3D, into our physical bodies, we’re required to let go and forget our connection to spirit, to the invisible realms, like an amnesia to the higher truth and meaning of our journey here.  Our spiritual path of evolution awakens us to remember.  The birth canal to 5D invites us to let go of the karmic conditions, attachments, and mistruths we’ve bought into along the way through this 3D journey, so that we can birth ourselves back into pure infinite potential, crystal clear, while still in a visible body.


In 5D, there’s no time or linear roadmap, only the multidimensional wholeness of Now.  Every moment orchestrates and births the bigger picture.  All seeds have a blueprint, a destiny, and a promise.  We are no different, and the time to sprout and bloom is Now.


The week begins on Monday 3/12 with no major aspects.  The week ahead is incredible, so settle into your heart, and let go of any attachments to what you think you know is coming.  Remember Jupiter is now retrograde and Mercury is in his retrograde shadow.


On Tuesday 3/13, Mars and Ixion form a new cycle on the World Axis point, Venus and Saturn are in a stepping stone, the Sun and Jupiter (retrograde) are manifesting, and Venus is in a great eliminator with Orcus.   Mars brings our physicality into relationship with our soul’s blueprint, like activating the sacred geometry of our soul through all of our trillions of cells, activating the seed of life with the divine code.  Our hearts are stepping into power and authority as we’re manifesting new social consciousness.  As our hearts become empowered, we remember why we’re here, and choose to elevate with Love while releasing old outdated attachments to fear based patterns and illusions.


Wednesday 3/14 is a Black Moon/ Saturn new cycle, a Mars/ Chiron stepping stone, and a Chiron/ Ixion stepping stone.  The divine feminine initiates a new cycle of power and authority as we take action from divine personal mastery – committed action that aligns with our divine purpose and higher vision.  Every bold action now is initiated by the heart, as the empowered feminine (yin) energy within each of us is restored and fully awakened.  Our motivations are Love, unity, abundance, and authentic leadership that inspires new vision, right action, and integrity.


On Thursday 3/15, the Sun and Haumea are in a great eliminator.  When our consciousness comes from wholeness, we can swiftly eliminate fear based thinking and separation consciousness, and stay tuned to the higher vision that is always whole and complete.  There’s nothing to fix, nothing is missing…every moment is an opportunity to respond with Love.


Friday 3/16 includes 2 aspects happening at exactly the same time, which is so incredibly unusual and intriguing.  A Sun Sedna resource along with a Black Moon Ceres great eliminator, occurring at 7:42am ET.  Later that evening, Mars forms a great eliminator with Varuna.   The twin aspects are a divine feminine remembrance from the cosmic record keeper and a divine feminine birthing that eliminates fear, illusion, and mistruths.  This is an extremely powerful activation of light for the birthing process up ahead tomorrow.  The feminine knows how to hold space for each other during times of ceremony and birth, and this is a remembrance of the highest order, for All.  Later in the evening, Mars – at the master degree of Sagittarius, the sign of the truth seeker and the ultimate clearing of karmic attachments and residue – clears any fear from our physical body and physical space as we align with the highest vision for what’s occurring now.  Sacred space is being set, and tomorrow is the big delivery day.


Saturday 3/17 is a Jupiter Eris great eliminator, followed by the New Moon in Pisces at 9:11am ET, conjunct Chiron at 29 Pisces.  Then Mars enters Capricorn, crossing the world axis portal of truth, and the Sun is in a stepping stone with Ixion.   Our expansion is stretching us beyond the old attachments and old limitations as we shed our skin and reveal the new.  It’s important to allow this shedding process to occur, and not to resist in any way.  Similar to dilation before birth, the contractions are temporary, leading to our greatest expansion.


The New Moon at 29 Pisces is the official closing of the 8 week long wormhole passage, and the grand entrance into the new chapter.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces is the infinite realm of spiritual wisdom, the vast limitless possibility that is pure unconditional Love – the consciousness that manifests spontaneous healing miracles, blessings, and divine sacred beauty.  Jesus is the Ascended Master that oversees the Pisces aspect of our consciousness, and nobody embodied the miraculous healing power of Love more than Jesus.


This new moon is conjunct Chiron, which is the archetype of the wounded healer.  The journey through the deepest wound or healing crisis delivers the greatest personal mastery through refinement.  When we can pass through the eye of the needle of our deepest suffering and rise from our own experience with mastery and wisdom, we transcend the human condition and release the attachment to suffering.  Every experience delivers the opportunity for evolution.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which holds the potential for enlightenment.  And Chiron is the ruler of Virgo, the calibration and alignment of Love, and the polarity of Pisces.  As we journey into the depths of our suffering, and refine ourselves through the eye of the needle, we return to the infinite realm, with spiritual wisdom, grace, and an infinite capacity to be the unconditional expression of Love for All.


As we are collectively delivered to this master degree of spiritual wisdom, induced by the trigger point of the Jupiter Eris great eliminator, our social consciousness expands to the collective embodiment of Love.  This is the awakened community of Grace that is creating the New World as the embodiment and manifestation of Love.  29 Pisces delivers us to 0 Aries, which is the creator degree of energy, the original spark that manifests light of a brand new beginning.   As Mars enters Capricorn, our physicality is returned to spiritual power, ready for a brand new game.  The tides have turned, the masks have been removed, those of us with eyes to see and hearts to lead are pioneering the way.


And Sunday 3/18 is the exact Sun Chiron new cycle, which is the birthing of our personal mastery, at the Ceres station, as Ceres prepares to go direct.  Ceres has been the only retrograde planet during the wormhole passage, and Ceres is the midwife, the one who facilities and oversees the birthing process.  Now that Ceres is moving direct (on the following Monday), we too are moving forward, delivered to our divine mastery and the revelation of our most refined and precious gifts.  It’s a whole new world.


The practice for this week is to find comfort in the discomfort and stay tuned to the frequency of Love.  The birthing process can be messy and unpredictable, but it’s divinely sacred and beautiful.  No matter how the events play out this week, trust that each moment is activating the next, allowing us all to shed our attachments to the old skin, and remember our truth, awakening to the highest blueprint and most refined mastery of our soul.  Mastery comes from practice, and practice includes the full spectrum of ups and downs, highs and lows.  It’s important, now more than ever, to let go of any assumptions, expectations, or judgments, and allow yourself to uncover your brilliance.  Love awakens, heals, restores, and transforms.  Be loving to yourself this entire week, and take good care.


“The love of God uplifts and enlarges us. I can never think of myself anymore as exclusively in this body; I feel that I am present in all bodies. I have no awareness of race or other distinctions at all. In my perceptions, just as I feel my own consciousness in every part of my physical form, I feel you all to be a part of me. Everything that is living I feel within this body. I know the sensations of all. It is not imagination; it is Self-realization. This consciousness is far beyond telepathy. It is awareness of the perceptions of every being. That is the meaning of Christ Consciousness.”
~Paramahansa Yogananda 

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  1. Thanks for this: “…all while feeling the discomfort from outdated patterns that are destined to release, like skin that doesn’t fit anymore but we’re required to wear for just a little longer…” XO

  2. Your pure loving Presence and radiant wisdom flows so beautifully within my heart in such an expansive manner. Perhaps this is the expansion of space being recognized and celebrated
    within. Thank you.

  3. Thank you, Christine, for all that you are doing to help us in this birthing process. Your expression of these energies is so eloquent.

  4. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear” Thanks to all of you for the continued instruction. It has been a blessing to me, a way to focus on love and to help me remove my fearfulness. I am changing so much and your postings help me to realize – I am not crazy and I am not alone.

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