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For the week of November 27 – December 3, 2017:

Get ready for yet another epic week ahead, sparking a new series of upgrades to our communications.  We’re heading towards a Full Moon in Gemini, currently in the eye of the storm leading up to Mercury’s retrograde journey, and we’re in for some defining moments that redesign the context and structure of our operating system moving forward.  As we move towards the light, we’re elevating with refined clarity, and nothing can remain hidden for long, especially within ourselves.  It may seem confusing at first, but the truth always comes to the light, and the time is now for all to be free.


When we think about our personal communications system, we automatically connect with the throat chakra, articulating verbal communication, inspired by the mental body, expressed through the element of air.  Communications delivered via sound waves from our voices.  There are numerous other ways that we communicate, beyond the spoken word, and beyond the audible sound of our voices.  We often tune into the refined spoken words for the truth, but there’s even more available when we tune into the vibrational frequency that is broadcasting via the breath, heartbeat, and cellular communications within the physical body.  It’s important to learn to listen to the spoken words as well as the instrumental music and frequency of energy behind the words to tune into the whole picture and receive the entire communication being shared.


In shamanic journeys and rituals, we remove the sense of sight with a blindfold or bandana in order to see beyond the physical dimension, which is merely a reflection of our own projections.  The blindfold is a power object that provides clarity, activating a higher vision beyond the 3D realm.   Similarly, we can learn to “blindfold our listening” to remove the attachment to the intellectual words our minds are perceiving, so that we can receive the frequency of energy being vibrationally broadcasted underneath the conversations of language.


In 5D, the language is Love, and Love is a universal frequency that can be sensed beyond words.  It’s important to learn to tune into that frequency kinesthetically.   When we listen through the heart, we can feel truth or incongruence through our own physical sensations.  It’s even more important than ever that our physical bodies are cleared from karmic density and subconscious muscle memory from old traumas and unresolved emotional residue, so that we can receive the most accurate reading of energy.  A crystalline light body will receive and interpret any broadcast signal with refined precision and multidimensional amplification.  The key to expanding our communications beyond words, through frequency of energy, is in the power of our crystalline bodies.


The body never lies, and the heart is the seeker of truth.  We may not always believe what we’re hearing, or we may hear what we want to believe, but the body knows truth from distortion.  When we listen to the frequency of communication through our skin, we become highly refined and sensitive antennas, like fine tuned receivers.  Depending upon where we feel resonance, we can intuit and read the deeper truth being expressed.   The truth is always available in plain sight, we just have to know how to listen, multidimensionally.


The Full Moon in Gemini at the end of this week is ruled by Mercury.  Interestingly, in perfect divine timing, Mercury will go retrograde on the Galactic Center just before the Full Moon activation, meaning the entire Moon illumination will be revisited and reviewed as we refine our internal antennas and elevate our capacity to communicate with each other, and beyond, through a much more sophisticated mechanism.  Our willingness to do the work and refine ourselves at the personal level will expand our ability to connect on many levels above what our current operating system allows.


We’re in the midst of the most profound awakening and expansion of social consciousness in the history of human evolution on our planet.  This upgrade to our wiring system allows us to be in relationship with truth, crystal clear, eliminating the confusion, doubt, drama, and illusions.  When we can cut through the distractions of what’s not real, we can see the truth shining brightly, in plain sight.  Truth promotes integrity, and clarity creates trust.  Mercury’s retrograde journey includes a triple conjunction with Saturn which redefines and elevates our relationship with integrity, authority, structure and leadership.  It matters that we can receive all of the messages being broadcasted by our leaders, and it matters that the spoken words are in integrity, congruent with the invisible vibrational frequency.  Accountability, transparency, and crystal clear communications are necessary for our evolution and expansion into the New Earth.  And as we’re dismantling the old stories and paradigms, it’s important that we each be responsible for fine tuning our own inner receivers.


We are responsible for recognizing and responding to truth, and interrupting the misqualified communications that have been in tact for so long.  Accuracy matters when our collective consciousness is so dialed into generic external sources of information and guidance.  Where we assign power, leadership, and authority matters, who we trust matters.  At the end of the day, we must be committed to awakening, elevating, and refining our own internal compass and navigation system to recognize and respond to truth.  That internal compass is accessed in the heart.   This week, the heart (Venus) moves into Sagittarius, the aspect of our consciousness that is the ultimate truth seeker.


The week begins on Monday 11/27 as Venus is in a Great Eliminator with Uranus and Mars is in a light bridge with Eris.  The heart is awakened to a higher octave of Love and Mars plugs into the Light Bridge for a full body awakening that activates the crystalline light body consciousness.  This sets the tone for the week ahead, with an open heart and light body, we’re able to sense and navigate with clarity.


On Tuesday 11/28, Mercury conjoins Saturn on the Galactic Center.  This is the 1st of 3, making it a triple conjunction.  The new cycle will begin on that final conjunction, on January 12th.  These next several weeks are rewiring and redefining our relationship with authentic leadership, personal power, and the inner authority to communicate with clarity, integrity, and responsibility.   Also on Tuesday, Venus is in a light bridge with Sedna, aligning the heart with the highest frequency of divine feminine remembrance and crystalline record keeping, rebooting and amplifying the heart’s capacity to recognize truth from the highest perspective.


Wednesday 11/29 has no major aspects.  A great day to cleanse and reboot the body, heart, mind and spirit and prepare for the upgrades ahead.


