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For the week of December 11 – 17, 2017:

We’re heading towards the middle of Mercury’s retrograde journey this week, an important calibration point of consciousness.  And while we can’t completely wrap our heads around what’s occurring yet, we can allow the light of our awakened consciousness to clear our minds of any distractions, turbulence, or fear.  When we still our minds, we calm the winds and contain any excess distractions that might interfere with the epic transformation that is occurring.  Fear creates delays and distractions, ultimately causing excess time and space.  Stillness allows the divine messaging system to install and upgrade without interruption.  Once the universal messaging system is completely installed, we can move forward into the New Earth.



When installing a new operating system on a computer, there is a period of time when that system is inoperable.   To try to interfere or click out of the “initializing” process would only abort the process prematurely, and delay, if not completely crash, the attempt to elevate to something new.  If we get impatient, doubtful, or overwhelmed, our reactions can interfere with the potential upgrade that’s available.


We are in a period of radical transformation, and it’s happening everywhere, rapidly.  It’s important to keep our focus on our own experience, mindful of all that’s occurring.  The larger scope of vision around us will awaken our social consciousness, and ultimately awaken our hearts, however not every message in every scenario right now is ours to internalize and process.  If we try to understand, process, and rationalize every emotion of the collective suffering occurring on the planet right now, we will literally burn ourselves out and deplete our vital resources.  We’re not capable of understanding it all right now, it’s best to allow the emotion to flow through us like a river or ocean as we surrender, floating and rising above to higher ground, without needing to know how or why.


There are times to rise up and make a difference, and when those moments occur, we can trust that we’ll be moved from the heart in an undeniable way.  There’s a moment of awakening when the heart powerfully fires action through the feet, and there’s nothing to think about.  If we’re witnessing the events around us, wondering what we can do, the best thing to do is to unify the mind with the heart, and listen for divine communication.   We are all being called somewhere right now.   For some, that calling is into dynamic committed action.  For some, that calling is for stillness and introspection, directing undivided attention within, to fine tune and elevate the internal conversations, or to open and expand the heart even more as vital nourishment for the planet.  It’s important not to judge or compare your calling with anyone else’s right now.


The messages being delivered are as diverse and different as our individual blue prints and sacred geometry.  We’re in the midst of a massive collective reorganization and overhaul of all that we’ve known, all that we’ve held as “normal”, and even all that we’ve known to be dysfunctional, but held onto as familiar, unable to shift with our own consciousness.  Everything is changing.  We are in an alchemical process of the highest order, being baptized by fire and transmuted by Divine Love.  This is the moment of death and destruction of all that we’ve known, so that we can clear the soil, wipe the slate clean, and plant the new seeds into higher ground.  Seeds of Light that carry the divine blueprint and expression of Love.


We’re dying to remember that we are One, that there is no separation.  As we elevate our consciousness and remember the truth of Unity and Love, we remember that energy is infinite, our souls are immortal, and Love is what sustains, unconditionally.  When everything else is stripped away, burned away, washed away, and consumed, metabolized, and recycled by the forces of nature, all we have left is the power to choose what matters most, where to put our faith and belief, and the power to Love ourselves and each other.


When we choose Love, we hold the seat of authentic power, unconditionally.  No matter what is occurring, we can be the equanimous response of Love, and contribute that frequency of energy to the planet.   We have a choice, moment to moment.  Nobody and nothing can change or diminish that choice.  When we believe this wholeheartedly, we are empowered to elevate our frequency, infinitely.


Through every completion or ending, there is resurrection and rebirth.  We are in a pivotal transition point, a complete metamorphosis.  This is not the end, this is the transition, the shape shifting from what was to what is to what’s next.  We’re confronting aspects of ourselves that are dying off, sloughing off, shedding and releasing.   What emerges from within is the truth of our highest blueprint, crystal clear…if we can allow it to emerge without interrupting the process.  Death is the ultimate surrender of personal ego and agenda, returning to the divine power of our infinite spirit.


The week begins on Monday 12/11 with a Mars Varuna stepping stone and a Mercury Eris manifestation.  We’re able to see our physical reality from a much higher universal lens when we elevate to a higher perspective, accessing the scope of vision between the dimensions.  As we do, we gain harmonious communications from those disruptive energies, awakening us to higher consciousness.  If we focus on the disruption only, we experience suffering.  When we use our operating system as a receiver of divine communications, the shedding process reveals the clarity of new growth and the upgrade in frequency.  The friction, chaos, and inner disruptions are the necessary traction to slough off the old and reveal the clarity below and within.


