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For the week of January 15 – 21, 2018:

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the grand entrance to the ride of a lifetime.  This week officially opens the worm hole passage of the winter season, including 2 very important eclipse events, filled with unexpected twists and turns.  While we may not know exactly what is awakening, we can certainly feel the palpable and dynamic shifts arising from within us and the Earth.  We’re moving into the birth canal, and there’s no turning back   Nothing else is more important, and nothing can stop this delivery from occurring.  It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  Ready or not, it’s time.



We’re in a birthing process, and each of us is the mother, the midwife, the divine inspiration, authority, and manifestation.  We are birthing the mastery of ourselves, through the portal of our own sacred geometry and soul’s blue print.  We’re returning back to the original expression that we agreed to embody, interfacing fully now with the collective wisdom and mastery we’ve generated and awakened over time.  As we come home to ourselves, we remember why we came, why it matters, and who we truly are at the core of our being, within our awakened heart.


We’ve run fast and far for lifetimes, separating further and further from our truth and each other.  When we hide or deny our greatness out of a conditioned response to be something other than our true nature, pushing and comparing to align with unhealthy social norms, judgments, or conditioned parameters, we distance ourselves more and more from the unique creation and sacred intention of our origin.  The separation and fragmentation creates distortion in the mirror as we cease to recognize our own reflection in the world around us.  The moment we lose connection with our wholeness, or when it’s not safe to reveal the truth with our own voice or body, we manifest breakdowns and challenges that require a return to something sacred, authentic, safe, and real…Love.


Whether the fragmentation is experienced personally or collectively, the resolution is unification, coming home to the origin, restoring the roots with Love.  The journey away from home has provided wisdom, experience, maturity, gratitude, and humility, and the journey back home requires grace.  Through grace, we surrender the need to run, defend, compete or prove, and we begin to allow the beat of our own hearts to unify us from within, responding to a collective movement that reminds us where we belong…right here, right now.  Home is not the physical structure of a house, it’s a unified frequency that lives within us, inspired by unity, calibrated to compassion, acceptance, and Love.


No matter where we are on the planet, we are Home when we allow our hearts to remember the movement, expression, harmony and flow of Divine Love.  Love is currency, circulation, the global exchange that flows between all hearts that calibrates, awakens and reveals the truth of who we are.  When we recognize the embodiment of Love and compassion, we return home in an instant.  Wherever we are in that moment, we belong.


The journey of personal mastery begins with a karmic circumstance that creates the need to evolve, to transcend, and to expand beyond our current reality, in order to realize something greater, to see a different reflection in the mirror.  In the expansion process, we liberate ourselves from the root of our original limitation.  The full awakening and integration of our mastery actually occurs when we infuse the awareness of liberation and enlightenment back into our root system, unifying the original karmic condition with the evolutionary expression.  In doing so, we elevate ourselves, our roots, the story, and the social conversation.  We infuse awakened consciousness into the very root of the original limitation…with Love.  And alchemy occurs.


The week begins on Monday 1/15 with a Sun Chiron resource, a Jupiter Pluto resource, a Sun Haumea stepping stone, and a Sun Sedna manifestation. Our awareness of the potential for personal mastery through expansion and transformation supports us in elevating our consciousness to wholeness. From there, we manifest from a greater remembrance of divine truth.


On Tuesday 1/16, Ceres and the North Node (Soul Star Chakra) start a new cycle at 15 Aquarius, the Sun and Ixion are in a resource, and the Capricorn New Moon officially opens the wormhole passage at 26 Capricorn, at 9:18pm EST.  This new cycle of the midwife and our collective evolution activates the birth canal, on a World Axis point. This is a huge preparation for our personal deliverance as the newly awakened and embodied consciousness, through the blueprint of our soul’s promise in this lifetime.


The Capricorn New Moon disposes the entire wormhole passage, ruled by Saturn. In Cosmic Consciousness, Capricorn is the Divine Executive Director, channeling themes straight from Source, from our Divine Origin, into our lower 4 body system for integration and embodiment. Saturn represents our relationship with authority, calling forth the inner guru, teacher, leader and the structures we create for definition, accountability, integrity, and sustainability.


This super powerful New Moon invites us all to own our authority, at the personal, collective, and cosmic levels, as we plant the seeds of a whole new world. We are each fully responsible for what comes next, and we are pioneering and creating a whole new world in this moment. Our commitment to leadership is being called forth, and that voice of leadership must come from the authenticity of our higher blueprint, purpose, and truth.


Wednesday 1/17 is a Mars Uranus great eliminator and Venus enters Aquarius. Our physical body or physical reality gets interrupted and cleared as our hearts move into the sign of Divine Love, ruled by Uranus, the great awakener. Our hearts are on a journey of awakening to the mechanism of Spiritual Love, which is universal and unconditional, for humanity as well as Self.


Thursday 1/18 is a Mercury Orcus manifestation, Venus is in a Light Bridge with Varuna, and Mars Chiron manifestation. We’re communicating from the place of resurrection and remembrance of the promise we made to be here, to come back into our bodies after an experience of death or transformation. The Light Bridge gives the heart access to the infinite vision of the cosmos, and our bodies manifest healing and wholeness through personal mastery. When we can see all events through the lens of Divine Unconditional Love, our deepest wounds begin to shift and elevate to reveal mastery.


On Friday 1/19, Mars and Sedna form a Light Bridge, Mercury and Neptune are in a resource, and the Sun enters Aquarius. Our physical bodies align with the divine remembrance of wisdom and truth on the Light Bridge, creating an unprecedented calibration of embodied wisdom and enlightenment. As the Sun enters Aquarius, we’re downloading innovative visionary insights through our consciousness at lighting fast speed. Get ready for miraculous shifts and cutting edge revelations through medicine, technology and science. The future is here, and we’re channeling it within our consciousness.


Saturday 1/20 is a Sun Varuna Light Bridge, and Mercury Ceres great eliminator. Another brilliant light bridge that offers a higher scope of cosmic vision, as our operating system eliminates any obstacles that could be detrimental to our birthing process. We’re seeing into the future, way outside of ourselves, in every effort to clear the path for a supportive and successful birth.


And on Sunday 1/21, Venus and MakeMake are in a manifestation. The heart is moving us into authentic leadership, in service to All. We’re manifesting the new law and order, from the vision of our hearts for all of humanity. The more we move ahead into the new vision for the new world, we realize we’re coming home to the vision that’s been alive in us all along. The universal law and order is the Divine Law of Love and the Law of One, it’s our origin and our truth.


The practice this week is to focus on the breath for at least 10 minutes a day. Feel yourself in your body, grounded and still. Imagine every inhale as brilliant diamond light, bringing you home, fully present in your body. Every exhale is surrender at peace, letting go of the need to do anything, go anywhere, fix anything, or make anything happen. Each inhale delivers the fullness of every breath to you, as you receive light into your body, grounded and at home. Let this practice be a still point to download your authentic blueprint and higher consciousness, into your physical body.  And allow yourself to enter this wormhole passage with a clear mind, open heart, and receptive body.  The more open we are, the more receptive we’ll be to the resonance of Love that moves us into authentic action.  This is a time to be birthed, to be moved, and to allow the fullest expression of truth to emerge.


“Do you know what you are?
You are a manuscript oƒ a divine letter.
You are a mirror reflecting a noble face. 
This universe is not outside of you. 
Look inside yourself;
everything that you want, 
you are already that.” 
― Rumi


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