On Thursday 11/30, Pluto is in a Great Eliminator with the North Node and Mars is in a Great Eliminator with Chiron.  Pluto represents our capacity for transformation through death and rebirth.  When we choose from Love, we choose to transform through the upward spiral of our soul’s evolution and dharma, which takes us where we’re destined to be, aligned and whole.  As we clear our karma, and the density of fear held within our physical bodies, we experience the refined mastery of our life’s wisdom and evolution.  Our evolution literally lightens us up, and our bodies radiate with light, wisdom, and mastery.


On Friday 12/1, Venus enters Sagittarius, Mars is in a bridge with Uranus, Mars is resourceful with Ixion, Mars is in a new cycle with Haumea, and the Sun is in a resource with Orcus.  Venus in Sagittarius brings the heart into the realm of physical mastery, the truth seeker, and the highest victory over any illusion, doubt, or fear.  Our hearts are moving through the search for truth, light, and wisdom, taking us to higher ground where we can see everything clearly, through the vibration of Love.  Meanwhile, our physical bodies are shaking up the density, being zapped awake by lightning, activating our template and purpose in this lifetime, taking our physicality to a brand new dimension of 5D wholeness.  There’s nothing wrong, nothing missing, and nothing separate…everything contains everything, and every cell of our being contains the wholeness of our evolutionary path.  The Sun Orcus resource shines light on our immortality, reminding us of our infinite connection to that which is beyond this moment in time.


Saturday 12/2 is a Ceres new cycle with the Moon’s North Node (Soul Star Chakra), Venus manifests with Varuna, Jupiter manifests with Neptune, and Mars is in a Great Eliminator with Sedna.   We’re birthing our evolution, and our hearts hold the visionary power to see beyond the veils, the bigger picture through the multidimensional lens of wholeness.  Our social consciousness is expanding with clarity, and as a result, the physical dimension is aligning with cosmic consciousness.  We’re shedding the layers that don’t resonate, and in the process, fine tuning our reflection in the mirror.


And on Sunday 12/3, Mercury goes retrograde at 2:35am ET, followed by a Sun stepping stone with Neptune, and then the Full Moon occurs at 12 Gemini.  There are 3 other minor aspects that same day following the Full Moon, adding to the multidimensionality of Gemini’s depth and brilliance. In Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini represents Conscious Wisdom received from a centered and still mind infused with an open heart.  Gemini is also known as the brilliant diamond, or multifaceted crystal, capable of traveling and communicating faster than the speed of light and sound through thin air.  Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, and is the new divine masculine ruler through clarity, equanimity, and neutrality from the highest perspective.


Because Mercury has evolved to neutrality, we don’t have to suffer through retrograde periods anymore.  Retrograde is an opportunity to refine, to fine tune, and to reflect upon the wisdom observed through the ultra clear meditative mind.  When we become the active meditators in our conscious walking life, we gain the wisdom to communicate with clarity beyond any illusion, doubt, or distraction.  We become so centered in our hearts, that our minds can receive the frequency of communication from multiple sources at the same time, and we can broadcast the frequency of Love in action through multiple channels and dimensions simultaneously.   We are never stagnant, isolated, or alone.  We are connected through energy vibrations, through the heart, to anyone and everyone we tune into.  Through centeredness, we gain freedom.  Through a unified heart and mind, we ascend.


The practice this week is to discover new ways of listening by receiving frequency and vibration through the heart and body.  Similar to softening your gaze while expanding your scope of vision and seeing the bigger picture, try softening your auditory channel, and listen from other dimensions beyond your assimilation of words and their meaning.  Take some time each day to lean into certain conversations in a different way than usual.  Imagine you’re a foreigner speaking a different language, and let go of the need to understand the words being spoken.  Instead, allow the essence of the communication to flow through the heart, and then pause to feel the physical sensations through your body for an indication of what you’re receiving at a deeper vibrational level.  Tune in to hear what’s awakening or arising in you from that communication.  Then share that revelation to explore and expand deeper into the conversation.  Oftentimes we speak what’s on our mind, but we neglect to share what’s alive and relevant in our hearts moment to moment.  Take the conversation deeper into the heart, while elevating your state of consciousness to a higher frequency of light.  Remember to always communicate with the consciousness of Love, especially when traveling into the deeper layers that aren’t normally revealed and available above the surface.  Transparency creates trust, respect, and vulnerability, but also requires permission and sacred space to reveal it all.



“The only reason we don’t open our hearts and minds to other people is that they trigger confusion in us that we don’t feel brave enough or sane enough to deal with. To the degree that we look clearly and compassionately at ourselves, we feel confident and fearless about looking into someone else’s eyes. ” 
― Pema Chödrön



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  1. Latest download and update to the cerebral cortex,Cosmic Consciousness is the universal creator to all and everything that exists .Consciousness is forever expanding never finished always changing,therefore cosmic consciousness will only continue to evolve as we do .Mathematics is said to be the universal language Nothing of competence can be created without a planned purpose ,combined with a skilled mathematical blueprint ,everything created is only possible through engineerd mathematics the language of cosmic consciousness Sound and frequency are also mathematical all life force energy is connected and and communicates with cosmic consciousness which has backfired due to all the anger hate and negative,bad attitudes has begun to take toll and weaken therefore unbalance the flow of source energy The primitive human animal possesses the human heart that is able to contain pure hate or also has the potential to evolve and develop divine love We are all one connected by the same life force energy ,strength is strengthend through numbers United The meaning of life is to develop the phycological and physiological capacity to possess Devine Love and truly synce ,connect and help our creator create ,easier said then done

  2. In my point of view in order to develop an actual relationship with our creator /Universal designer-engineer we must learn how to control to communicate our life force energy frequency only possible when heart and mind are combined in Love faith and focus

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