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For the week of October 30 – November 5, 2017:

We are manifesting the new world this week by rooting ourselves AS the consciousness of Love, through the awakened heart.  The Full Moon in Taurus holds sacred space for the consciousness of Love to fully take shape and manifest.  As our current reality is shape-shifting more rapidly than ever before, our hearts become the torch bearers of our inner navigation system to guide the way and inspire action.

If we’ve not been trusting our hearts or surrendering to the deepest truth of our hearts, or if we’ve been deferring outside of ourselves to search for answers, it’s time to wake up, get present, and elevate our consciousness to Love.  The strength and steadiness we are cultivating now comes from our willingness to trust and to mind the heart.  Where the mind goes, the body flows, and only a mind rooted in Love can birth a physical reality that is the full blown manifestation of Love, of the highest octave, on highest ground.


Venus is the ruler of this week’s Taurus Full Moon, and the heart has a lot to say right now.  Venus is telling the whole story, from the heart’s perspective, crystal clear.  As the truth comes out, we awaken to our divine Light, discovering our limitless potential and our personal mastery.  When we use the power of our disciplined minds to align with the truth of the heart, we become the awakened consciousness of Love.  As Love, we manifest life altering, earth shattering results in the physical realm, and our reality literally becomes infused with Light.


The heart knows the way, in fact, the heart is encoded with the blueprint of our soul’s promise in this lifetime.   The heart is the cockpit, containing the navigation system of our light bodies.  Light codes of information are held within the heart, and like a record-keeper crystal, those light codes are awakened when we direct our undivided attention to our hearts, ready to receive the truth as our guiding compass.  There are no answers outside of us, our hearts hold the answer.  And that answer is always Love.  Love is the driving force that motivates right action and activates higher realms of communications.  When we trust in Love, and operate from the consciousness of Love, we surrender to an orchestration of beauty that the lower mind could never predict or plan.  The heart also becomes a refined barometer of integrity through the frequency of Love.


When our minds spin in search of solutions, in search of options, possibilities, plans, or more static information to prove, understand, or validate meaning, we temporarily disconnect from the infinite cosmic library of truth that is the essence of our heart consciousness.  When our minds are strengthened and refined to trust the voice of truth from within, we gain access to the cosmic universe through the root system of our own consciousness, which is pure light.  We can learn from our experiences as we allow the flow of universal truth and wisdom to channel through us, through our hearts.  We witness ourselves in action, in the flow of divine love, engaging as the expression of Love in the universal dynamic.


Just as the mind and body are reflections of each other, so are the heart and spirit.  The physical body reflects the consciousness of the current mental body, and the heart reflects the consciousness of pure spirit.  The four Love signs in Cosmic Consciousness represent the multidimensional holistic blueprint of Unconditional Love, as expressed through the lower 4 body system.  When our lower 4 body system is calibrated with Love, that holistic blueprint is crystal clear.  When our lower 4 body system is calibrated to fear, that blueprint is distorted and incongruent, like a house of mirrors that reflect fragmented energy and illusions.  This is why it’s important to be mindful of what we consume as information, eliminating fear based sources of communications from our consciousness.


The answer is always Love, and the ongoing daily practice is to calibrate our minds to the universal frequency of Love, from the heart.  When mind and heart are unified in Love, we activate the still point at the root of our vertical axis of consciousness, which calibrates the mirrored still point at the crown.  Our crown chakras are the portal for universal Oneness.  Alignment and calibration induce awakening and ascension.  There’s nothing else to search for, there’s only Love to calibrate to, with every breath, thought, action, and choice.


The week begins on Monday 10/30 with a Mercury stepping stone with the Moon’s Nodes, bringing Mercury (the mental body ruler and the Messenger) in an intersection with our collective Earth Star Chakra and Soul Star Chakra.  When our minds are calibrated to Love and rooted from the heart, there is unification of our karma and dharma.  There is no separation or polarization.  Our karmic challenge to love ourSelves and each other unconditionally, to see humanity as the awakening expression of Divine Love merges with our dharmic evolution to see the blessing in every moment, to generate and radiate Love though gratitude, the full blown expression of Light from the awakened heart, visible and in service to All.  Only a mind calibrated to Love can hold space for the unification of this polarity.  Our greatest challenge among humanity is also the current blessing, an exciting invitation for Unity, generating light that nourishes us All in Love, through the willingness of our higher mind to hold the vision.


On Tuesday 10/31, Venus is manifesting with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra), Saturn is in a resource with Haumea, and Ceres is in great eliminator with Neptune.  The heart is manifesting Divine Love though the karmic stories that connect us all through our roots to the Earth.  We are all connected at the root, and our collective hearts are opening.  When we stand naked and vulnerable in our humanness, exposing our needs and desires for Love, connection, and a sense of belonging, we can see the thread that unites us all, through the heart, and we become empowered to care for one another.


Haumea represents our evolutionary wholeness, that no matter what end of the spectrum we are currently experiencing, we’re all still standing on the same thread of Earth that is the story of the collective heart awakening to Love.  No matter what language you speak, where you live or where you came from, we all have a basic need to Love and be Loved.  Where there is Love, there is peace, at the cellular and global level.  Humanity is searching for Love by searching for safety, peace, freedom, understanding, like minded community, and healing.  The like minded community we can all plug into is the vibration of Unconditional Love, where all are welcome, all matter, all are seen, and all are honored.


