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For the week of January 1 – 7, 2018:

Welcome to 2018!  As we step from a blank canvass and crystal clear slate, we’re ready for refined mastery and elevation.  We’re launching this year from an 11/11 vibration and a Full Super Moon, making this a potent day to activate our highest intentions and visions for the year ahead.  If we’ve learned anything from the past year, it’s that our manifestations must be in alignment with the truth of our heart.  As long as the heart is speaking, the sky’s the limit, and we each have infinite capacity to birth Love into reality.


Love is the frequency that births us fully into 5D.  This frequency shift is the attunement that restores clarity, harmony, and alignment at the cellular and cosmic level.  When we’re coming from wholeness, a perspective that includes our individual intentions as well as the collective, we can amplify the expression of Love to manifest abundance.


If we’re coming from a polarized perspective (me versus the collective, or you versus me) we diminish potential and manifest from a lower vibration.  It’s actually a manifestation of scarcity.  If we want to truly see the results of our refined mastery and experience sustainable abundance, we’ll begin by elevating our perspective to wholeness.  When I manifest on behalf of All, my intentions are exponentially supported by the universe.   And I am always included and taken care of, because I AM All and I AM the Universe.   No one is neglected or forgotten when we manifest from a perspective of wholeness.  There is only win-win.


It’s important to remember that mastery doesn’t mean perfection.  Perfection implies judgment, that something is better or worse, enough or not enough.  Mastery actually requires breakdowns and failures.  Like a diamond being refined by immense pressure, we are being refined by our experiences this year to yield the most exquisite and rare diamond light.  Every opportunity to practice being the response of unconditional Love is an opportunity to refine ourselves into ultra clear diamond light.  What matters most is how we navigate these times, because our intentions and focus determine the quality of light we send through the collective consciousness.


The current story of our life does not define who we are, it’s simply a framework of circumstances that provide the necessary traction to express and refine our light.   The more committed we are to elevating ourselves, the more challenging our practice becomes.   It’s the difference between an elite athlete in training versus a recreational leisure enthusiast.  If we want comfort and convenience, we can have that experience.  But if we want to know ourselves and our fullest potential for mastery, that journey requires conscious discipline and relentless diligence.  The results and the rewards are breathtaking.  Now imagine synching that personal intention with a larger intention that benefits others, and the results are amplified to epic proportions.


Awakening mastery, from a perspective of wholeness and unity, gives amplified purpose to all that we do.  Self care equals global care when the intention is solid.  They are one in the same.  While I can’t control what’s occurring around the planet, I can be fully responsible for what’s occurring within me in this moment.  And if I hold the intention that I am a conduit for global transformation and elevation, then every action I take contributes to that intention, and the results of my efforts can be felt globally.   There are infinite opportunities to align our personal intentions with our global vision, and the frequency of Love always elevates and expands.


The week (and the year) begins on Monday 1/1.  This is an extremely important day.  Besides the obvious, it’s also an 11/11 vibration and a Super Full Moon in Cancer, and a grand water manifestation involving the Moon, Sirius, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune.  That’s a lot of enlightened water manifesting to Earth.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Cancer is the sign of Emotional Power and Mother Earth.  The moon rules Cancer, so this Full Moon is already dignified energetically.  Add the fact that it’s a Super Moon and very close to the fixed star Sirius, which is connected to the Ascended Masters.  There’s a lot of beautiful awakened consciousness being reflected in this lunar event.  If we can allow that consciousness to pour through us, we can literally bathe in that enlightened water, receiving it like liquid light, pure nourishment for the heart, blessed by the Ascended Masters.  We’ve all been through a lot this holiday season and the entire past year.  What a gift to rinse off the emotional residue and replenish the body as we start a brand new chapter.   Research shows that 80 percent of all illness and disease is caused by unresolved emotional residue.  Allow this abundant water to cleanse, heal, and restore the emotional body, thereby recalibrating the body to health and wellness.  Remember, self care is global care, and our intention matters.