On Tuesday 12/12, the Sun and Mercury are in an inferior conjunction, marking the midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde journey.   We’re halfway through the passage, and it’s been an intense ride so far.  As we look for the light at the end of the tunnel, we’re calibrating our operating systems with the light of Divine Inspiration.


Wednesday 12/13 has no major aspects.  Today is a great day to breathe deeply, get centered, find the still point of the mind/heart connection, and prepare for more awakenings ahead.


Thursday 12/14 is a Sun Eris manifestation and a Venus North Node (Soul Star) manifestation.  Eris is the archetype that allows us to shed our skin, releasing what no longer serves us, and it’s through the necessary friction that the sloughing occurs.  Today, it’s friction by Crystalline Light, like a 5D microdermabrasion treatment.  We’re literally removing anything that’s clogging our pores from receiving and generating brilliant light, and allowing ourselves to shine bright like the Sun through our ultra pure transparent skin.  From this purest embodiment of Light, our hearts can manifest our evolutionary path of higher awareness.


On Friday 12/15, Mercury is manifesting with Ceres, then Mercury conjuncts Venus (while moving retrograde).  Venus then manifests with Ceres, and the Sun is in a stepping stone with Chiron.  This is a very important and significant calibration and new cycle of the mind/heart unification.  As the heart moves forward, Mercury continues his retrograde journey, moving further away in distance, yet remaining merged and at One, beyond time and space.  This is the new unified yin/yang potential for all of our relationships.


The awakened mind delivers undivided attention to the heart, and the heart births the new chapter moving forward.  We can’t birth anything new from the mind, we can only see where we’ve been before.  However, we can use the power of our observer’s mind to focus undivided attention towards the heart, and allow the heart to move us forward.   When we do, our consciousness steps into personal mastery, as we refine our old wounds into polished gold through alchemy, and that mastery shines bright through our wholeness.


Saturday 12/16 is a Sun Uranus manifestation.  Expect the unexpected, and get ready for a massive jolt of lightning that literally rocks the entire world wide awake.  The time is now, and there’s no more snooze buttons on the alarm clock.  This is the moment when we each jump out of bed, on our feet, in action, fully conscious and aware.  There’s nothing else more important, and there’s nothing else that takes center stage.  Whatever is occurring is meant to shake us up and deliver us to the brightest brilliance of our higher consciousness.  Every moment that we’re alive is a gift and a blessing, and when we awaken to the stunning power we each hold, there is abundant gratitude and grace.


And Sunday 12/17, the Sun is in a resource with Haumea, the Sun is in a new cycle with Ixion, and the Sun is in a great eliminator with Sedna.   The Sun is shining bright all day, inspiring our wholeness, starting a new cycle with our divine purpose, and illuminating the cosmic remembrance of our infinite truth.  Everything is in plain sight, in the light, and there’s nothing to hide, ignore, or deflect.


And shortly after midnight, in the very early Monday morning, the New Moon in Sagittarius occurs right on the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius.  These are the seeds of the New Earth, planted in higher ground, preparing for a whole new world.  This is truly the most exhilarating, inspiring, and empowering time to be alive on the planet.  We are the pioneers, planting the seeds for tomorrow.  We each hold the future of our planet in our hearts, and our awakened consciousness is calibrating the next moment now.  All that’s been stripped away has revealed the truth of our purpose, the divine blueprint of our soul, and we’re ready to emerge, infinite potential breaking free from the confinement of the seed, growing and expanding as Love, unconditional and free.


The practice this week is is to surrender and let go of any attachments to the familiar comfort zone.   Through this week of radical change and transformation, continue releasing the old, exhaling and shedding skin, with every opportunity to let go.  Notice the times you tend to hold your breath, and consciously exhale to the point of emptiness, and then let go even more before inhaling again.  As we experience death through every exhale,  we come to completion of the old attachments and reactions, and completely wipe the slate clean for a brand new, unprecedented experience into the unknown, allowing our hearts to lead the way.

“What is to give light must endure burning.” 
― Viktor E. Frankl   

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  1. “The awakened mind delivers undivided attention to the heart, and the heart births the new chapter moving forward. We can’t birth anything new from the mind, we can only see where we’ve been before. However, we can use the power of our observer’s mind to focus undivided attention towards the heart, and allow the heart to move us forward. When we do, our consciousness steps into personal mastery, as we refine our old wounds into polished gold through alchemy, and that mastery shines bright through our wholeness.”
    Brilliant! Yes..this has been a week of great transformation and final shedding of the scales. Huge shifting for me today into heart-led consciousness. Thanks Christine 🙂

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