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For the week of February 26 – March 4, 2018:

Welcome to another dynamic week of new revelations and the manifestation of miracles.  This week delivers us to a Full Moon in Virgo, where healing, wholing, alignment, and purification occurs.  If we’re conscious and awake this week, we can experience a major calibration to the frequency of Love, aligning our lower 4 body system as a unified antenna of crystalline consciousness, accessing a gateway to the infinite realm of limitless possibility.  We’re still in the wormhole until March 17th, and every moment counts.  It’s important to use our breath and our thoughts wisely as we navigate this incredibly potent passage of manifestation.


Every calibration to the frequency of Love is an opportunity to plug in to a higher octave of universal communications.  The most recent upgrade to our inner communications system occurred with the Aquarian New Moon/ Solar Eclipse conjunct Mercury on February 15th.  Mercury is the ruler of our mental body, and the ruler of our lower 4 body operating system, our inner network of cellular communications and our observer’s mind.   Mercury also takes us online to a higher gateway of communications, beyond our lower 4 body system.   This recent initiation, facilitated by Albion’s revelatory influence, awakened our capacity to receive communication from the invisible realms via light and sound, unified through the breath.


The breath is the vehicle that threads spirit through matter, allowing us to have a tangible experience in the physical dimension.  And breath is the force of energy that connects us all in this collective physical experience.  When light travels with breath through a crystalline structure, there is a manifestation of universal sound.  The method of divine communication is the merging of light and sound delivered into the physical realm for conscious recognition and integration.


The merging of our infinite immortal soul (light) into the awakened consciousness of our physicality (breath) creates a new kind of universal sound.  The universe is creating a divine symphony through the physical dimension, communicating directly to the ascension of Earth.  We are the instruments, and as we elevate from carbon to crystalline, we begin to unify our 3D bodies with our light bodies which attunes our antenna to the higher frequencies of sound that weren’t accessible before.


In the physical dimension, 99.9% of all that we see is empty space.  That empty space is not empty, it’s the infinite realm that contains every possibility, imagined and unimagined.  It’s invisible to the human eye, but it isn’t “nothing”.  The unmanifested is already existing in spirit form, intangible and formless.  Yet shaped by the container of our minds’ capacity to believe.  Our belief system determines the available space accessible through our realm of communications.  Expand the belief system, expand the available octaves of frequency, expand the dimensions, and now the potential for manifestation becomes infinite.  Now we’re igniting our full creative potential.


The recent naming of Albion, coinciding with the Aquarian New Moon Eclipse conjunct Mercury, initiated us into the invisible realm of 99.9% empty space – the space between our tangible physical reality.  As we begin to see the wholeness of all things, tangible and intangible, we can see clearly the availability of un-manifested potential, right in front of us.  We can’t see what we don’t believe, although every possibility exists right before us.


Every possibility in the invisible realm contains a blue print for physical manifestation in this dimension, we just can’t see it until we merge our conscious communications into that invisible realm, which requires a calibration of the lower 4 body system to the frequency of Love, activating our crystalline structure.  From there, we can merge light with breath, and the movement of both creates sound, similar to a crystalline wind chime.  This is how we elevate the lower 4 body system to communicate with the higher dimensions, without leaving our body.  And, it’s how we unify the frequency of heaven on earth.


In order to elevate to the higher dimensions, we must let go of our attachments to the physical world, without leaving our physical body.  Through the activation of our crystalline light body, we can remain in communication with our lower 4 body system while ascending to the higher realms, which gives us visionary and auditory capabilities, although not processed the same as our 3D visual and auditory channels.  In 3D, we hear communication through language, through words that carry a vibration and meaning, interpreted by the mind.  In the higher realms, we don’t “hear”, we receive vibration, frequency, and universal harmonies that carry full spectrum of light and information, not digestible through the 3D auditory system.  We must allow it to be received in our hearts, not our minds.  The heart is already attuned to the universal frequency of the language of Love, through light codes and sound waves.  We’re communicating from the heart through frequency and sound.


The importance of 5D calibration is becoming more and more profound.  It is the resource that attunes us to the gateway of higher communication and the universal language of One.


The week begins on Monday 2/26 with no major aspects.  This is a great day to get intentional about the opportunities to calibrate during the week.  Set yourself up to win by being fully present and mindful this week in all that you do.


Tuesday 2/27 is a Venus Pluto resource, a Black Moon Ceres Light Bridge, and a Sun Orcus Light Bridge.  Transformation of the heart, along with the super conscious deliverance of the divine feminine, brings our awareness to the remembrance of our infinite soul, the immortal aspect of our consciousness that sustains every death and rebirth.  There is an immortal quality of our soul, through the light of our being, that lives forever in our hearts.  This is the essence we’re birthing from ourselves.


On Wednesday 2/28, Black Moon and MakeMake are manifesting, Mercury and Mars are in a stepping stone, followed by a Mercury Pluto resource.  There is a harmonious creation of divine feminine authority expressing while the mind body rulers are elevating to a higher perspective, boosting our capacity to receive communications from the invisible realms.  The sacredness of the divine feminine is what invites us to remain in our body and on the earth as we elevate in consciousness.


