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For the week of January 22 – 28, 2018:

Get ready for the unexpected!  We’re now 1 week into the 8 week wormhole passage, and already this journey is proving to be unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.  Our perception of time and space is truly becoming fluid, unifying dimensions and timelines into the fullest awareness and wholeness of Now.  The phrases “Time is Now” and “Time’s Up” are quickly becoming front and center in our consciousness.  This awakening is both collective and personal, no matter where we look.  Now is the time to awaken fully and allow our power and mastery to shine, crystal clear, with contagious brilliance.

Never before in human consciousness have we experienced so many systems and structures of power dismantling and collapsing at the same time.  What can feel like massive chaos and confusion are simply the de-manifestation of  the obsolete, limiting, and unsustainable threads of consciousness and ego agendas that have been embedded and rooted in our status quo for so many lifetimes and generations.  In order for massive change and transformation to occur, we have to be willing to rip the bandaids off and allow the deepest wounds to receive light and air.


When we cover things up and make it look pretty on the surface, we ignore what’s right below the surface.  Over time, we buy into the appearances and the projections, collectively seeking distortion over authenticity, fragmenting from the truth.  This distorts our relationships and gives our authentic power and voice away to the illusion of “normal”.  Vibrationally, we’ve always been able to detect the in-congruencies and discord, but we’ve become so accustomed to living with the edge of inauthenticity that we’ve calibrated our inner alignment to that frequency of social norm.


As we uncover the hidden truths that have been overruled and bypassed (collectively and individually), it’s important that we consciously calibrate ourselves now to Peace and Love as we navigate the temporary sensations of discomfort.  Everything around us is shape shifting and redesigning, which can make the ground below our feet feel shaky and unstable.  Like gutting a house down to the studs, and walking through the midst of a demolition process, if we don’t have faith in a higher vision, we can quickly lose hope and feel like all is lost.  Especially if that structure we’re gutting was held together by generations of misaligned patterns of familiarity.  Even though we know it’s time to change and create something new, our current experience of the demolition process can be daunting.  The sooner we let go, the sooner we can experience the alchemy of transformation, which ignites the creative spark of new possibilities.


What matters most is that we remember that we are the designers of this epic remodel and redesign.  We are the pioneers of the new age that’s being birthed Now.  We’re ushering in the new vision, the new consciousness, and the new structures that will support and sustain all of life for generations to come.  If humanity is to evolve and thrive, it’s up to us to be crystal clear about our intentions, focus, and choices…Now.  Every moment counts, and every action makes a difference.


As visionary artists, humanitarians, transformational leaders, and light workers, our most important soul work is happening Now.  There’s no time to wait, no resources left to waste, and no time to tip our toe in the water or wait for someone else to show us how it’s done.  We’re making it up as we go now.  We each came into this lifetime with a blueprint of mastery, and that activation of our unique brilliance is awakening Now.


It’s important that we trust, surrender, say “YES”, and just GO.  Like jumping out of an airplane, there’s nothing to think about, just leap…and allow your divine parachute to open, like a time released capsule of consciousness awakening in real time.  It’s in every one of us to be powerful, to be a contribution to this global story, to make history, and to rewrite the story.  Any edge of reluctance or hesitation is just fear of the unknown.  If we remember that the unknown is where the magic lives, then we can be empowered to be the catalyst for something new, Now.


The week begins on Monday 1/22 with a Black Moon Varuna Light Bridge.  This is such a sacred gift in so many ways.  Black Moon Lilith represents the historic fragmentation of our feminine energy, the ways in which we’ve disconnected, buried, denied, or disowned certain aspects of ourselves that we (and society) have judged as inappropriate, unaccepted, or unloveable.  It’s time to unify all of our banished or rejected qualities to the light, so we can see ourselves and each other clearly, through the eye of God.  Nothing can ever be hidden from the highest scope of vision, and that highest scope of vision sees the divine beauty in Everything.  As we elevate our vision to Unconditional Love, we activate a bridge of freedom and liberation that unifies ourselves and each other in the truth of who we are.  This light bridge transcends judgment, shame, and shadow, which elevates our wholeness, and restores Holiness to every thread.


