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For the week of October 23 – 29, 2017:

Welcome to the heart of the via combusta, the alchemical fire of transmutation that completely changes everything, elevating our reality to a higher frequency, if we can allow it.  Our entire lower 4 body system has been newly re-calibrated and aligned, and that unified holistic system now becomes the gateway to higher consciousness.  This week marks a significant turning point in the awakening of a higher vision.  We’re shifting gears and manifesting from a whole new octave of consciousness.


As the Sun moves into Scorpio this week, our consciousness shifts to the realm of alchemy.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Scorpio is the sign of Physical Love, where anything physical has the limitless capacity to shape shift and be transformed by the presence of Love.  Love is the consciousness that heals, transforms, elevates, aligns, and corrects any imbalance of misqualified energy.  Love is the frequency of our Cosmic Self that animates all things physical, allowing us to manifest in accordance with our highest vision, which is our purpose and blueprint in this lifetime.  We’re in the alchemical process that’s manifesting the vision for the New Earth, and it’s being created and birthed with Love.


Wherever there is Love – the measurable frequency of Universal Energy – there is peace, abundance, sustainability, expansion, and new possibilities.  When we experience Love, there is a physical chemical response in our cellular bodies that produces a magical quality of energy that energizes, inspires, nourishes, and ignites potential.  When we experience Love, we come to life, we believe we’re capable of more than before, we fly through our skin, expand through our dreams, achieve beyond our limits, hear music in the wind and see beauty all around us.  We’re moved beyond time and space, effortlessly.  Love is a quality of consciousness that activates our light body, literally lightens us up in our physical skin, and reminds us of our true infinite expansive nature.


Believing that anything is possible is the most powerful context to live and create from.  This is the new paradigm that generates infinite potential and creative expression in the New Earth.  When we can see the animation of infinite spirit within everything physical, we can connect and communicate beyond the physical limitations and structures of separation to engage with pure divinity in the realm of magic.  The realm of alchemy isn’t intended for changing what we don’t like out of resistance or fear, it’s simply the quality of energy that exists from the presence of Love, loving and receiving what is, unconditionally.  In that sacred environment, something magical occurs, and all things physical become alive with infinite potential.


When we recognize that Love is our true nature, and we then allow the currency of Love to circulate freely throughout our physical reality, we begin to see ourselves in everything and everyone, as the reflection of divine spirit.  When we commune in harmony with the divine, as the essence of magic expressing through the physical dimension, we bring our relationships to a whole new spiritual dimension, awakening a new octave of consciousness.  This awakened state of being is the ripe space for manifesting our highest vision.


Our highest vision isn’t something to think about and plan out on paper like a goal setting strategic mission.  Manifesting our highest vision requires an elevation beyond the need to control the outcome or attach to results.  Manifesting our highest vision requires that we remember the truth of who we are, and allow that truth to expand, as the vibration of Love.  We then recognize ourselves in everything.  That recognition releases the old limiting structures of the physical condition, as we come home to ourselves in every moment, as we remember our infinite nature and freedom to express.  We are everywhere, and everything, completely limitless.


The more we recognize that we are everywhere and everything, the more aware and responsible we become for our actions, thoughts, and beliefs.  How we treat all living beings is a reflection of how we treat ourselves and our most cherished loved ones.  We begin to see the fluid connectedness of all of life as One, and our social consciousness elevates to a higher octave of respect for All.  There is no separation between me, you, my enemy, and my beloved.  How I treat anyone is a reflection of how I hold the sacredness of the divine.  My capacity to recognize the sacredness of All elevates my consciousness to a higher scope of vision.   This is the awakening that’s occurring through our social consciousness, not by force, but by nature.  As one awakens to Love, the collective vibration is elevated to a new paradigm of infinite potential, and consciousness begins to spread like light.


The week begins on Monday 10/23 as the Sun enters Scorpio, Mercury is in a resource with Orcus, and Venus is in a Great Eliminator with Neptune.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Scorpio is a water sign within the physical body quadrant, which is expressed as Physical Love, and the purification that comes from being transmuted by the fire of spirit.  The portal between Libra and Scorpio is known as the Via Combusta, the blazing fire of alchemical transformation.  The passage requires courage to remember that nothing is what it appears on the surface of physical reality…not even fire.  All things physical contain 99% empty space, and that empty space is the essence of pure potential, pure spirit, and the frequency of Unconditional Love.  When we calibrate our physical bodies to Unconditional Love, we become the physical embodiment of the consciousness of Love, which aligns us with our true nature, manifesting our highest vision.