Thursday 3/1 is a Venus Jupiter manifestation followed by the Full Moon in Virgo at 7:52pm EST, in a Light Bridge with Neptune and Orcus.   We’re moving into a “3” vibration of manifestation, harmony, and creation, beginning with a beautiful collective heart blossoming with expansive potential.


The Full Moon in Virgo is the calibration, alignment, and purification that is activated by the super conscious Light bridge of remembrance and clarity of our immortality and infinite potential.   We are being calibrated to the highest truth of our soul, above and beyond our lower 4 body system, yet powerfully integrated through every fiber, cell, and thread of our being.  As above, so below.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the sign of Emotional Wisdom, ruled by Chiron the Master Healer/Teacher, and also known as the purest divine heart that births Christ Consciousness.  This Full Moon is the calibration that attunes us to Christ Consciousness, also known as the infinite realm of Unconditional Love where all possibilities and miracles exist.  And this is the calibration that initiates the “3” vibration month of manifestation while still in the super potent and ultra dynamic worm hole passage.  Truly, anything can happen.  Miracles abound.  There is nothing that can’t be purified, healed, wholed, manifested, or realized in the presence of pure divine Unconditional Love.


Friday 3/2 is a Mercury Jupiter manifestation, a Chiron Ixion stepping stone (to be in tact until mid afternoon the following day), and Black Moon Varuna great eliminator.  Where the collective hearts blossomed yesterday, today the collective mind expands brilliantly.  The Chiron Ixion stepping stone is an extremely important reverberation of the Full Moon and the remainder of the wormhole.  Chiron is the ruler of Virgo, and the next New Moon in Pisces that closes the wormhole is conjunct Chiron.  Today’s stepping stone brings personal attention and the commitment to mastery to our soul’s highest blueprint and purpose, while eliminating any fear or doubt from our highest scope of vision.   By the end of the wormhole, we will each be calibrated, attuned, and ready to step into our highest blueprint.


On Saturday 3/3, Venus and Haumea are in a great eliminator, followed by a Venus Sedna resource, then Mercury and Haumea are in a great eliminator, followed by a Mercury Sedna resource and a Black Moon Chiron resource.  This is a very important calibration of the mind and heart, unifying yin and yang, eliminating any fear form the remembrance of wholeness, and supporting the divine feminine’s empowered remembrance of mastery.


And Sunday 3/4 is a Sun Neptune new cycle at 13 Pisces, a Mercury Venus new cycle at 28 Pisces, a Mercury Ixion stepping stone, Venus Ixion stepping stone, Mercury Chiron new cycle, and Venus Chiron new cycle.  This triple conjunction of Mercury, Venus, and Chiron at 28 Pisces is activating the prelude to the New Moon in Pisces on March 17th, which ends the wormhole passage.  The Sun Neptune new cycle initiates new potential for enlightenment and clarity as our mind/heart connection initiates a brand new potential for mastery through partnership of yin and yang in the limitless realm.


The unification of our inner masculine and feminine energies at the master degree of Pisces through Unconditional Love sparks the new template for relationships among humanity.  We can no longer hold onto relationships based on inequality that fuel suffering and imbalance.  The new template is awakening within that requires honor, respect, unconditional Love through equality and diversity, as we elevate ourselves and each other through the shared experience of Love.  We must commit to the wholeness and empowerment of All.  The way to heal our planet is through the awakening of potential, the contribution of our unique personal mastery, and the sustainable partnerships and empowered relationships that thrive and expand in Love.


The practice this week is to calibrate to the frequency of Love.  Unify your lower 4 body system – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical – to the consciousness of Love.  Find a connection to anything or anyone that inspires or awakens Unconditional Love for you personally, and imagine infusing that vibrational frequency of Love into your breath with every inhale, and let go of everything else as you exhale.  Imagine breathing Love into your physical cells, into your emotional body, through your spine and nervous system, through your thought and operating system, and through your spiritual body.  Inhale Love through your crown chakra, and thread that frequency all the way through your spine to your tail bone.  Imagine flossing that frequency of Love back and forth through your spine as you clear out any debris and open the channel of your vertical spine to allow more and more Love to pour through.  As you calibrate yourself, you’re calibrating your environment and all that you touch.


“When infants aren’t held, they can become sick, even die. It’s universally accepted that children need love, but at what age are people supposed to stop needing it? We never do. We need love in order to live happily, as much as we need oxygen in order to live at all.”
― Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”




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  1. Dear Christine,

    Your opening monologue this week is one of the most brilliant coherent communications I’ve ever encountered. I thank you for not only confirming what I am experiencing, but also lighting the way like a coastal lighthouse, a guiding beacon as a reminder should my course veer off into the rocks of fear and doubt. I hope you know how precious your weekly posts are. They resonate with truth and beauty and are a welcomed place to rest one’s heart at moments of joy and gratitude, and especially in moments of uncertainty. Many thanks and diamond light and love to you, Larry Liebling

  2. Hey am I the only one that hasn’t felt different with all these aspects? Am an Aries do I just got to wait till Aries season am worried I always read this website for like a about 5 years multiple times a day, but this is the first time i dont feel any of the tranist am out of alignment, or do I just got to wait till Aries season some tell me please what am I doing wrong ???

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