Tuesday 1/23 has no major aspects.  This is a great day to practice seeing Self and All through the lens of Light and through the eye of the Divine.  Living and practicing “Namaste”.


Wednesday 1/24 is a Sun MakeMake manifestation and a Mercury Pluto new cycle.  MakeMake is the higher octave of Saturn, who is the ruler of the entire wormhole passage.  The awakened light of our consciousness is manifesting with the higher laws and divine authority to create new structures, leadership, and framework from a context of Love, respect, and value for all of life.  Mercury and Pluto represent the transformation of our operating system as we calibrate ourselves in harmony with the new universal laws, allowing our thoughts to birth new possibilities.


Thursday 1/25 is a Mercury Jupiter resource.  This is an opportunity for expansion of social consciousness through the newly calibrated operating system and mental body.  Our thoughts generate our experience of reality, and when we recalibrate our operating system to Love, our thoughts expand possibilities instead of contract.  We use our thoughts to create instead of diminish.


On Friday 1/26, Mars enters Sagittarius and Mercury is in a stepping stone with Eris.  The ruler of our physical body, the Earth, and our relationship with all things physical moves into the sign of truth seeking, karma clearing, and the highest victory that wipes the slate clean, elevates the game and equalizes the playing field for All.  No matter what the physical diversities are, all lives are equal, valuable, and worthy of respect.  Regardless of gender, race, appearances, or perceived physical identities or limitations, we are all equally created and have equal opportunity for mastery, contribution, and artistry.  The only thing holding anyone back moving forward is hesitation from within, and the choice to resist one’s own inner awakening.


Saturday 1/27 is a Mars Varuna manifestation and a Venus Ceres Light Bridge.  Continuing the theme of Living and Embodying Namaste, we are physically manifesting from divine higher vision, allowing us to see the the possibility of a new reality.  Venus and Ceres form a breathtakingly beautiful Light Bridge that delivers us all to the awakened and pure heart, shining brightly like a star.  This is a potent day to calibrate ourselves to that crystal clear frequency of Light, the power of the newly awakened divine feminine.


And Sunday 1/28 is off the charts…  Mercury and Uranus form a stepping stone, Mercury and Chiron are in a resource, Mercury is manifesting with Sedna, and Mercury is in a stepping stone with Haumea, intersecting the balance point of the Haumea Eris Light Bridge.  After yesterday’s activation of the Divine Feminine Light Bridge, Mercury (the divine masculine archetype) is stepping up, awake and crystal clear.  When the divine feminine awakens and rises, the divine masculine steps up like a lightning bolt of consciousness.  This jolt of energy has the potential to refine mastery, to heal old wounds by elevating the frequency to the remembrance of wholeness and Oneness.  There is no feminine without masculine, and vice versa.  Yin exists in relationship with Yang, and the evolution of both requires the empowerment of both.  We each are the embodiment of Yin and Yang, regardless of gender.  It’s time to honor the fully empowered and fully awakened wholeness within ourselves, and collectively as One.


The practice this week is to embody the meaning of the word “Namaste”.  The light in me honors the light in you.  No matter what you think you see on the surface, look deeper until you connect with the authentic inherent Light of each person you come in contact with this week.  Human nature and ego behavior will have us believe at times that people are bad, unworthy, unequal, or dismissive.  When we can see beyond the distortions, and find the thread of unity that exists in each of us, without buying into the behavior or patterns, we can begin to address the inauthenticities and stories that need to be confronted and recalibrated.  If we can’t see the inherent light in another, we can’t confront the truth from a neutral perspective and a clear heart….our actions will only create more misalignments and resistance.


Be in the practice of elevating your scope of vision to Light, wholeness, and universal divinity.  See beyond appearances and distractions, honor the truth that is revealed, and be the response of Unconditional Love.  We’re in the midst of a massive demolition and reconstruction, and it matters that we remain calibrated to the higher vision that’s manifesting Now.


“The way of the miracle-worker is to see all human behavior as one two things: either love, or a call for love.” 
― Marianne Williamson   


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