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For the week of November 6 – 12, 2017:

Get ready for a powerful and ultra refined week of elevation and transformation.  The aspects this week require our undivided attention from the highest observer’s perch to connect with the frequencies available.  It’s not an easy week to navigate, because the aspects aren’t in plain sight.  We’re being asked to journey inward, and trust the wiring or our inner navigation system while seated in the cockpit of the heart.  There’s an awakening on tap that completely shifts and redesigns the foundational structure we’re manifesting from, which changes the game completely.



When it’s time for radical change and transformation, everything aligns and there is a harmonious flow of energy that shakes us out of the current status quo operating system, and drives us into unfamiliar territory, inspiring us to take committed action in areas we’ve been hesitating up until now.  It’s like flipping the switch to “wide awake”, where there is no tolerance for anything out of alignment with the higher vision, purpose, and commitment.


Suddenly everything is crystal clear.  Although the future may not be clear yet, the commitment to elevate and change the game becomes crystal clear, and each choice along the way becomes blatantly obvious.  Amplified by courage, we gain powerful momentum and fierce determination to do whatever it takes to write the new script and step into a brand new reality.  This kind of awakening can’t be forced or manipulated.  When it’s time, it’s time, and there’s no holding back.


The word “unapologetic” becomes an important theme.  When we realize that we’ve been holding ourselves small by the very structures and entanglements we’ve created and attached ourselves to, the only way out is through.  We must be willing to confront the historic patterns and programming, in order to see where we’ve given our power away, or where we’ve used our own power to limit ourselves.  This is the time for expansion, and this is the time to honor ourselves and our authentic blueprints, the very purpose we came to manifest in this lifetime.  If we don’t step through to the other side of our perceived limitations, we won’t have access to the fullest scope of wisdom available.


The clock is ticking and we are running out of time.  If we are to manifest a world of Love, Peace, Unity, and Freedom, that time is Now.  Any aspects of our lives that are out of alignment or out of integrity with our authenticity and truth must be acknowledged, so that we can honor the wholeness of our evolutionary path, forgive the shadows, and choose to elevate.  We can’t fully manifest our highest vision if there’s any part of us still in hiding or playing small.  What resonates in the heart as Truth is our compass moving forward.  Anything that doesn’t honor that truth will not be a sustainable choice or support mechanism in the new world.


This is the time to tune our communications inward, to take our permanent seat inside the heart, and listen.  There is a new octave of communication coming through, and the channels to our highest vision are being opened.   We can’t do what we’ve always done, the way we’ve always done it, and expect to reach a higher dimension of consciousness and manifestation.  This week ahead invites us into the higher realms of our visionary heart, by the road less traveled.  The temporary discomfort yields the greatest expansion we’ve ever known.


The week begins on Monday 11/6 as Chiron forms a great eliminator with Haumea, Mercury manifests with Varuna, and Venus is in a resource with Quaoar.  Chiron represents our key to personal mastery, found in the willingness to own and embrace all of our deepest core wounds, resulting in the most profound journey of healing and wholing.  When we do, we choose to be empowered and strengthened by any of the events that historically had the power to conquer us.  Mercury manifesting with Varuna brings our inner communications and operating system to the all seeing eye of higher vision, accessing the portal to the infinite realm.  When the current 3D vision is temporarily blocked or confused, we can elevate up to the higher realms to see through the eye of the cosmos, where everything is crystal clear from that highest perspective.  Stillness and equanimity are required to activate that “eye”, but we always have access.  Venus in a resource with Quaoar connects our heart with paradigm of infinite potential.  When our belief system is truly limitless, we’re operating from the Pisces realm of Unconditional Love where all things are possible, which is the domain of the pure open heart.  If our hearts are closed in any way, we can’t truly be operating from our highest version of limitlessness potential.


On Tuesday 11/7, there are no major aspects, although Venus moves into Scorpio.  This is especially significant because Venus is the ruler of Taurus (and was the ruler of last weekend’s Full Moon).  Scorpio is the polarity to Taurus, making this transition of Venus into Scorpio one that is a bit awkward and unfamiliar.  The heart prefers to be grounded, solid, steady and secure.  Scorpio energy is anything but that.  Scorpio is where the most profound and alchemical transformation occurs, through multidimensional shape shifting, death, transmutation, and resurrection.  Our hearts long for safety and stability.  The practice now, whether we like it or not, is to surrender to the instability of change.  Transformation does not occur in a comfortable, familiar linear environment.  Transformation occurs in an experience of chaos, when we unplug from all that we’ve held onto for safety and familiarity, and allow ourselves to be temporarily disoriented until the deepest expression of truth emerges from the heart, and we reinvent ourselves as the manifestation of that truth.  The heart is the alchemical mixing bowl of transformation, and now the mixing bowl itself is being transmuted.  This experience is calibrating us to a whole new dimension of our highest vision, without a doubt, as long as we surrender and trust the process.


