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For the week of December 18 – 24, 2017:

Get ready for a massive life altering week ahead.   We’re firing up the new engines of our inner, social, global, AND cosmic operating systems, awakening the highest vision and truth of the heart, and remembering our soul’s original blueprint in harmony with the sacred geometry of the Universe.  Once this recognition and calibration completes, it’s full steam ahead.  We’re reinventing the structures and systems that will sustainably support us moving foreword.   Nothing is the same, it’s a whole new game, and a whole new world.  We’re pioneering it now.


The activations in process right now are downloading our higher blueprint into our crystalline operating system, aligning and upgrading our individual lower 4 body system (and all of our inner cellular communications) with the unprecedented technology to move forward in the new world with impeccable clarity of vision.  The hardwiring of our current outdated story is being dismantled and literally demagnetized so that we can elevate to the highest version of our soul’s story, the original commitment and most authentic “Why” for being here in this lifetime, now.


The de-activation of the old story can create tidal waves of emotions as we grieve what we’re letting go of, releasing the attachments to our current reality.  Even though we’re in the midst of radical upgrade and expansion, there are still profound emotions associated with radical change that require reverence and compassion.  We’re letting go of the attachments to all we’ve known in order to experience the freedom of our infinite creative potential.  Regardless of our history, whether our previous experiences have been supportive or not, healthy or not, there can be a perceived loss as we shift, awaken, and move forward from a blank slate.


Even in the moments of sudden miraculous healings and transformations, there can be unexpected waves of emotion in relationship to the unknown and unfamiliar journey ahead, and the dramatic shift from one reality to the next.  The manifestation of all that we’ve prayed for can also merge with a moment of paralysis and sudden shock when it finally manifests.   Could this really be happening?  Now what?  These internal conversations don’t just arise in moments of chaos and destruction, they can also surprise us in moments of grateful manifestation and relief.  Or sometimes what we’ve prayed for actually manifests through a journey of chaos and disruption.  The mechanism of manifestation can often include a messenger of destruction as we eliminate one option, or close a door, in order to open another and move forward on an unprecedented journey.


What happens when we unleash our true potential and step powerfully onto a blank canvass, with nothing holding us back, full permission to create from scratch?  On the verge of experiencing all that we came into the lifetime to manifest, it’s important to acknowledge that hesitation, fear, and anxiety can also arise.  It’s interesting to notice how similar those sensations are to anticipation, exhilaration, and free falling surrender of blissful joy.  If we can shift our consciousness from resistance to curiosity, the unknown can birth a magical experience of creation in motion that’s inspiring and expansive.


We must be willing to let go of what we’ve become, personally and collectively, as we de-manifest the familiar safety zones and comfortable hiding places we’ve become so attached to and identified with.  We’re awakening from the stories we’ve been defending about why our world looks the way it looks currently, and in doing so, being delivered from the limitations we’ve bought into within our own minds.   The truth is, moment to moment, we can create anything we choose to believe.  We are free to awaken, to rise up, to elevate our consciousness, and create something new, from the heart.  In fact, it’s our responsibility to do so now.


As we awaken to Love, and allow the frequency of Love to calibrate through our entire operating system, we become magnetized and empowered to create in harmony with the universal frequencies, on behalf of All.  This requires a surrender of personal ego attachments, and a wholehearted willingness to be the living breathing embodiment of Awakened Love.   Through this consistent practice, we experience an unprecedented expansion, we refine our mastery, and allow a whole new dimension of sustainable support to flow into the planet.   Get ready for a massive ride ahead…there’s nothing to resist and nothing to fear as we embrace Love.


The week begins with a sense of urgency on Monday 12/18 with the New Moon in Sagittarius on the Galactic Center, a world axis point, at 1:30am EST.  In the evening hours just before midnight Sunday, the Moon was manifesting with Uranus, making this New Moon potent with Awakening Energy that jolts us with a lightning bolt of new consciousness.  The moon conjuncts Saturn, then moves into Capricorn and conjuncts Quaoar, making this entire New Moon event a full blown redefinition of our power and authority.  There is nothing that can override or limit our personal power to author our individual belief system and elevate our consciousness – we All have infinite potential and the freedom to choose.  Our state of consciousness alters our reality, and there are no limits to what we can create from the awakened consciousness of Love and a unified mind/heart.


This New Moon in Sagittarius is an epic seed-planting of the highest order, as we’re literally rooting seeds of Light into new ground.  The old distractions and karmic attachments that have kept us stagnant and small are releasing, purging, and purifying all around us.  There’s nothing holding us back, we’re free to rise up and create.  The earth is fertile and ready to receive the light of our awakened consciousness, from our heart to the heart of Mother Earth.  We’re calibrating a new relationship between spirit and matter, infusing the Earth with Light, and elevating the frequency of the planet to Love.


