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For the week of March 5 – 11, 2018:

We’re in the home stretch of the wormhole eclipse passage, and anything can manifest in the blink of an eye.  The week ahead activates our creative potential as the pioneering spark of a brand new reality, and every moment counts.


Everything is new now.  From the Aquarian New Moon several weeks ago, our operating system received a huge surge of upgrades as we plugged into the infinite realm.  Last week’s Virgo Full Moon provided the necessary calibration to align our entire lower 4 body system with that new operating potential.  Now we’re manifesting with a fully balanced, aligned, and awakened instrument, and the seat of power is the heart.


No matter what is occurring in the world around us, if we’re fully present and rooted in the heart, with our minds attuned and crystal clear, we can witness the truth unfolding in every moment, and that truth will deliver us to the clean slate of pure potential.  There’s nothing to force, nothing to make happen.  Every moment contains the necessary friction to move us through the final stages of the birth canal.  When we let go and surrender, and accept every situation with grace, we can awaken to new beginnings and find our footing in a whole new world.


It’s time for responsible action, and that action must be taken from a pure heart, calibrated to a higher vision for All.  Our action can’t be driven by ego agenda, attachment, or surface level reactions.  It’s time for newly inspired action that births leadership for the new world.  When we allow our voices to clear and our hearts to awaken, we know where we stand and where we belong.  The world is our home, and we are One.


If each person took full ownership of their environment as sacred space, imagine how our world could elevate.  If each person enriched their vision of what’s possible in their surroundings, and became empowered to take action to manifest that vision with excellence, imagine how our collective vibration would elevate.  If we each became empowered to connect with our own bodies, minds, and hearts, if we tuned in to listen with intention to every communication that’s occurring within, empowered to calibrate to Love on a daily basis, imagine how the vibration of our world would elevate.  When we begin to clear the pollution and tend to the need for Love, the environment shifts.


When we say that it doesn’t matter – whether we believe that about our inner thoughts and desires, what’s happening in our community, or what’s occurring halfway around the world – we discount and discredit ourselves, giving away our power, and numbing ourselves out from the infinite realm of possibility.


The more aware we are of all that’s occurring, the more we can realize our impact in the collective vibration.  As I awaken and take full responsibility for all that I see, I meet myself in the mirror with Love, and I own my power to elevate and transmute all that I see with Love.  If I’m not in partnership with myself or my surroundings, I can’t make a difference, because I’m not owning my power through my reflection.


If we tune out and ignore our own internal messaging system, the lower 4 body system of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical consciousness that we each embody, we can’t fully connect with the whole picture of all that’s occurring.  The aligned lower 4 body system is the awakened gateway to the infinite realm.


The entire universe is contained within each cell of our body, and is reflected by the vast infinite cosmos.  If we want to know what’s occurring “out there” we must learn how to listen “in here”.  As we do, we expand.  As we raise our commitment to excellence in the body we live in, we take ownership of the environment we live in.  We become mindful of the foods we eat, our sources of water,  our attention to self care, the the need for quality nourishment and love.  As we practice personal responsibility to elevate our own quality of living within our bodies, our environments begin to shift.  And the ripple effect continues.


If we notice our neighborhood polluted with trash, faulty structures that have been ignored and depleted, or homeless children living in alleys, that’s our invitation to care.  If we’ve become accustomed to blocking it out and numbing our senses so that we can’t even see what’s right in front of us, we’re numbing our senses in other dimensions also.  Now is not the time to fall asleep on cruise control.   It’s time to wake up and pay attention.


We have to be willing to see the things we don’t want to see in order to write a new script.  The new world is authored by the ones who are in intimate relationship with the world as it is now.  We can’t be out of touch  or disconnected from the current truth and expect to lead the way as conscious creators of a new world.  Partnership is what delivers and ushers change, transition, and transformation.  We must be willing to meet ourselves and our current reality with open hearts, to stand in the fire and not shrink back, with courage to keep moving forward as the pioneers of Love, even when it’s challenging, uncomfortable, and inconvenient to do so.


