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For the week of January 29 – February 4, 2018:

Get ready for a total game changer ahead.  With a super rare Full Moon/ Blue Moon/ Super Moon and full Lunar Eclipse, it feels as though the entire wormhole passage is flipping on it’s side this week.  This is an epic life altering moment that shifts our focus and the way we respond, forever.  Regardless of what’s occurring, what matters is that we remain unified within our hearts, fully present, and shining brilliant light in every scenario.  The unexpected twists and turns are taking us to higher ground and the New Earth, and we’re in the midst of Awakening to a higher order.

In super rare moments of unexpected events, regardless of what those events actually are, we can easily get triggered or distracted by automatic pilot reactions.  The spontaneous can sideswipe us and leave us standing like a deer in headlights, even if that “unexpected surprise” is everything we’ve ever dreamed of.  The shock value of what we don’t see coming can jolt us out of our bodies and out of our experience if we’re not paying attention.


Because we’re in a wormhole, headed for the first major eclipse in the Aquarian realm of our collective consciousness, it’s best to assume that the shock value will be high this week in one way or another.  It’s also important to remember that this wormhole passage is designed to create unexpected openings and opportunities to leap towards our destiny and higher purpose.  In the blink of an eye, everything can change.  That’s truly exciting.  Never before have we held so much power and potential for epic change in our ordinary waking moments.


The best way to navigate such a sensitive passage of highly reactive spontaneous events is to embody Love and live in the awakened heart, unified with a clear mind.  Remember, the spontaneous events are meant to deliver us through the birth canal, serving as momentary contractions that activate labor.  If we lose our footing through the contractions, it’s important to return to the breath, and find peace through the discomfort or momentary disorientation.  Everything is changing rapidly, so even a moment of discomfort won’t last forever.  Breathe until there’s a release, and let go.  Moment to moment, we can find ourselves in extreme moments of bliss, disorientation, stillness, or discomfort…and none of it will last forever.


What matters most is what’s awakening within us, moment to moment.  Every activation of our awakened consciousness shifts our vibration, and there’s universal reason to be grateful for that.  Our collective evolution depends upon the awakening of humanity, and as we elevate individually, the collective vibration elevates in response.  We are calibrating ourselves and each other to the frequency of Love, which is the most powerful force of energy in our universe.   If we can stay focused on what matters most, within the still point of our hearts, we can birth a whole new possibility for humanity as we move through this birth canal.  All it takes is One spark of light to be the contagious source that ignites a revolution.


The week begins on Monday 1/29 with a very interesting Mercury Black Moon new cycle, a Sun Orcus great eliminator, and a Venus South Node (Earth Star Chakra) new cycle.  Mercury is the new archetype of the Divine Masculine and is the ruler of our mental body, operating system, and inner communications network.  Black Moon Lilith represents the aspects of the Divine Feminine that have been shattered and fragmented historically, that are now unifying, empowered.  This is an extremely important new cycle of the newly empowered feminine voice, and the highest observer, witnessing all of the shadows elevating to the light, unifying, remembering, and wholing our Selves and the collective.  As we remember the truth of who we are, we eliminate the illusions and distortions.  We must be willing to take a good look at the shadows as they emerge, from a neutral perspective of non-judgment, embracing it all, the light and the dark.  This unification reminds us of our soul’s promise to fulfill in this lifetime.


Tuesday 1/30 is a super powerful day with the 1st of 3 Saturn MakeMake stepping stones.  This is a huge theme of the wormhole passage and the redefinition of our social consciousness as we elevate to the higher laws of the universe.  This 3 part series takes us all the way to November to manifest, and the implications are beyond magnificent.  Saturn is the ruler of the entire wormhole passage and represents our relationship with power and authority, and the structures that define and shape our reality.  MakeMake is the 5D octave of Saturn, representing the higher divine laws of the universe, the laws of Universal Love and Unity.  MakeMake brings forth the new wave of authentic leadership that is holding the torch, in service to All, as we define and declare the New World.  This 3 part stepping stone is the shift in consciousness that is required of ourselves and our global leaders moving forward.  We must choose to use our power responsibly, efficiently, and sustainably, from a context of Love, Unity, Integrity, and Contribution.


Wednesday 1/31 is literally mind blowing.  Starting with a Sun Ceres Light Bridge, followed by a Chiron Haumea great eliminator, then the epic Full Moon/ Full Lunar Eclipse in Leo, immediately followed by Mercury entering Aquarius…all before 8:40am ET.  Then Mercury and Varuna form a light bridge that afternoon.   Ceres is the great midwife, ushering us collectively through this entire wormhole passage.  Ceres is also the only planet retrograde during this entire passage, so the light bridge with the Sun is an important activation of Light to the birth canal that delivers us to our most awakened Selves.  Chiron represents our potential for refined personal mastery, eliminating anything that has ever diminished our experience of wholeness, and Haumea is also holding a Light Bridge with Eris, so this great eliminator offers a calibration of the highest order.


