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For the week of November 13 – 19, 2017:

Get ready for an unprecedented journey through the alchemical temple of the heart!  Transformation is deep in process, and nothing shifts our physical universe like the consciousness of Love.  This week is a jumping off point for resurrection and rebirth as we awaken the highest vision, and actually step our physical feet onto a super high frequency Light Bridge, allowing us to transmute any gap or distance.  We can manifest dreams in the blink of an eye…if we’re aware, awake, and in our hearts.

New Moons are always a time to plant seeds and intentions for what’s to come in the reflection of the full moon ahead.  A Scorpio New Moon invites a visionary intention, one that currently doesn’t appear to exist, a vision that sees the dynamic transformation from “what was” to “what could be”.  It’s through the passage of death – a letting go, loss, or release – that creates the mysterious void of empty space, which is ripe potential for manifestation of new life, the creation of Love spiraling from spirit to physical form.


The darkness is fertile soil of infinite potential, yet if we’re afraid of the dark, or hesitant to tread courageously into the unknown, we will continue to cling to our safety mechanisms and walk a path of conservative comfort, yielding more of the same.  It’s the difference between making cosmetic home improvements at the aesthetic level versus gutting the entire home and resurrecting from within.


True visionary leadership doesn’t hang out in the shallow waters with minimal risk.  We don’t always get to see the physical evidence before we leap, that would be way too easy, and limiting.  To risk it all, to wholeheartedly say “Yes” to a higher vision, a manifestation that currently doesn’t exist, without any evidence that it can or will…that’s the kind of alchemy we’re working with this week.  And anything can happen in the blink of an eye.


We all have the free will to choose our current state of consciousness, to align our thoughts with our highest vision, and to believe in that possibility until it emerges. The key is to not be attached to the physical shape or form that it takes once it emerges.   A vision of possibility, rooted in Love, divinely inspired by Spirit, fueled by passion of devotion, and grounded in committed action, will yield manifestation in the New Earth.  It probably won’t look anything like what we originally thought on the surface, because our human minds can only comprehend what we’ve historically known.  We must be willing to let go of all expectations in order to discover our true limitlessness and realize something unprecedented.


We’re in the midst of revolutionary change and epic transformation.  In order to see something we’ve never seen before, we must be willing to let go of the attachments to what we’ve known.  Walking in the uncertainty of change requires trust, courage and faith.  What happens next depends upon our willingness to honor our heart as the guide and the alchemist.  If we’re awake and mindful, every step of the journey can be infused with golden light by the time we exhale, no matter how it appeared on the first inhale.  We’re leaving the world better than we found it by transmuting our carbon footprints into crystalline light activations.


No matter what we think we see before us, whatever story appears to be expressing before our eyes, imagine it’s all completely unwritten, left up to the consciousness of our own minds and hearts as the interpreters and responders.  We can be observing a scenario of anger and rage launching towards us, and by finding our breath in Love, we can exhale a shift in the story, manifesting healing, unity, wholeness, and empowerment.  In the blink of an eye.  If we react in fear, we lose our seat of power.  If we remain rooted in Love, eyes wide open, patient and surrendered, we can allow a whole new world of possibility to appear right before our very eyes.


The current manifestations of emotional energy are sloughing off for release and healing through our collective consciousness, though our social interactions.  We can’t continue to engage in the old obsolete patterns and stories as if they’re real, we must release those attachments and be the interruption in order to shift the thread of consciousness.  This interruption isn’t by force, it’s by divine feminine grace.


It’s time to awaken the social consciousness of the New Earth.  Regardless of the current landscape, there is a much higher vision for humanity that is unity, freedom, empowerment, and Love.  There is a possibility for social integrity through leadership, service, collaboration, and community.  It is possible to create sustainability and abundance for All, through personal responsibility, respect for all lives, and compassion for the Earth and her generous resources.  And Love is the mechanism, the facilitator of this greater vision.


The week begins on Monday 11/13 with a beautiful Venus Jupiter new cycle and a Mercury Neptune stepping stone.  The heart expands with abundance, beauty, and infinite possibilities as the alchemical mixing bowl that births the new world.  Anything is possible when we live from the infinite realm of expansion within the heart.  This conjunction occurs in Scorpio energy, making for a multidimensional relationship that shape shifts anything physical through the infusion of Love.  What an amazing gift!


On Tuesday 11/14, Vesta and Quaoar are in a resource.  Vesta represents the fire of devotion and Quaoar is the infinite realm of our new paradigm where our thoughts manifest out of the believe that anything is possible.  As we devote ourselves to living from this kind of paradigm from our higher minds, we truly can manifest a vision for a whole new world.  We are never stuck, limited, or bound by anything in our current reality.  Everything has the potential to shift, if we can allow our beliefs to align.