Wednesday 11/1 brings us into the month of November, the numerology of “11” which is mastery, alignment, balance, and the mirrored relationship of unity and wholeness.  Mercury is in a great eliminator with Eris, Venus and Vesta form a new cycle, and Venus enters the Light Bridge with Eris.  Any internal symptoms of irritation or discomfort are designed to get our attention to the ways we’ve been operating from fear or limitation, so that we can awaken and elevate to Love.  The discomfort shows us where the edge is, where we stop ourselves, where we hold on to pain or resistance.  Venus and Vesta in a new cycle ignite the fire of devotion within, the flame that ignites the spirit of the heart.  This new cycle is a game changer for many who have been asleep, numb, or resigned.  The devoted heart joins the Light Bridge activation with Eris, and calibrates an inner awakening of huge proportions.  Once the heart is awake, there’s no more hiding, denying or pretending.


On Thursday 11/2, Mercury is manifesting with Chiron, Mercury is in a great eliminator with Uranus, and Venus is in a resource with Ixion.   More refinement from the mental body ruler as our operating system begins to awaken to our highest truth and our highest capacity for mastery.  Expect the unexpected and remember to choose Love vs fear while elevating the conversation within.  As we elevate in consciousness, our heart reveals the blueprint of our soul’s purpose.


Friday 11/3, Venus conjuncts Haumea in a new cycle, Venus is in a great eliminator with Chiron, initiating a Finger of God between Chiron and Sedna over the next 2 days, Mercury is in a Light Bridge with Sedna, and Venus is in a resource with Saturn…all by 4:30am EST.  Later in the afternoon, the Sun manifests with Neptune, exactly in the middle of the Finger of God between Chiron and Sedna.  There’s a lot of light being activated, ultimately to bring the heart into wholeness and align the mind with the highest consciousness of Love.  When the mind and heart both calibrate to the awakened frequency of divine Light, there is unity, strength, power, wholeness and clarity.  The finger of God between Chiron and Sedna activates our potential for mastery through the most elevated perspective of our story, as recorded in our crystalline light body.  There are no mistakes, everything is serving our evolution and our ultimate remembrance of Home, Truth, and Light.  These super high consciousness light activations are bringing us Home within ourselves as we manifest the New Earth.


Saturday 11/4 is the Super Full Moon in Taurus, ruled by Venus, who is in an exact bridge with Uranus.  The Full Moon is in a stepping stone with Ceres, making Ceres the midpoint (and the midwife) between the Sun and Moon.  Also, Venus is in a great eliminator with Sedna, completing the Finger of God from yesterday.   The Full Moon activates the Taurus Scorpio axis which is where our Conscious Obedience to align the mental body with Unconditional Love creates the sacred space, or the creative womb, to birth our highest vision, manifesting as Physical Love.


Our thoughts create our reality, and thoughts that originate from Love manifest as Love.  As light workers, we ARE the consciousness of Love holding sacred space on the planet right now to birth a vision of the New Earth.  When our minds are disciplined to Love, we become obedient to that consciousness, meaning we obey the laws of Love through our minds, we refine our focus towards the heart, unconditionally.  No matter what is occurring around us, we choose Love over fear, again and again.  This consistent practice becomes rich soil, ripe with potential to manifest the intentions of a brand new reality.  When we plant the consciousness of Love in any scenario, Love grows and abundance flows.


The Venus Uranus bridge just before the Full Moon awakens our hearts in an unexpected and unprecedented way.  The awakened heart is the most powerful resource available in our universe, and is the most powerful expression of visionary leadership to manifest the new earth.  Uranus is the ruler of Divine Spiritual Love, the vision for humanity.  The Taurus Full Moon creates the sacred space to plant that highest vision so that we can manifest through our Scorpio consciousness, through alchemy.  The Finger of God completes this alchemical transmutation by aligning our hearts with divine cosmic wisdom and Light.


And Sunday 11/5, Mercury enters Sagittarius.  Vesta and Haumea start a new cycle.   Our higher minds enter the realm of the highest victory, where we integrate physical wisdom and end the karmic illusions and dramas to elevate into a brand new beginning on new spiritual ground.  Vesta and Haumea bring the spark of devotion into relationship with our wholeness.  Vesta, Haumea, and Venus are all calibrating together this week for a beautiful union and a new cycle of the awakened heart devoted to wholeness, lighting the way to our new home.


The practice this week is to align the heart and mind in a still point, bringing your undivided attention towards your heart.  The Taurus Full Moon is all about minding the heart, obeying the consciousness of Love, which requires disciplined practice to look to the heart for stillness and clarity.  Breathe deeply into your chest, feel the physical presence of your beating heart, and allow your mind to take a seat within your heart, observing each heart beat, and practicing deep listening.  With your undivided attention tuned to your heart, witness and observe, with deep devotion.  Journal the truths that are revealed from your heart each day, and make a commitment to take at least one bold action each day that aligns with the deepest truth of your heart.  The heart holds the road map and the blueprint of the soul’s purpose.  As we begin to trust and take fearless committed action in alignment with the heart, we manifest new possibilities of Love in physical form.


“I want to live with deep intimacy every day of my life. I am guided, sometimes driven, by an ache to take the necessary risks that will let me live close to what is within and around me. And I am sometimes afraid that it will be too much, that I will not have, or be connected to, whatever it takes to be with it all, to bear the exquisite beauty and bone-wrenching sorrow of being fully alive.”
― Oriah Mountain Dreamer, The Invitation

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  1. So beautifully put Stephanie! I’m so VERY EXCITED for this very fortunate time in our evolutionary process. Magic abounds

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