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For the week of November 20 – 26, 2017:

There’s an inspiring new vision taking shape and it’s unveiling Now.  We’re literally in the midst of alchemy just after the Scorpio New Moon Light Bridge with Sedna.  Although we can’t fully see what’s ahead, or even completely know all that’s available right here in front of us, we can sense that we are waking up and coming to life, and all that we’ve longed for is literally in the palms of our own hands, unified by the vortex of our heart.


What we’ve longed for is the fullest awakening of ourselves and each other.  To truly know the divinity and the beauty of our souls, to see clearly our purpose, and to feel the path beneath our feet, aligned with the heart, crystal clear.   When we know our divinity – or when we know ourselves as the divine – we can see infinite beauty in the mirror and in each other, realizing that nothing is missing, nothing is lacking.  We are whole, we are sacred, and we are enough.  From that space, all that we are and all that we contribute comes from generosity, there is abundance overflowing through our hearts to All, and we become the manifestation of Divine Love in Action.


The movement of Love, the flow of divine energy in motion, emits a frequency through light and sound, igniting creative potential from the conduit it circulates through.  Our willingness to surrender to the expression of Love attunes our selves and our cells, as we become a fine tuned instrument.  The divine flow of Love moves through us, and in the process, we broadcast Love infused with a secondary communication which is the sacred geometry of our unique blueprint.  Love is universal, Love is the language of 5D, the frequency and communication of Unity Consciousness.  And, each of us expresses as our unique sacred blueprint through our awakened consciousness.  The frequency of Love becomes both universal and uniquely personal.


As we awaken to the unique sound and color of Love, our cells become calibrated to the artistic expression of humanity.  We begin to recognize Love in the infinite shapes, sizes, and expressions where otherwise we may have overlooked or been too preoccupied to notice.  For example, Love expresses differently from a homeless man on the street, or a young man working behind the counter in an auto parts store, or a newborn baby in a stroller.  Love by nature is universal.  However, the way humanity expresses and receives is multidimensional, unique, and as surprisingly beautiful as abstract art, sometimes unrecognizable on the surface to the physical eyes.


Love is who we are, Love is what we’re awakening to, and Love is the language we all speak…yet how we communicate Love is infinitely diverse.  If we judge, censor, or withhold our expression, we may end up living in the assumption that there is a lack of care or goodness on the planet.  If we look for uniformity or conformity, we miss the art, and the authenticity…the richness and beauty.


Love expresses as music and art, through sound, vibration, color, texture, frequency, and movement.  When we are moved by Love, we can feel it in our physical bodies, through sensations, rate of motion, by slowing down, leaning in, being touched through the heart or listening through the eyes…or elevating in frequency, lightening up, and quickening our pace as we come alive, inspired, moved into action as if being danced.


If we can notice the moments when we feel frustrated, irritated, or angry, it’s possible to take a deep breath, shift gears, and find the dimension where Love is present.  Love might be present in the un-manifested realm, waiting to be consciously received by us through the next inhale, and delivered through us, infused into the scenario that’s currently unfolding.  We’re either witnessing Love around us, or awakening to Love by being the instrument and messenger, or our presence is simply the catalyst that sparks a new possibility beyond our knowing.


Love is all around us, always.  If we can’t see it, we can become it, and birth it into being.  Love is the correction that restores alignment and balance.  Love is the awakener for change and transformation.  And Love is the music that our souls came to create.  Every moment is an opportunity to celebrate what’s abundantly present or awaken the creative energy within to allow the expression of something new.  We always have a choice to Love, and as often as we do, the world becomes a better place.   In the process, our cells are healthier, happier, and more vibrant.


The week begins on Monday 11/20 with Mars in a resource with the Moon’s North Node (Soul Star Chakra), manifesting with the Moon’s South Node (Earth Star Chakra).  We’re being moved to manifest though our karmic connection to the Earth, which doesn’t necessarily mean we’re creating karma, it means we have the potential to choose to manifest from the awareness of what brought us here.  If we can remain grounded in our evolutionary path, we will consciously manifest from the wisdom of our karmic past, in a way that liberates us from the past and rewrites the script.  This is the manifestation of something brand new, if we’re awake.