On Wednesday 11/15, Mercury moves into his retrograde shadow and crosses the great attractor degree.  The Sun is in a great eliminator with Eris, Mars is in a resource with Ceres, and Venus is in a resource with Orcus.   Everything that occurs as Mercury travels beyond 14 Sagittarius will be revisited on the flip side of his retrograde journey, until Mercury crosses the Great Attractor again, recovering his shadow, on January 10th.  What a powerful point to calibrate the next upgrade to our operating systems and network of communications, at the social consciousness level.  Meanwhile, we’re still individually awakening from the inside out, physically shedding old skin, revealing our higher consciousness from below the surface.  And our hearts support the immortal essence of our soul to be fully present, here and now, in our newly awakened physical skin.


Thursday 11/16 is a Sun Chiron manifestation, a Venus Neptune manifestation, a Mercury Ceres manifestation, and the Moon enters Scorpio, bringing us into the dark of the moon the rest of the day Thursday and Friday, until the New Moon on Saturday morning.  Our light creates mastery through the awareness and refinement of old patterns, and that mastery allows for a new perspective of clarity and truth within our hearts.  Our operating systems are birthing new consciousness, preparing us to navigate the unknown mysterious realm of the dark of the moon.  If we can rely on our inner navigation system for clarity and truth, we will gain so much permission and freedom to explore the unimaginable dark realms, gaining so much wisdom, shedding light through the subconscious, excavating hidden treasures, and allowing the highest potential of our hearts to rise to the surface, resurrected and brought back to life, completely restored, empowered, and full of Life.


On Friday 11/17, the Sun is in a great eliminator with Uranus, and Mercury is in a resource with Mars.  Expect the unexpected, but regardless of what happens, choose Love.  When our minds are disciplined to see Love, any scenario can shift in an instant.  There’s nothing to fear, everything is an opportunity to change the game by elevating up to a higher dimension of consciousness, with Love.


Saturday 11/18 is the New Moon in Scorpio in an exact Light Bridge with Sedna at 6:42am EST.  The Moon goes void almost immediately after until she moves into Sagittarius around 2pm.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Scorpion is the part of our consciousness that is Physical Love, the manifestation of our Highest Vision.  It’s the realm of epic and alchemic shape shifting.  Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the archetype that ushers us through the doorway of death for life altering transformation and resurrection.


Imagine being ushered into the realm of darkness that leads to a bridge of brilliant crystalline Light, awakening you to the truth of who you really are, beyond all illusions, physical appearances, roles or stories in this lifetime.  We are Love, we came from Love, and our purpose is to Love.  By doing so, we manifest a whole new world of Heaven on Earth.  Just because we may not see it yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  We must calibrate ourselves to that higher vision to allow our eyes to see through the lens of Love.  Love heals, wholes, and transforms…and the presence of Love changes the entire story on our planet by elevating the game to a higher frequency of consciousness.  Love is our nature, it is our birthright, and it is our responsibility.  This New Moon in Scorpio awakens the alchemists in all of us to infuse our planet with Love.


And Sunday 11/19 is a very dynamic Mars Pluto stepping stone.  Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, which brings us physically present to the awakened vision and new possibilities we’re manifesting.  This is an opportunity to physically step into the new vision that’s awakened from yesterday’s New Moon.


The practice this week is to let go of any attachments to the current physical reality and hold the space for something new to manifest, a new manifestation of Love.  As events unfold this week, pause for a moment before engaging to make sure you’re rooted in Love from the heart, connected to a higher vision for what’s possible.  Refuse to engage in any lower vibrational conversations (personally and socially) that feed the old repetitive stories, and instead invite the frequency to shift up to a higher level of consciousness.  Be the interruption to the status quo sequence of events, and be the consistent embodiment of Love expressing in physical form.  We are transforming our world through every step and every breath, as the alchemists of change, inspired by Love.


“We are travelers on a cosmic journey,stardust,swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.” 
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist 

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  1. I love your posts. The information you impart is so spot on for my personal journey- a 30 year unfoldment and Cosmic journey. This awakening is bridging into the magical land of remembered creation. So exciting and in great honoring to be participating in this unfoldment. With my birthday this Saturday I am pleased to be receptive to the new moon and holding the space that is offered.. thanks again for your wisdom and clarity. As this journey has been isolating for so long the support is welcomed whole heartedly.

  2. a higher vision… a manifestation that currently doesn’t exist….how perfect! It’s like you can see from the other side of the veil. Yes, we can be the interruption to the status quo. I’ve never heard it said like that before. Christine, your words ring so true. Thank you! <3

    1. I have to echo Shelly (above) about the gift imparted in the sentence “Be the interruption to the status quo sequence of events (…) Love expressing in physical form.” Thank you! Thank you…

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