On Wednesday 11/8, Venus is in a stepping stone with Varuna, Mercury is in a resource with MakeMake, and Vesta is in great eliminator with Sedna.   An empowered heart is necessary to step up into the higher realm of vision, and we can’t begin to see our greatest possibilities, even if they’re right in front of us, if our hearts are shut down.  Mercury, The Messenger, communicates in accordance with the higher laws of Love and Unity, as our fire of devotion blazes through anything that’s not in alignment with our highest source of divine feminine wisdom.  We are purifying ourselves by elevating in consciousness, and the choices that need to be made become crystal clear right before our eyes.  Courage is required to take this leap.


Thursday 11/9 is a Sun Pluto resource, and Mars is in a great eliminator with Neptune.  The Sun is currently in Scorpio and Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio.  The manifestation of Physical Love through transformation and alchemy is the theme today, and Mars brings our physicality front and center.  Whatever physical transformation we’re wholeheartedly committed to begins to take shape as we eliminate any fears or doubts.  Trust the process and trust Love as the agent of transformation, and let go of everything else.  When there is 100% commitment to the embodying the frequency of Love, anything can happen in the blink of any eye.  Miracles abound, mysterious healings occur, and Love manifests in physical form, in a way that’s recognizable.


On Friday 11/10, there are no major aspects.  Take this pause as a gift, nurture yourself, and get ready for a major shift tomorrow.  Anything goes.


Saturday 11/11 is a Saturn Uranus manifestation.  This is a huge awakening to our current structure, and an interruption to our current relationship with authority and power, so that we can manifest something unprecedented.  Again, the word “unapologetic” is key here.  When we awaken to what matters most, and see the opportunities to let go of any disempowering scenarios and themes, there is no need to tip toe or apologize for changing the game.  It is time.  We are in the midst of radical change.  And there is no room for negotiation in the awakening to ourSelves and our authentic power.  When lightning strikes, there is radical awakening, and everything changes in an instant as a result.  Trust the process, trust yourself, and allow yourself to be moved into spontaneous action.


And on Sunday 11/12, there are no major aspects.  Plenty of space to calibrate and integrate all that has just occurred the day before.  No regrets, no second guessing.  Take a deep breath and find your footing, from the heart.  Then get ready to soar.


The practice this week is to expand your relationship with awkwardness while being deeply present.  Practice going where you’ve never gone before, exploring the places you tend to avoid, within yourself.  The heart is moving into uncomfortable territory this week, and the more we can surrender to the temporary disorientation, the more profound our experience will be.  Try taking a different route to work in the mornings, one that is a little out of the way or unusual for you.  Shift your normal routine in some way that feels awkward, like brushing your teeth with the opposite hand.  Initiate conversations that you normally wouldn’t, say the things you always wish you could but never had the courage to.  Make bold requests, give profound compliments and generous feedback, open your heart to Love by expressing your truth or making yourself visible.  The more uncomfortable, the better…as long as it’s authentic.  Our authenticity is expressed through our vulnerability and willingness to stand with an open heart in the awkward moments.  There’s nothing more beautiful than that.  If the current story on our planet is to change, to elevate to Love, it starts from the willingness to be uncomfortable, voicing a new kind of authenticity from the heart. The time is Now.  Be the voice of Love, Truth, and Authenticity, especially when it’s not easy.


“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” 
― Maya Angelou 


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  1. Dear Christine, thank you for laying out a map of the week for us. In times of such discomfort and change, it is invaluable to have this resource to turn to, every Monday. Heartfelt gratitude to you and Stephanie for sharing your sacred work with the world.

  2. Does eye of the cosmos mean talking to the universe or more well said are planet’s ??????

  3. Christine, — I️ love and and faithfully read your column every week , but have to say this week’s information is exceptionally brilliant! After reading it several times, all I️ can say is wow! This truly resonated with my soul. Thank you for all you do! Your work is welcomed and appreciated. (For some reason symbols keep getting inserted even though I️ type letters… please excuse. !)

  4. GM Christine, You and Stephanie are both huge “Bright Lights” in our 3D world and beyond, thank you, infinite gratitude for sharing ya’lls purpose with all of us! ❤️❤️❤️

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