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For the week of December 4 – 10, 2017:

Mercury is officially retrograde, reverberating and replaying the luminescence of the Gemini Full Moon as we move into the week ahead.  We’re reviewing, reflecting, and refining while moving forward, which can feel a bit like multidimensional time travel, forwards and backwards, simultaneously, realizing that all directional movement is unified in 5D.  As disorienting as it might feel at times, we’re shining brilliant light through the illusions, unraveling our current reality, crystal clear.  Backwards or forwards, it’s all the same as we move into a higher frequency of Truth.



It’s time to evolve and transcend to the next level, and that requires a thorough examination of what’s working and what’s not working.  This inquiry will be best served from a neutral observer’s perspective of equanimity.  In doing so, we’re refining and upgrading the very structures and belief systems that create, support, and define our physical reality.


When we reach a critical turning point, we can’t continue to move forward at full throttle within the status quo, repeating the same story and context at our usual pace of motion.  We must stop and take inventory and face some sobering realities.   The truth will set us free, and will transform the past into an unprecedented future.  It’s important to be in relationship with our current results from a neutral, unattached perspective, without any judgment or fear.  We have what we have, we can’t change the past.  What matters most is how we move forward, our current state of consciousness as we choose the new foundation to build upon.


What matters most, and why?  What are the current patterns, choices, beliefs, and operating mechanisms that support our highest vision, and what’s out of alignment, outdated or irrelevant?  What’s preventing us from experiencing the very things we say matter most?  What is our true nature, what are our authentic gifts, and are we living in alignment with our Truth?  Does our current physical reality reflect our inner most Truth, and are we living congruent with our highest blueprint and purpose?  Do our thoughts, words, and actions accurately reflect the state of consciousness we’re committed to operating from, or is there potential to shift and elevate?  Do we wholeheartedly believe that our highest vision is possible, or have we compromised and settled for something more convenient and comfortable?


This kind of truth telling requires courage to unravel the core threads that have been holding together the fabric of our current reality.  Transformation includes a death of what was, what we’ve identified with or assigned meaning to, and the framework of our paradigm that has defined or limited our current available options.  Through the experience of death comes the opportunity for holistic resurrection, by reinventing and redefining what’s possible from a clean slate and a more expansive belief system.


If we’re willing to let go of our attachments to the way things are and the reasons why, we can elevate our consciousness, expand our paradigm, and open ourselves up to infinite possibilities that include and support what matters most, our highest vision and purpose.   That important shift in consciousness is the shift that blows out the filters of any previous limitations and restrictions from our scope of vision.


Now is the time to get centered in the still point of the heart and activate our vertical axis of consciousness to the crystal clear alignment and integrity with our infinite limitless Self.  We’re here for a reason, nothing is coincidental, and now is the time to awaken our unique gifts and mastery in contribution and collaboration with All.  As we recalibrate our own conscious choices, moment to moment, we are elevating and fine tuning the quality of expression and creative potential on our planet.   We’re in the final month of 2017, a “3” vibration of December (12), and calibrating into the potential for mastery in 2018, an “11” year.  This is the critical turning point, the moment of truth.  We’re all in this together, and it’s time to elevate.


The week begins on Monday 12/4 as Venus is in a resource with MakeMake.   The theme that’s emerging right now is authentic leadership, from the heart, with integrity and service that benefits All.  MakeMake is the higher octave of Saturn, the 5D expression and manifestation of the new wave of Transformational Leadership in the New Earth.  The heart is a vital and necessary component.


Tuesday 12/5, there are no major aspects.  It’s the calm before the storm, an opportunity to find that still point, balance heart and mind, and get ready for the crescendo ahead.


Wednesday 12/6 is the 2nd of 3 Mercury Saturn conjunctions occurring at 29 Sagittarius, followed by a Mercury Mars resource, and a Mars Saturn resource.  Mercury and Saturn are moving through a 3 part conjunction to review and redefine our relationship with power and authority, from within our own individual operating system.  We each gain mastery of personal power through the mind/body relationship, by recognizing that our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and our current state of consciousness are mirrored and expressed through our physical body and physical realm.   If we want to shift anything “out there”, we must shift from our inner operating system and elevate the conversation within.  Anything is possible when we own our power.  This 3 tiered conjunction will crescendo with the final manifestation of a brand new cycle between Mercury and Saturn on January 12th, and Mars plays a huge supporting role in our ability to fine tune and receive the messages loud and clear.