On Tuesday 11/21, Venus is in a resource with Pluto, Venus is also in an intersection with the Moon’s Nodes, and the Sun enters Sagittarius.  The heart is holding the balance point between our karma and our dharma, which also represents the doorway our souls enter and exit this lifetime.  While being in a resource with Pluto, Venus remembers the infiniteness of Love, beyond lifetimes, that brought us back to here and now.  Our future evolution depends on our willingness to hold the balance point with equanimity, so we can be in relationship with both extremes by being the response of Love, unconditionally.  As the Sun enters Sagittarius, we move into the realm of Physical Wisdom, where we clear our karma, finish the game, and wipe the slate clean…preparing to begin again as spirit, returning again to our true nature.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius is the sign of the truth seeker and the highest victory.


Wednesday 11/22, Neptune goes direct, in a very long term Light bridge with Orcus.  This is extremely significant, because Neptune is the archetype for enlightenment, or the potential for enlightenment.  Before enlightenment, there is confusion.  Neptune transitioning to move direct is a turning point, a shift in our ability to clear up the confusion, to see clearly, to become enlightened about the bigger picture, behind the veils of illusion and chaos.  In a light bridge with Orcus, Neptune enlightens us to our immortality, the truth of our infinite soul that journeys beyond the physical realm, and beyond death.   This is a theme that is being activated for a very long time, and for those seeking the Light, this is a huge bridge to higher consciousness.


Thursday 11/23 is Thanksgiving in the US.  A day to gather and celebrate abundance, blessings, families, loved ones, and communities.  We are all in this together, nobody is separate or alone in this world.  With all that is occurring on the planet, there is much to be grateful for in this moment with any opportunity to connect with another human being with Love.  Mercury is manifesting with Eris and the Sun is manifesting with Varuna.  This means our communications are awakening from within.  It’s important to speak Love, speak truth, and don’t hold back.  When we elevate to the frequency of Love, we speak from truth, from the heart, uncensored.  This is a time to reveal the truth, with clarity and compassion.  The Sagittarius “truth seeking” Sun is manifesting with the highest visionary eye that sees beyond the veils, between the worlds, crystal clear.


On Friday 11/24, Mercury is in a stepping stone with Chiron.  When we elevate our communications, we step into mastery.  Old wounds can be healed, even refined and mastered as blessings and gifts.  The key is to elevate in consciousness before we open our mouths to speak.


Saturday 11/25 is the first of three Mercury Ixion conjunctions, ultimately manifesting a brand new cycle as Mercury exits his retrograde cycle in several weeks.  Mercury is also in a resource with Haumea, Mercury is manifesting with Uranus, and Venus is in a Great Eliminator with Eris.  Mercury is the mental body ruler and the new ruler of the divine masculine, holding his seat as the highest observer’s perspective, in a still point of equanimity.  From this perspective, Mercury has access to all communications, crystal clear, and we gain access to the blueprint of our soul and our highest purpose.  This encoded blueprint can only be accessed from a 5D or higher consciousness, and Mercury is refining this ability to take our lower 4 body system to the higher dimensions of communication, awakening us to a whole new experience of operating from our blueprint instead of our ego’s agenda and karmic conditioning.


And on Sunday 11/26, Jupiter is in a resource with Orcus, Mercury is in a Great Eliminator with Sedna, the Sun is in a resource with MakeMake, and Venus is manifesting with Chiron.  This is a huge day as our social consciousness expands to the limitless realm of our immortality, beyond the physical dimension.   We collectively gain a more expansive awareness of what’s occurring beyond our personal lifetime, which elevates the level of concern and responsibility for what we’re creating and what we’re leaving behind for the generations beyond just us.  This is the beginning of a new wave of social awareness, authentic leadership, and heart centered mastery that is rising up and speaking up.


The practice this week is to BE LOVE in as many diverse ways as you can, and open your minds, eyes and hearts to notice Love, in as many surprising ways as possible.  In order to awaken Love on this planet, we must begin to curiously explore and learn how Love expresses and moves, around us and through us, through our social consciousness.  The more we open ourselves up to witness the divine communication of Love emerging in unexpected ways, the more we begin to see ourselves participating in the conversation.  We can’t even begin to see the full blown emergence if we’re not open to receiving or participating in the divine cosmic orchestration.  There’s something very magical and beautiful coming to life from behind the veils, beyond the walls, through the hearts of humanity. If we buy into what we think we’re seeing on the surface, the buttons and triggers of previous story lines and status quo behavior, we miss the opportunity to nourish new growth, new life.  If we can suspend our judgment and hold space for the un-manifested expression to be fully revealed, we can participate as co-creators in the awakening of a new vision.


“Where there is Love there is life.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi




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