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For the week of February 5 – 11, 2018:

We’re officially in the midpoint of the eclipse passage, and the heart is front and center this week.  It’s important that we allow these powerful heart calibrations to occur, because the birth canal we’re traveling through requires an awakened heart, attuned to the frequency of Universal Love.


Venus is in the final degrees of Aquarius now, entering Pisces on Saturday, the infinite realm of Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness.  This heart transition is personal for every one of us, nobody is exempt from receiving Love this week.  How that appears is completely unknown, and best allowed to be spontaneous.


Aquarius awakens Unconditional Love for humanity, for the evolution and progression of higher consciousness.  Divine Love is the Divine Law, the Law of the Universe, and that applies to All.  Any unexpected wake up calls this week address the ways we leave ourselves out of that equation.  In order to stand for a world of unconditional Love and Unity, where all beings are free, empowered with equal opportunity to thrive and flourish – to be seen, respected, and heard – we must be willing to live by that same law within ourselves.  If we say that all beings are equal, we must bring our attention to the ways we hold ourselves as less than, or greater than.  We must look at the ways we’ve denied ourselves Love and attention, self care, nourishment, and access to the divine inspiration to flourish, to be seen, heard, and valued by all.  Oftentimes we can see the importance of fighting for social justice or human rights, and the very issues that pull at our heartstrings are the same issues we’ve been held back by, and continue to hold ourselves back by silently.


Divine Unconditional Love requires seeing the divinity in humanity, and seeing the divinity in Self.  Speaking to Self with the same reverence and regard for empowerment and equality as we would speak on stage for a global humanitarian cause.  If our inner dialogue to Self is any less empowering than our humanitarian voice for All, or any less than our silent reverence for Spirit, then we have some calibrating to do this week.  Seeing the divinity in Self, seeing Self as the reflection of the Divine, is equally as important as wishing for a world that operates sustainably in Unity Consciousness and Love.  All parts are equally important.   I, We, and All…physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually…calibrated to Divine Love.


Anytime we experience an unexpected circumstance that slows us down or prevents us from moving forward with the status quo in our day, there’s an opportunity to elevate and refine our level of self care.   Self care is just as important as caring for children, animals, significant others, and global populations needing attention.  In fact, self care is now critical if we consider ourselves the conduit or antenna for higher consciousness, channeling Love into the Earth.  If we recognize we’re here to deliver something new to the planet, in service to All, then self care becomes a necessity.  The quality of our own conduit, the health and vitality of our physical structure, the flow of energy circulating throughout our cells, the quality of our thoughts, the freedom and permission for our emotional body to clear and express, and our refined connection to spirit matters.  In fact, we must be willing to stand on the cutting edge of self care and holistic vibrancy as the manifestation of divine love, embodied and in action.


This week will awaken our hearts to what matters most, on a very personal level.  When we honor our individual hearts, we nourish the collective One Heart with power, freedom, vitality, and abundance.  When we neglect the voice within in order to focus outwards, we compartmentalize our energy and only contribute a fraction of our potential.  This is a time to unify our hearts with the collective vibration on the planet, and see the value in opening ourselves up to receive the abundance that is available through the unified network of Divine Love.


As we allow ourselves to receive and replenish, we open unconditionally, expanding our capacity to receive, give, channel, and share.  If we only give and tend to others, and neglect ourselves in any way, we’re contributing to the vibration of scarcity and neglect on our planet.  We are here to sustainably flourish, expand, and thrive through the abundant vibration of Love.  There are enough resources available on our planet for all to live abundantly, it requires a new relationship with our power and authority to embody Love, equally and unconditionally.   Our hearts know the laws of the new world, our hearts are already designed with the universal blueprints in tact.  Love is the amplifier, the awakener, and the transformational agent of alchemy that transmutes our current experience to the highest vision for All.


The week begins on Monday 2/5 with a Venus Eris resource.  The inner awakener moves the heart from within, like shedding skin from the inside out, revealing new skin and revealing the truth of the heart, crystal clear.  Eris moves through disruption and irritation, which creates the necessary friction to slough off the old skin and the old attachments that have covered the truth or limited the expansion of the heart.   Once the heart is open and free, we can tune in and receive the inner messages, loud and clear.