On Thursday 12/7, Quaoar enters Capricorn while Mercury is still sitting on the Galactic Center.  Quaoar represents the potential for a limitless paradigm, the expansion of our belief system.  When we believe anything is possible, we expand our available choices, and there is abundance, always.  When we limit ourselves by believing there aren’t possibilities, we box ourselves into smallness that doesn’t match our true essence, and we give our power away.  Quaoar in Capricorn aligns our limitless belief system with Source, restoring the power of our thoughts to the infinite realm of Divine Power.   When our lower minds choose to believe in limitations, we override the inherent spiritual power we all have access to.


We all have free will, and we can choose to play small, however we can’t manifest the New Earth and infinite abundance from a limited paradigm built by the human ego and the limited mind.  This is a time to expand our consciousness, to believe in the impossible, so that we can realize something greater than what we’ve ever known before.   That requires a full blown, limitless view of universal abundance, for ourselves and for All.  We all have the power to shift our paradigm, and we all have the power to choose what we believe, and to manifest abundance.   The only limitations are the ones in our own minds.


Friday 12/8, the Sun is manifesting with the Moon’s North Node, the Soul Star Chakra.  This is a beautiful aspect as our awakened consciousness manifests with our dharmic path of evolution.   Nothing is more harmonious and inspiring than witnessing conscious evolution.  It’s what we came here for.  When we witness that manifestation occurring within ourselves and each other, collectively, we find meaning and purpose in the greater story that’s unraveling.  The Sun always generates Light in service to All, and as one person is inspired to evolve, there is enough Light generated to benefit and inspire All.


Saturday 12/9 sparks a HUGE weekend of intense activations.  Mars enters Scorpio, Mercury is in great eliminator with Sedna, Mars is in resource with Quaoar, Venus is in a stepping stone with Orcus, Mercury and Ixion are conjunct for the 2nd of 3 times leading up to a huge new cycle,  Mercury is in a resource with Haumea, and the Sun is manifesting with Ceres.


The fact that Mars enters Scorpio means it’s transformation time.  Our physical dimension has infinite potential to shape shift and transmute with the presence of Love.   ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, especially as Mars gains the support of our newly expanded and empowered belief system.  We’re able to eliminate the mistruths that have been created by our own minds, and as we do, our hearts step into relationship with our immortal self, awakened by the promise our souls made to be here in physical form.  The Mercury Ixion 3 part conjunction is leading us to the full blown unveiling of our soul’s highest blueprint and purpose for this lifetime.  Once we remember the truth of who we are and why we’re here, we’ll never settle or compromise for the unconscious distractions and misalignments again.  It’s game on, a whole new story for humanity.


And on Sunday 12/10, Mercury is manifesting with Uranus, Venus is in a stepping stone with Neptune, and Mercury is in the 2nd of 3 stepping stones with Chiron.   Remember, Mercury is retrograde, so the manifestation with Uranus may be a wake up call to how we’ve been operating in the past, or a sudden awakening to previous communications that we couldn’t recognize before.   We may be shocked or stunned to find out that the message has been right in front of our faces for quite some time, but now is the time to actually manifest something new from that communication.  Venus in a stepping stone with Neptune brings clarity through the enlightened heart, and Mercury’s 3 part series with Chiron is leading us to personal mastery from our own inner operating systems.  Until we elevate our internal messaging system to interpret from a higher perspective, we may continue to revisit the same “core wounds” and repetitive stories.  But once we elevate up to a higher state of consciousness, we see that those “stories” were always in tact to refine our personal mastery.  This elevation creates a vibration of light that refines our entire being, bringing us into wholeness and alignment.


The practice for this week is to find at least 10 – 20 minutes a day for meditation within the still point of the unified heart/mind.  Breathe deeply into the heart, allow the heart to open and expand with each inhale, and clear out the space with every exhale, letting go of any attachments, agendas, or limitations.  Once the heart feels open and expansive, allow the mind to take a seat inside the heart.  Feel your mind deeply rooted and grounded within the expansive multidimensional heart space.  Every inhale opens and stretches out the heart, allowing the mind to settle in deeper and deeper.  Every exhale surrenders to the peaceful stillness of the mind/heart unification.   There’s nowhere to go, nothing to figure out, and the mind doesn’t need to spin or wander.  Infinite room for expansion through the limitless dimensions available within the heart.  From that still point, notice the deepest truths that emerge effortlessly, and respond to every revelation with Unconditional Love.


We are experiencing the most profound turning point in human evolution.  What comes next is ultimately connected to our personal commitment to elevate our consciousness to Love, for ourselves and for All.  This is the moment we came for, the epic shift in our collective paradigm, calibrated to the universal frequency of Love.


“If you are not taking responsibility for your state of consciousness, you are not taking responsibility for Life.” ~ Eckhart Tolle


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  1. Would you share your definition of Dharma, Christine or someone? I want to know what you mean by it. Thanks and thanks for these posts! And please email me your response so I hear back. Love and light, Yahara

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