On Tuesday 12/19, Venus manifests with Eris and Saturn enters Capricorn just before midnight.  The awakening is occurring through the heart, like a vigilant torchbearer of new beginnings.  Saturn moving into Capricorn is incredibly significant.  Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and also represents our personal power and authority to redesign the structures, systems, support, and framework with integrity, directly inspired by Source.


We’re moving into a period of collective empowerment.  We all came here for this moment, for this incredible experience.  All hands on deck are needed, all voices count, and all lives matter.  The new wave of leadership moving forward is rooted in Love, Authenticity, Higher Vision, and Integrity, with a commitment to sustainability for the good of All.


Wednesday 12/20 is a Venus stepping stone with Chiron, and Venus is manifesting with Uranus.  This is the moment of refined mastery of the heart that generates a massive awakening for humanity.  When we elevate through our historic wounds and vulnerabilities, we discover our greatest strength.  The most sustainable power comes from the journey through the very eye of the needle that created the deepest original core wound.   When our hearts heal and restore to wholeness, we become awakened masters of the journey, and nothing can intimidate, threaten, or disempower us ever again.


On Thursday 12/21, the Sun enters Capricorn, Venus is in a resource with Haumea, Venus is in a new cycle with Ixion, the Sun and Saturn come together for a new cycle, Venus is in a great eliminator with Sedna, the Sun is conjunct Quaoar in a new cycle….AND it’s the Winter Solstice.   On this powerful calibration point, the darkest day in the northern hemisphere, we find balance and restoration in the calibration of yin energy, the divine feminine.  The southern hemisphere holds the calibration of yang energy, the divine masculine.  Holistically, we are calibrating balance, harmony, and wholeness through extremes.  The darkest hour holds the potential for the restoration of Light and Unity.  The moment of intense discomfort or pain holds the promise of the greatest release and expansion.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Capricorn energy is Spiritual Power, and is referred to as the Divine Executive Director, from Source.  Capricorn is an earth element that creates form and structure, with the integrity and leadership that supports the divine inspiration of a new beginning or a new cycle.   Capricorn is the beginning, the origin of our lower 4 body system, and the starting point of the fibonacci spiral sequence of creation from Spiritual, to Mental, then emotional, then the final physical manifestation, that returns back to pure spirit.   The Sun moving into Capricorn, along with Saturn, brings our awakened attention and full awareness to the origin point, the new beginning available for the entire planet.  The new wave of leadership belongs to the ones who are awake, responsible, and willing to lead from the heart, in alignment with the higher blueprint.   This Capricorn cycle is leading us into 2018, an “11” year of Mastery.


Venus in a resource with Haumea today supports the heart in unified wholeness, calibrating the One Heart for All, and eliminating the old wounds of separation.  We are remembering our Oneness, and as we do, we elevate the collective paradigm to the infinite realm of unlimited possibility.  As we return home to Oneness, we have everything available, always.  We are the combined consciousness of All, so there is nothing missing, nothing lacking.   Abundance is always present through Love and Unity.


On Friday 12/22, Mercury stations direct on the Great Attractor degree, and the Sun is in a great eliminator with Varuna.  This is a huge calibration day as our operating system magnetizes to the newest upgrades, moving forward in alignment with our original blueprint, the infinite realm of possibilities, and empowered with the highest scope of universal vision.  From this alignment, we can clearly see and eliminate anything that’s out of integrity or out of balance.  The calibration of Love is the alignment that awakens and downloads the blueprint.


Saturday 12/23, Saturn is in a new cycle with Quaoar, and Saturn is in a great eliminator with Varuna.  This is the shift in our social paradigm, our collective expansion of the new limitless belief system, and the elimination of anything that’s ever blocked us from recognizing or remembering what’s available to us all.  From this scope of vision, we can create the distinctions and structures that support and align with our highest truth.  The consciousness of Love expands our possibilities, leading to sustainability and freedom, whereas fear limits and collapses our structures and systems.


Sunday 12/24 has no major aspects as we rest in silent stillness before Christmas Day and a brand new week ahead that completes 2017 and ushers in 2018.


The practice this week is to choose Love, no matter what.  Practice being the unconditional response of Love, the embodiment of compassion, infinite possibilities, and authentic leadership from the heart.  Regardless of what’s occurring around you, choose the high road, choose to be the elevated source of Love, through your conscious thoughts, words, and actions.  We are refining ourselves and the Earth by consciously calibrating light into our structures and root systems.  This practice requires discipline, awareness, and a commitment to Love.


Love is the frequency that aligns our vertical axis with our highest vision, and Love is the frequency that unifies humanity, our planet, and the cosmos.  Love is the answer, always.  Be the answer to whatever is occurring around you this week as you let go of the attachments to the past stories and limitations, and emerge as your most refined expression of Love.  Be the calibration point of Love in the midst of radical change and transformation.


“Dying to your own attachments is a beautiful death.
Because this death releases you into real life.
You have to die as a seed to live as a tree.” 
― Mooji  



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