The Full Moon in Leo is perhaps the most dynamic and abundant activation we’ve experienced in a very long time.  A Full Moon always reflects the wholeness of the Sun.  A Super Moon enhances that aspect, and a Blue Moon makes it incredibly rare and unusual.  The Sun is in Aquarius, which is by nature unusual and rare, serving humanity by awakening higher consciousness to Divine Love.  The Sun rules Leo, but feels out of place in Aquarius.   That makes this a very fascinating opportunity to stand in the discomfort of our brightest light until we fully awaken, and begin to own and embody our brightest reflection, crystal clear.  It’s as if we’re confronting ourselves in the mirror until we awaken and come home to ourselves.


If we’re willing to stand in the unfamiliarity and disorientation, while practicing unconditional Self Love, eventually we will recognize our greatest abundant potential, and shine that brightest light to humanity, in service, with gratitude, just like the sun.  This shifts the entire game from resistance and separation to joy and gratitude, literally in the blink of an eye, as take a massive quantum leap forward.


As Mercury moves into Aquarius, we gain the unprecedented insight of the highest awakened observer, rooted in Divine Love.  Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, and our mental body serves as a highly refined instrument of intuitive vision that forwards humanity.  That higher vision for humanity is fully accessible from the Mercury Varuna Light Bridge.


On Thursday 2/1, there are no major aspects, although don’t expect a quiet day.  Remember, we’re in Aquarius energy and anything can happen.  The theme is Awakening Humanity back to Light, and any moment of stillness is ripe with possibilities to interrupt the comfort and convenience of our status quo.  Stay present, in your heart, with a peaceful mind…and allow the events of the day to elevate your consciousness.


Friday 2/2, there are no major aspects.  Today is Groundhog Day, where we choose to remain hibernating underground for a longer period of time, or rise up and leap forward into spring.  We all have a choice of how we wish to navigate this wormhole passage.  We can duck down at the sight of our shadow and wait for it all to be over, or we can elevate towards the light and choose to awaken Now, transcending the past and ushering in new possibilities.


On Saturday 2/3, Mercury and Mars are in a resource, and the Sun and Earth Star Chakra (South Node) are in a new cycle.  Mercury and Mars form the Mind/Body connection, and Mercury just moved into Aquarius.  This delivers unprecedented awakenings and discoveries that can radically shift our physical health in exciting ways.  The Sun and Earth Star new cycle infuses Unconditional Love through our collective root system, which transmutes any karma held within our physical bodies, through our DNA, and the Earth.


And Sunday 2/4 is a Venus Jupiter stepping stone.  This is a massive expansion of the heart at the social level, and it’s contagious.


The practice this week is to unify the heart and mind with each breath, keeping your undivided attention within.  This instantly unifies yin and yang, which calibrates the lower 4 body system and the environment around us.  Take some deep breaths into your heart, gently opening and expanding with each inhale, and letting go with the exhale.  Imagine breathing yourself home into your heart, and take a seat.  Then imagine breathing your mind into your heart, settling in, and extending roots.  With your mind rooted and still, allow your heart to open more and more.  Keep your undivided attention inside of your heart, and allow for the awakening to occur.



“Love is a flame that burns everything other than itself. It is the destruction of all that is false and the fulfillment of all that is true.” 
― Adyashanti


If you missed last weekend’s webinar with Stephanie Azaria and Christine Clemmer – “Navigating the Wormhole + 5D Calibration” – you can still purchase the recording here:   https://www.thecosmicpath.com/navigating-the-worm-hole-5d-calibration-event/

Contact Christine Clemmer to schedule a 5D Calibration session.
For more information, contact www.christineclemmer.com or email ccaquarius@yahoo.com


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  1. Dear Christine, a heartfelt thank you for the Wormhole Passage Webinar and for this weekly column. It is how I begin my morning every Monday. What a grounding and enlightening experience – bringing peace and faith and flow to whatever turbulence lays ahead.

    The 5D Calibration was a deeply healing experience. I live Colorado and went on a hike in the mountains while listening to the Webinar. When time came for the calibration, I lay down on bare ground under a beautiful tree, with my head on a lichen-covered rock, and felt the energy of the Earth with Her love and eternal support. You steadiness and openness allows us to access the same place. I am delighted to have the 5D Calibration as a recording, so that I can continue to reconnect. Much love and gratitude for your Work.

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