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For the week of February 19 – 25, 2018:

We’re coming out of a wild and crazy week of unpredictable shake ups and awakenings, and heading now into four solid weeks of powerful manifestation energy.  That Aquarian New Moon/ Solar Eclipse served as a very potent interruption of the status quo that rebooted our consciousness to a much higher frequency.  The content of the interruption itself wasn’t the focus, it was simply an unexpected interference that shifted our focus and allowed for something new to be instantly downloaded into our operating system.  Now we get to manifest the results of that eclipse as we move forward into the new chapter.


We don’t know what we don’t know, and we can’t see something brand new until lightning strikes and the old familiar patterns are shattered, freeing us from the predictable outcomes that have been long in motion.  Aquarian energy takes us into the realms we’ve never been before, whether we’ve never dreamed or considered, or whether we’ve simply been too attached to let go and allow something unprecedented to matter.  The great news about Aquarian energy is that it’s progressive, forward moving, and revolutionary.  There’s no turning back, and everyone wins.  This intense eclipse week ignited a massive elevation for the good of All, in the new paradigm of Unity, Wholeness, and the Limitless One.


Interestingly, some new information was forged last week regarding a new 5D planet named Albion.  This planet was discovered on August 30, 1992, however was just recently named, which means we’ve been aware of it in our consciousness, but unclear about the specific archetype, until now.  And not surprisingly, Albion is very much Aquarian in nature, holding the highly evolved vision of Oneness and uncompromising Equality for All.


When we truly begin to see the world as our reflection, and tend to that reflection with reverence and unconditional Love, we can whole and heal all the fragmented aspects of ourselves as we unify all of our parts and pieces into One through the frequency of Love.  The great awakening that is occurring on our planet is that we are not separate, we are One.  What I see in my world around me is my own reflection of consciousness.   If I don’t like what I see, I’m resisting my reflection, creating more and more separation.  The only way to elevate, unify, and heal is to be the response of Love and take meaningful action from the heart.


Visionary power exists in the infinite realm of limitless possibilities, but cannot be fully realized until we elevate our consciousness to Love and let go of any attachments to agendas or outcomes.  Once a vision manifests, it becomes a tangible reality that we can experience through our physical senses.  We’ve known the Aquarian Age is delivering us All to a more evolved way of living in harmony and reverence with each other, our resources, and our planet.  Albion reveals the physical archetype of such a vision that is manifesting, right before our very eyes.  The cosmos aren’t influencing us, they’re reflecting us, and the 5D archetype of Albion is a reflection of where we’re headed.


The week begins on Monday 2/19 as Varuna retrogrades back into Cancer and Mars is conjunct the Great Attractor.  Our highest scope of vision can be deeply felt at the core if we pay attention to what matters, and allow ourselves to take powerful action from the heart.


On Tuesday 2/20, Mercury is in a resource with Albion, the Sun is in a resource with Quaoar, and Mercury is in a great eliminator with MakeMake.  Because Mercury was involved with the New Moon Eclipse event last week, this Mercury Albion resource is an important new alignment of highly evolved energy at the core of our operating system.  The Sun and Quaoar activate the new paradigm of limitlessness.  We’re literally synching our personal operating systems with the infinite realm of limitless possibilities, and manifesting from a whole new dimension of magic.  It’s important that we use our mental power to choose from the higher laws of Love for the benefit of All as we’re learning how to manifest from an amplified scope of potential.


Wednesday 2/21 brings Uranus into the exact Light Bridge with Haumea for the final time as he moves forward. Mercury is in a great eliminator with Ceres, Venus is in a new cycle with Neptune, and Mercury forms a resource with Saturn.   The final activation of the Light Bridge between Uranus and Haumea is HUGE.  This means it’s time to activate that super high consciousness from within and move forward into manifestation.  It’s one thing to stand on a super charged, super conscious highway and see from an awakened perspective, but now it’s time to take the revolution to the main streets.  The Super Conscious Light is activated and awake within each of Us, and it’s time to be the awakeners in the ordinary moments as we light up the world with the same amplification of that bridge.  We’re birthing the new consciousness for the planet, and it requires each of us to own our power as our hearts lead the way.


On Thursday 2/22, Mercury is in a Light Bridge with Orcus, Ceres is in a great eliminator with Saturn, and the Sun is in great eliminator with MakeMake.  Our newly recalibrated operating systems light up with that part of our consciousness that is immortal, and we’re birthed into a new octave of sustainable power.  That sustainable power is our greatest resource to be used and contributed in service to All.  This is the activation of the new leadership through service, fueled by sustainable energy, inspired by our immortality.  Divine Power.


On Friday 2/23, the Sun and Albion are in resource and Jupiter is in a great eliminator with Eris.   More insight and revelations about the progressive vision of Unity and Oneness, as our social consciousness continues to expands.  Anytime we collectively choose Love over fear, we unify and expand.


On Saturday 2/24, the Sun is in a great eliminator with Ceres.  We’re continuing to birth the new as we release the old attachments to fear based consciousness and allow Love to emerge.  Love is the consistent option that restores faith in humanity.


And Sunday 2/25 is a Venus Mars stepping stone, a Mercury Neptune new cycle, and a Sun Saturn resource.  This is a personal day of alignment, clarity, and empowerment as our divine feminine energy elevates, our higher minds activate a new cycle of enlightenment, and we recalibrate our personal power.


The practice this week is to find the daily connection to what matters, and begin to awaken the vast infinite potential in every moment.  It’s important that all of us are here – alive, awake and aware – as we navigate each moment of our daily lives.  Without trying to change or judge anything in your current reality, be in relationship with your current results each day, and allow yourself to be moved into right action by Love.  Every moment contains infinite potential for magic and awakening, if we can let go of our personal agenda or historic attachments.  Remember, we’re activating the Light Bridge and moving it forward into our main streets and ordinary life, sparking a revolution of super high consciousness and awareness as we navigate the manifestation of the New Earth.


“One thing: you have to walk, and create the way by your walking; you will not find a ready-made path. It is not so cheap, to reach to the ultimate realization of truth. You will have to create the path by walking yourself; the path is not ready-made, lying there and waiting for you. It is just like the sky: the birds fly, but they don’t leave any footprints. You cannot follow them; there are no footprints left behind.” 
― Osho


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  1. i love your posts thank you!!!! i come here to be encouraged that I am not going crazy…but more moving deeper into my own creations.

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