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For the week of December 25 – 31, 2017:

Believe it or not, this week is fairly quiet and peaceful, allowing for a beautiful journey inwards – through the heart – as we consciously transition and complete the year, wiping the slate clean and preparing for a year ahead of epic new beginnings and awakenings.  Home is where the heart is, and this week we’re finding our way home, within…so that we can manifest the new world as a crystal clear reflection of our purest heart.

Although there aren’t many major aspects this week, this journey within requires courage, intention, and focus.  For some, the inner focus of the heart is a welcome respite from all the recent chaos and distractions demanding our attention and action.  For others, the doorway to the heart may be met with resistance, in realization that the chaos has served as the chosen distraction from Self Mastery and Love.  When all else falls away, when the noise silences and the night is peaceful and dark, all that’s left are the inner voices and the truth of the heart.   If we’ve been ignoring or pretending not to hear, that can be the most intense moment of turbulence.  Our relationship with silence will be revealed this week.


Sitting in stillness, held within the truth of the heart – without running, flinching, hiding, or distracting – is the most sacred practice we can commit to, especially now.  Developing a strong foundation of equanimity is crucial, so that we can open unconditionally to all that arises, letting go of any judgment, fear, or doubt, while allowing the layers to peel and shed in peaceful surrender.  The heart knows where we’re headed, the heart contains the blueprint.  And in the new world, the heart is the ultimate authority that leads the way and moves us into action.


This final week of 2017 is a precious still point, an opportunity to find our Selves through the awakened heart, to honor the holy night of wholeness, and to recognize that nothing is lacking, all is sacred, and all is well.  We have all that we need for the journey ahead.  2018 is an “11” year, a year of mastery.  We don’t need to try for anything new.  We must simply own our truth, allow our true nature to shine, and powerfully offer our authentic vibration as a contribution to All.


When we each give ourselves permission to refine our essence, to let go of any doubts, fears, or hesitations, and rise up in harmony, together, as a collective orchestra of brilliant divine sound and frequency, we will discover the blissful union of the universe, in high definition and multidimensional beauty.  We all have a part, a role, a purpose…and that role doesn’t require us to figure anything out or become something we’re not inherently designed to be.  We’re enough, exactly as we’re created.  And the journey home to ourselves is the most sacred entry point to our refined mastery.


There is a truth within each of us that is awakening, it’s been encoded in our cellular frequency since the beginning of time, and is being activated and called forth now.  We have to return home to our infinite wholeness to remember our truth.  Once we do, we awaken from the illusions, the stories, and the limitations that have distorted our vision and distracted us along the way.  The time is now to remember who we are and why it matters that we’re here, together, now.


There is possibility for global healing and unification on our planet, right now.  There is a wide open opportunity for authentic leadership from the heart, inspired by Love and Service for All.   We are the pioneers, the visionaries, the torchbearers of the new Earth, and our commitment to the frequency of Love matters, now.


As we transition from 2017 to 2018, let us remember that our transitions matter.  Anytime we exit a doorway and enter another, our current state of consciousness determines the themes of the new beginning and the quality of our experience.  This week ahead is free and clear of the intense distractions, which makes it even more significant that we remain diligent and focused on being in tune with the universal frequency of Love as we mindfully step through the portal of unity.   There’s mastery to be discovered, and our approach is just as important as the peak experience.


The wisest meditation and spiritual teachers often say, “the journey to the cushion is equally important as the journey on the cushion, which is equally important as the journey from the cushion.”  How we approach and arrive at our daily spiritual practices is just as important as our intention to approach the new dimension and the new earth.   And how we walk away from our daily practice and the completion of this year is just as important as all that we’ve experienced and the profound wisdom we’ll carry forward.  It matters that we live our integration, that we create fluidity and continuity from our diligent practices through the transitions and resting points.  There is no separation, all of time is contained in one unified breath.


The week begins on Monday the 25th, Christmas Day, with more aspects today than the entire rest of the week combined.  Venus crosses the world axis into Capricorn, Mars is in a resource with Orcus, Venus is in a new cycle with Quaoar, Venus is in a new cycle with Saturn, Venus is in a great eliminator with Varuna, and the moon is void from midnight to 7:30pm ET.  This is a global calibration of the heart passing through the portal of truth, in dynamic relationship with spiritual power and divine authority to create a brand new cycle.  This is the moment of divine inspiration, calibrating the heart, giving the heart permission and authority to guide us on our path into the new world.  We are reminded of why it matters to be here on this planet, in physical form, as an offering of light.  We are the embodiment of Love, and our hearts hold the key to the New Earth.


Tuesday the 26th is a Sun MakeMake stepping stone, and we have an opportunity to step into our awakened capacity for authentic leadership.  We lead though our elevated commitment to service and contribution to All.  When we elevate in consciousness, we can see our authentic unique gifts that make a difference to the world around us.   When we give freely what we have to offer, we become empowered to refine our mastery, which calibrates our frequency to a higher octave.  When we spin and search for options, without ever finding our true voice, our contribution is muffled and dull.  But when we find our true nature, we recognize our value to society, and step into place, with strength, passion, and authenticity.  An intention to serve others magnifies our gifts, and elevates our mastery we honor and value our own unique instrument.


Wednesday the 27th has no major aspects.


Thursday the 28th, Mars is manifesting with Neptune.  We’re physically manifesting beyond the veils.  We may not be able to see it yet, but the tangible evidence of Love is there, beyond the fog, beyond the illusions.  All that we need or want is available, right in front of us.  Sometimes the density of fog can create an illusion of separation or longing, but the truth is here, right now, in the palms of our hands.  All we have to do is trust, have faith, and see through the walls.


Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th, there are no major aspects.


And on Sunday the 31st, the Sun is manifesting with Orcus, and the moon is void from 6:40pm ET through New Year’s Eve, ushering in the 2018 from a quiet reflective still point.   Orcus brings us back into our bodies, back to conscious awareness after an experience of death or transformation, and what a beautiful gift to have conscious awareness manifesting at the turning point of a new year.  We literally cross the threshold of new beginnings in remembrance of what matters most.  Such a gift and a blessing.


The practice this week is to be mindful of all transitions from one moment to the next, from one journey to the next.  Every transition is an opportunity for integration, for fluid connectivity and receptivity of wisdom.  Notice how you travel from point A to point B this week.  It’s easy to be alert and present at holiday gatherings and then numb out or check out in the car ride home.  Remain in your body, mindful, and in your heart….attuned to the consciousness of Love.  How we depart is just as important as how we arrive, all just as important as the celebratory moments and gatherings.  It matters that we remain present to all that’s occurring this week, especially in the quiet still moments when nobody is watching or listening.   Those are the precious moments to connect within yourSelf and your heart.  If we check out, we give our power away.   When we tune in deeply, we intentionally connect to the wisdom and the insight that is emerging the road ahead.


There’s nowhere else to be, other than deeply present in every moment.  Nothing else is more important than what’s occurring right here, right now, within the heart.   Our discipline and diligence will transition into the next cycle as the foundation of Light that we walk upon as pioneers of Love.


“Love is a flame that burns everything other than itself.  It is the destruction of all that is false and the fulfillment of all that is true.” 
― Adyashanti


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