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For the week of February 12 – 18, 2018:

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  Fasten your seatbelt to keep your mind within your heart, then let go of any other rules, attachments, or expectations.  This week ahead is truly unprecedented and will take us places we’ve never imagined possible, at lightning speed…if we can allow it.


Anything can happen and a flash of lightning is all it takes to recalibrate our consciousness and transform our entire experience of reality into something completely brand new. From the dimension of Love and the infinite realm of possibility, miracles are born with every breath.


“Spontaneous ground breaking” is the theme this week…and not by the traditional mechanisms used to plant new seeds for growth, but in the most unprecedented awakenings and revelations that forever alter the terrain.  Lightning is the Aquarian mechanism for awakening consciousness, and this week we’re breaking ground with Light.


When lightning strikes sand, glass is created.  When lightning strikes crystal, diamond consciousness is activated.  Imagine laser beams of highly refined, potent, and focused light calibrating back and forth in high frequency activations, faster than a flash of lightning to our crystalline operating system.  That’s what this Aquarian New Moon/ Solar Eclipse feels like to our inner technology, which instantly awakens and reboots the remembrance of our infinite capacity to manifest from the purest frequency of Love.


The earth shattering experience of ground that’s breaking apart is actually the spontaneous release of any attachments or karmic threads that have held together the limiting belief systems in our higher minds and operating systems as we expand out the energetic root system of our new paradigm, returning back to infinite potential, which is our true nature.  Our hearts are infinite, and so are our minds.


When we calibrate that infiniteness with the highest frequency of Divine Love, there is multidimensional awakening and expansion through a multifaceted diamond frequency of Light.  The experience is like falling in Love with the universal oneness of All, in high definition and living color.  Anything that begins from this spark of consciousness is in resonance with universal laws of One Love.


Diamonds cut glass, with precision and clarity.  Diamond consciousness cuts through karmic debris instantly, with laser sharp precision and clarity, calibrating with the most precious and pure frequency of Unconditional Love.  This “laser cutting” is the awakening, similar to lighting striking, which is the interruption of the status quo.  The result is the remembrance and restoration of the clarity and purity of Love.


As with significant awakening, the focus isn’t on the messenger of interruption, the focus is on the unprecedented newness that is being revealed or called forth in our consciousness.   It’s important during this week of massive awakening and spontaneity that we keep ourselves rooted in the experience of unexpected newness awakening, not on the distraction to the social norm.  If we can remain seated within our hearts, with an open and clear mind, allowing for the lightning show to calibrate our crystalline structures, we will witness the birth of our own diamond consciousness, the remembrance of our infiniteness.


This is the rebirthing of divine sacred Love.  There’s literally nothing more exciting and spectacular to witness.  This is the game changer of our reality, this is the birth of heaven on earth.


The week begins on Monday 2/12 with a Venus Quaoar resource.   Our operating systems are calibrating with the new paradigm of limitless possibility.


On Tuesday 2/13, there is a Mercury Jupiter stepping stone and the Sun is in a resource with Uranus.  The expansion of consciousness though our operating system as we experience an unexpected awakening.


Wednesday 2/14 is huge.  Mercury is in a resource with Eris, the Sun is manifesting with Haumea, the Sun and Juno start a new cycle at the degree of tomorrow’s New Moon, the Sun and Sedna are in a stepping stone, and Venus and MakeMake are in a great eliminator…all before 9:30am ET.  Inner disruptions heighten our communications, allowing us to manifest from an awakened sense of wholeness.  Juno represents Unity Consciousness, humanitarian oneness, which is a significant aspect to the New Moon and Solar Eclipse tomorrow, and also a primary aspect of Aquarian consciousness.  “Brotherly/Sisterly Love” and service to humanity are core values of Aquarian Consciousness that are awakening on the planet, and are crucial for our progressive evolution.  We’re remembering our oneness, through the heart, and establishing the new framework of the higher laws of Oneness.


Thursday 2/15 is truly revolutionary.  Mercury is in a resource with Uranus, Mercury is manifesting with Haumea, Mercury and Sedna are in a stepping stone, the New Moon/ Solar Eclipse occurs at 27 Aquarius, followed instantly by a Sun/Moon Ixion resource, and later a Venus Saturn resource.  Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, and these calibrations to our inner operating system and internal messaging system are extremely important to our cutting edge integration and alignment with diamond consciousness.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius refers to Divine Spiritual Love, the aspect of our consciousness that is intimately connected to seeing the divinity of humanity, including Self, through the highest frequency of Love.  This revolutionary consciousness is a game changer for collective group dynamics, it’s the consciousness of equality through One Love.  As I love One, I’m Loving All, and any experience of Love is Divine.  Love is our nature, our truth, and our most powerful resonance of energy that we can contribute, to ourselves and each other.  When we intimately experience each moment from a vibrational frequency of Love, allowing ourselves and each other to be truly seen, we are creating the opportunity for heaven on earth.   This is the Age of Aquarius, and this New Moon/ Solar Eclipse is a revolutionary calibration.  The seeds we plant from this consciousness will manifest as Love, in physical form, as the New Earth.


On Friday 2/16, Mercury is in a resource with Ixion.  Ixion holds the blueprint to our soul’s purpose in this lifetime, and Mercury downloads that blueprint into our awakened diamond operating system.


Saturday 2/17 is a Venus Ceres great eliminator, a Mars Neptune stepping stone, Mercury Sun superior conjunction, then Mercury enters Pisces, and Mercury is in a great eliminator with Varuna.  When we come from the awakened heart of Love, we’re delivered by the choice to respond with Love vs fear.  As we do, we clarify our physical reality, the truth emerges, and we elevate the conversation to a whole new dimension.  As Mercury enters Pisces, our operating system is calibrated to spiritual wisdom, which instantly elevates our scope of vision.  We can see, hear, and perceive with universal wisdom, far beyond what we could before.  The Pisces realm gives us unlimited access to view anything we could ever want to experience, so it’s important to keep our communications channels tuned into the frequency of Love, not fear.


And Sunday 2/18 is also extraordinary with a Black Moon Pluto new cycle, a Venus Orcus Light Bridge, the Sun enters Pisces, then a Sun Varuna great eliminator, and a Mercury Quaoar resource.   This is the rebirth of our feminine wholeness, amplified by Light, offering expansion, beauty, and divine wisdom.  We’re truly emerging as infinite potential, and there are no limits or restrictions moving forward, unless we choose to believe them with our own minds.  As long as we stay tuned to Love, all things are possible.


The practice this week is to remain open and allow for the spontaneous awakenings, revelations, and expansions to occur.  Open unconditionally to the expression of Love that is released through each awakening.  Keep your focus on what’s new, the unprecedented, the never-before-experienced, and let go of any fear, hesitation, worry or doubt.  Love is the consciousness that awakens humanity, so stay tuned to the frequency of Love, and let go of anything else, including the agent of awakening.  The flash of lightning isn’t as important as the frequency of Love that is calibrated by the lightning.  Stay in your heart, with a clear open mind, and watch the magic occur.  It’s breathtaking!


This is the moment we came for…the most exquisite and beautiful unveiling… as we remember our truth and come home to One Love.


“Through my love for you, I want to express my love for the whole cosmos, the whole of humanity, and all beings. By living with you, I want to learn to love everyone and all species. If I succeed in loving you, I will be able to love everyone and all species on Earth… This is the real message of love.” 
― Thich Nhat Hanh, Teachings on Love  


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