On Tuesday 1/2, Venus is manifesting with Orcus, the Sun and Neptune are in a resource, Jupiter and Ceres are in a stepping stone, then Uranus stations direct, and Mars forms an intersection with the Moon’s Nodes.  All of this happens before noon.  As the heart manifests from an aspect of immortality, we gain clarity and enlightenment on why it matters for us to be here, now.  Our social consciousness expands anytime we rise up to a higher perspective and more expansive awareness, beyond just ourselves.  The great awakener stations direct, which is like hitting the pause button on a bolt of lightning as it changes directions.  There’s no way we can miss this moment of awakening, in fact it’s crucial to our movement forward.  Mars holds the still point between our karmic past and our evolutionary spiral, which means we get to choose where we want to experience our physical reality.  We can tune into the past or the future, both are available here in this still point, now.   We get to choose what we want to experience and what comes next.  We’ve always had the choice…it’s just illustrated crystal clear right now.


Wednesday 1/3 is a Venus Neptune resource.  An opportunity for refined clarity of the heart, which brings the heart fully into the beautiful Full Moon reverberations.


Thursday 1/4 has no major aspects.


On Friday 1/5, Mercury is manifesting with Eris.  This is significant because Eris is about to station direct next week, so this is a final communication from the great female awakener before moving forward into new territory.  Everything is about to shift, the brakes are coming off, and it’s full steam ahead.  Whatever messages or wake up calls we’ve yet to fully receive are coming in now, loud and clear.


Saturday 1/6 is a Mercury Uranus manifestation, a Mars Jupiter new cycle at 18 Scorpio, and a Mercury stepping stone with Chiron.  More wake up calls, but these wake up calls are designed to get us moving forward.  Anything is possible when we’re empowered to expand our consciousness and elevate our perspective.  Remember, we refine ourselves through moments of pressure, and breakdowns are always opportunities to shape shift and journey through the eye of a needle.  This is the journey of personal mastery.  It’s important not to get caught up in the story or the messenger, but keep our focus on ourselves and our intention.


And Sunday 1/7 is a Mercury Haumea resource, a Mercury Sedna great eliminator, and Quaoar Varuna great eliminator.  An elevated observer’s perspective of wholeness reveals the cosmic wisdom and intuitive insight of the universe.  There’s nothing we can’t see or tune into when we’re aligned with the universal frequencies of wholeness.   When we recognize wholeness, every perspective of “here and now” contains all perspectives and all timelines.  There is nothing separate, everything contains everything.  The illusions of separation start to fade as we refine this channel of infinite vision.


The practice this week is to link one of your daily practices or personal goals with a larger intention that elevates and benefits the whole (the “whole” could be your family, local organization, or global community).  It could be a daily meditation practice, a daily workout, or even something simple like brushing your teeth or making the bed in the morning.  Set the intention that how you do that practice makes a difference collectively, in the lives of others.   Notice how diligent you are with your practice this week, notice the opportunities to elevate and refine the quality of your attention and discipline, and notice the results, personally and collectively.   Every intention matters, and every effort counts.


Using your voice to make a difference in the world can start as simple as taking better care of Self while consciously carrying a global intention in your heart.  Do what you can with what’s available, while expanding your intention and consciousness to include others.  There is no limit to how far you can reach through the frequency of Love.


“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.” 
― Hafiz     

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  1. Thank you for clearly defining the term mastery. In the past I have often confused it with perfection.

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Beautiful! And to the essential points! As always, your wisdom guides my Heart.
    Thank you for all you bring…
    Linda Rose B.

  3. Thank you for validating my daily interactions with your higher perspective! It has been just like you wrote. I am looking forward to Sunday, with its visit from Haumea. I wonder whose face it will be….

  4. Thank you so much Christine! I haven’t previously responded to your weekly contribution but I gain much insight and inspiration from it on a regular basis. You stated ” Research shows that 80 percent of all illness and disease is caused by unresolved emotional residue”. Do you have a source that you could direct me to in regard to this statement? I know this to be true from my own work but I would love to see some research on it. With gratitude…..

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