On Tuesday 2/6, Mercury and Orcus are in a great eliminator, and Venus and Uranus are in a resource, bringing Venus into the Light Bridge.  Mercury is the Messenger, communicating with Orcus, the archetype that reminds us of the promise we made to return to our bodies after any death, rebirth, or transformation.  This communication allows us to make a choice, love or fear, as our hearts connect to the massive Light Bridge of pure awakened consciousness.  With our hearts calibrating to this massive stream of awakened Light, it’s important to allow and trust the process, witnessing all that is being revealed.  There’s nothing to fix, change, resist, or make happen.  This is one of the most significant moments to receive and open to, unconditionally.


Wednesday 2/7 is a huge day.  Saturn and Black Moon Lilith are in a new cycle, Venus and Sedna are in a stepping stone, and Venus and Haumea are in a manifestation.   Our power and authority merge with the fully empowered divine feminine, as new structures and definitions are beginning to take shape in our social consciousness.  Venus and Sedna have a special relationship, as Sedna is the cosmic record keeper and the remembrance of the universal story of the Divine feminine.  Venus is the feminine archetype and is the ruler of the heart and the emotional body at the most personal level.  Our personal hearts have the opportunity to step up to the most cosmic remembrance of Divine Feminine as we remember and unify our wholeness.   The Divine Feminine story impacts all of us, regardless of gender.  And the full awakening, remembrance, and empowerment of the Divine Feminine is what restores balance and wholeness to All.  When we manifest from that wholeness, from the heart, there is magic, infinite possibilities, abundance, and Love.


Thursday 2/8 has no major aspects.  This is a day to tune into Self and honor the messages coming from within.  An important pause to integrate, receive, nourish, and calibrate to Love.


On Friday 2/9, Venus and Ixion are in a resource, and Mercury is in a new cycle with the Earth Star Chakra (South Node).  Venus and Ixion bring the soul’s blueprint and higher purpose front and center in the heart.  We can’t ignore or pretend we don’t see what’s emerging from within.  Mercury opens the channels of communication deep within the Earth, like collective root systems of trees underground, communicating through networks as we channel our soul’s blueprint from our heart into the Earth’s heart, calibrating and upgrading our new crystalline root system of high frequency communication and Earth connection.


On Saturday 2/10, Venus enters Pisces, the Sun is in a stepping stone with Jupiter, and Mars is in a stepping stone with Orcus.  Our hearts thrive in Pisces, the infinite realm of Unconditional Love, Unity Consciousness, and Christ Consciousness.  In this week of intense calibrations and awakenings, it’s time to unleash our wide open hearts into the infinite ocean of Oneness, where there are no limits, no borders, and no conditions to the possibilities and miracles that can occur through the frequency of Love.  We’re experiencing rapid expansion of consciousness at the social level, and it’s time to take empowered action in alignment with our reason for being here.  Whatever delays or hesitations we’ve had about contributing our visible light for the expansion of All quickly dissipate, as we’re ready to emerge and be seen.


And Sunday 2/11 is a Sun Eris resource.  Another day of awakening from within, shedding skin, and allowing our light to shine, crystal clear.  The more we awaken, the more we clear, and the more light we shine.  We’re returning to our true nature, brilliant light, and that light can’t be dulled down or hidden anymore.  This is the moment to fully awaken, say Yes to all that we are, be willing to nurture and honor ourselves as the conduits of Light, and offer ourselves freely to All.  The planet ascends as we each step into the truth of who we are and recognize the divinity all around.  Divinity reflects divinity, and divinity awakens the slumber that can’t recognize Love.


The practice this week is to embody equanimity as you calibrate to Unconditional Love.  Equanimity is the art of sitting with what is, allowing yourself to open unconditionally as the response of Love, without judging, hiding, resisting, or flinching.  No matter what is occurring around you this week, take a deep breath, and open through your heart as the response of Love.  Let go of any attachments or preferences so you can be fully present with all that is occurring and unfolding.  The response of Love from the heart might have you take action or use your voice, or it might have you breathe deeply as you calibrate your environment to peace.  Equanimity doesn’t equal passivity, it simply means the lens through which you view the world is equal and unconditional.  This equanimous lens allows your heart to speak clearly, without being altered or biased by judgment or fear.


Take your practice even further, and sit with yourself in meditation each day, listening to what your own body, heart, mind, and soul need that day.  Practice equanimity as you sit with you, see the divinity in every message you receive, and take good care of you.  No judgment, no extremes or harsh expectations.  Be the response of Love, unconditionally, to yourSelf.


“A further sign of health is that we don’t become undone by fear and trembling, but we take it as a message that it’s time to stop struggling and look directly at what’s threatening us. ” 
― Pema Chödrön


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