Mercury in a resource with Orcus reminds us of the promise we made to be here in physical form, to resurrect after every death and transformation, and to start again.  Our operating systems are being supported by a gentle reboot and reminder of why it matters to walk through the fire of alchemy in order to be delivered to our original truth and intention.  And Venus brings the heart into the conversation, choosing Love over fear, and shining bright like a beacon of light.  When in doubt, feel from the heart, and trust in Love.


On Tuesday 10/24, Mercury is manifesting with Neptune, and the Sun is in a stepping stone with Varuna.  Neptune can bring an element of confusion when the mind isn’t clear, so keep the mind balanced in a still point with the heart, and the manifestation will be harmonious and effortless.  Our unified consciousness then elevates to a higher perspective, gaining access of a higher, expansive and infinite vision of the world between the worlds.


Wednesday 10/25 is a Mars Varuna resource.  From the shift in perspective yesterday, we now have an opportunity to ground that higher vision into our bodies and into the earth.  When we can keep our feet on the ground and still access the highest scope of vision throughout the cosmos, we’re truly living our multidimensional potential.  It’s not about choosing one or the other, it’s both, in a resourceful combination.


On Thursday 10/26, the Sun and Jupiter start a new cycle.  This conjunction is huge, it’s the expansion of our consciousness.  Jupiter is a social consciousness archetype, so this is the beginning of a new expansion of our social awareness.  How beautiful that we’re prepared and connected to the highest scope of vision as our social awareness is being expanded and amplified.


Friday 10/27 is a Venus stepping stone with Pluto and a Mercury resource with Pluto.  Pluto is the archetype that ushers us through the doorway to the invisible realms, beyond the physical reality, which allows us to reconnect with our infinite self, the immortal essence of our spiritual truth.  Our hearts confront that doorway to the invisible realms, and then step up to a higher octave of Love, recognizing that we don’t have to “die” to experience our infinite spirit, which is always alive and present in the heart.  Mercury opens our inner communications through our operating system to receive the messages of our infinite truth.


On Saturday 10/28 there are no major aspects.  This is a great day to retreat, rest, and allow the shifts and alchemical transformations to take shape in our bodies and in our consciousness.  Rest if you need to rest, even if it doesn’t make sense.  We’re communicating through so many dimensions, beyond time and space, and sometimes the best medicine is joyful rest and unplugging the mind.   Get ready for what’s ahead, because tomorrow is a much much bigger day.


And Sunday 10/29 is a Mars MakeMake new cycle and a Saturn Ixion new cycle.  Mars and MakeMake bring divine law and nature into relationship with our physical body and reality.  The higher forces of nature can’t be negotiated, bargained, or manipulated.  When it’s time to step up in alignment with our truth, in a moment of leadership and service, we rise up and say Yes.  There are no back doors, no excuses.  Saturn and Ixion bring our inner authority into right relationship with our soul’s blueprint and roadmap for contribution.  These are 2 very important and divinely orchestrated new chapters being initiated.  To ignore and say “no thanks” is not an option at this time.  This is the moment to wholeheartedly surrender to our inner authority that is stepping up, taking committed action, fully empowered.   Trust the inner voice of leadership that is emerging.  That powerful voice is already calibrated to the higher vision, calibrated to Unconditional Love, and committed to manifesting the New Earth.  This is the greatest moment of awakening, and there’s nothing else more important occurring on Earth!


The practice this week is to take a moment each morning and consciously connect to the Earth.  The moment your feet touch the ground as you get out of bed, be conscious to bring your fully awakened Self, the embodiment of Love, to the Earth, in partnership, with reverence, respect, and intention.  Feel the connecting point between the souls of your feet and the earth below.  Feel the unified energy supporting your intention, feel the sacredness below your feet, and feel the vibration of vital life force energy that supports and sustains All, below your feet.  As you consciously make contact with the Earth each morning, you’re consciously connecting with all of life.  Our feet typically discharge the residue of karmic energy from our bodies into the ground, so create a moment of sacred ceremony, transmuting that karmic debris into an offering of Love.  Imagine light radiating from your heart through your feet, wherever you walk.  Where we bring our full attention, we shine Light.  Be mindful of how you step, and of the residue – or conscious Light – you leave behind.


“LIFE’S work is to wake up, to let the things that enter into your life wake you up rather than put you to sleep. The only way to do this is to open, be curious, and develop some sense of sympathy for everything that comes along, to get to know its nature and let it teach you what it will.”
― Pema Chödrön



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