The week begins on Monday 3/5 with a Sun Earth Star/ Soul Star Intersection, a Mars Eris manifestation, a Black Moon Pluto conjunction (2nd of 3), and a Mercury Varuna manifestation.   The Sun shines the light of our awakened attention on the merging point of our collective story that unites us together in physical form, and the infinite immortal aspect of our unity beyond this lifetime.  Where we come from and why we’re here is important to recognize, because each of us is divine light, and each of us holds a thread of the collective karmic story.  We’re all in this together.  The Mars Eris manifestation is the discomfort that arises from within when it’s time to wake up and take action.   The feminine is still rebirthing and emerging, and our scope of vision is expanding.


On Tuesday 3/6, Mercury enters Aries, Venus is manifesting with Varuna, and then Venus enters Aries.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the pioneering spark of creation.  Refined with conscious discipline to think loving thoughts from the heart, anything is possible.  When the mind is partnered with the heart, the spark of a thought is always Love, and the heart can manifest pure magic from the clarity of a disciplined mind.  Now that Mercury and Venus have just entered a new cycle together, our capacity to create through dynamic partnership of yin/yang is increasingly potent.  This is the new world, and we are the pioneers.


Wednesday 3/7 is a Mercury Quaoar stepping stone.  Our minds step up to an elevated realm of infinite potential, beyond any limits, filters, or fear.  If we can imagine it, it’s possible, and it already exists.  If we think a limiting thought, that also exists.  The mind has infinite capacity to generate our experience of reality.  Discipline is important.


On Thursday 3/8, Venus and Quaoar are in a stepping stone, Mercury is in a Light Bridge with MakeMake, and Jupiter turns retrograde.   Following in Mercury’s footsteps, the heart now steps up to an elevated realm of infinite potential, stretching beyond any limitations or outdated conversations that have been keeping the heart small or closed.  Our operating system forms a super conscious Light Bridge with the higher octave of authentic leadership, sustainable power, and divine authority, just as our social consciousness archetype turns retrograde, for a closer look at the Truth.  The key to our expansion and awakening of collective consciousness is our willingness to be in relationship with the truth, and this retrograde journey will deliver that, crystal clear.


Friday 3/9 is a Mercury Ceres manifestation and a Mars Haumea resource.  From Mercury’s Light Bridge with MakeMake, our operating system is now birthing the new expression of authentic leadership and divine power through the wholeness of action and multidimensional presence.


On Saturday 3/10, Venus and MakeMake are in a Light Bridge, Mars and Sedna are in a great eliminator, and Venus is in a manifestation with Ceres.  Again, the heart follows suit, plugging into the Light Bridge, birthing inspired actions of leadership from the heart.  Actions taken from the most awakened divine feminine record keeper of the cosmos, slicing through fear without hesitation or doubt.   This kind of fierce right action from the heart is very familiar, and aligns us with the highest reflection of truth.


And Sunday 3/11 is a Mercury Saturn stepping stone, Mars Uranus manifestation, Sun Pluto resource, and Mercury Orcus great eliminator.  We’re reorienting ourselves in our personal relationship with power and authority, taking ownership of our surroundings as we awaken to the need for action, sparking transformation, and the elimination of anything that’s been distracting us from communicating with our higher self.  It’s time to wake up and tune in, to remember why we’re here and why it matters.


The practice this week is to consciously create relationship with your environment.  Starting with your physical body, your home, your work environment, and your community.  Take ownership as if you were the appointed steward and caretaker of all that’s occurring in your space.  Make eye contact with yourself in the mirror, and with the beings that show up in your environment.   Open your eyes to see what you’ve never noticed before, and allow your heart to inspire spontaneous action, through random acts of kindness, service, and Love.  When there’s an opportunity to elevate your surroundings, own it, and take action.  Where there’s a need for attention, give it.


Our home is the body we live in, and also the planet we inhabit.  Our relationships are with our family and loved ones, mirrored through humanity and all species on Earth.  Our responsibility is to care for all appears in our space, to generate Love, unconditionally.   Start with yourself, and gently expand your scope of vision.  Every cell in your body contains the infinite universe.  As you tend to your skin, you’re loving the universe.   As you share joy with your loved ones, you’re inspiring humanity.  If someone is in need, show kindness and compassion.  If something can be done, do it.  We are not separate from our environment.  Our environment is our reflection.   It’s time to care, and take good care…of ourselves and each other.


“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” 
― Mother Teresa 


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  1. You are brilliant- Thank you for shining your light! When we feel unease, it is because we believe we have been unkind to another, which you are telling us means we were unkind to ourselves, and that makes so much (heart) sense.

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