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For the week of October 16 – 22, 2017:

The intensity is rising as we’re gaining multiple opportunities to elevate our consciousness even more. We’re collectively navigating a whirlwind of change and transformation of the highest order.  The week ahead continues to serve as an awakening force of nature to sweep away what no longer serves us, as we each step into the highest realization and alignment with our own truth.  As we let go, we may find ourselves temporarily losing solid footing and traction, until of course we realize we’re supported by the higher ground within our awakened hearts, where we’re deeply rooted through Light on the New Earth.

In order to experience the New Earth, we must be willing to let go of any attachments to our current relationship with the physical reality.  This kind of letting go challenges the core fears or tendencies we’ve wrapped ourselves in for security and safety, the old paradigm of how we’ve operated until now.  The only way to fully surrender is to soften with each current moment, allowing the moment to open us while any fear or resistance dissipates and dissolves…and to wholeheartedly embrace the experience without hiding, flinching, judging, or distracting.  As we lean in and allow each moment to deliver us to the next, we eventually become purified, stripped clean, and aligned with what matters most.  This isn’t a process we can conceptualize in the mind, it’s an experience to move through, surrender to, and be delivered by.


We can never lose our truth, and we can never really lose anything that wasn’t ours to begin with.  And, we can’t hold onto or try to control anything that isn’t ours.  In the end, all we can really control is our own free will to choose our attitude, thoughts, beliefs, and current state of consciousness.  We always have the option to choose Love over fear, to embody the vibration of Love no matter what is occurring around us or being triggered within.  This requires equanimity, and a diligent commitment to continue being mindful and responsible for our knee jerk reactions, while choosing the high road in every moment.


Choosing the high road doesn’t mean that we ignore or disconnect from the current conditions or triggers.  Instead, we embrace our current experience, opening with curiosity to what’s being awakened within.  Our focus is always on the inner awakening, and the conscious choice to elevate our perspective to a higher scope of vision.  A trigger of fear indicates the opportunity to get conscious, look deeper into the perceived experience of threat, and choose Love, which softens and releases the grip of fear.  The universe is delivering golden opportunities to walk our talk and practice living with courage, grace, and faith.  It’s important that we not judge the process, or each other, as we navigate the unsettling of the old, aligning with the new.


The process of transformation takes as long as it takes, and can seem quite disorienting at times.  We can’t predict how we’ll respond in the moment when our solid footing becomes slippery, or completely dissipates out of thin air.  If we have faith, we’ll surrender, let go, and rise up from the heart to a more dynamic expression of Love in action.  Our daily mindfulness practices give us the discipline and resilience to remain conscious and awake through the transitions and the unexpected turbulence.  If we flinch at every single bump and swerve, we create more drama than necessary, and end up spinning in anxiety, exhausted.  When we ride the waves and remain awake, eyes wide open, in the cockpit of the heart, we can navigate the storms and elevate to new heights and new dimensions of consciousness.  It’s from this space of consciousness that we’re planting new seeds with this week’s Libra New Moon.


The week begins on Monday 10/16 with a Sun Saturn resource, Sun Eris bridge, Mercury Quaoar resource, and Saturn Eris manifestation.  Our relationship with authority is being awakened as we reclaim our power to manifest new options, to completely shift the paradigm and create a new reality.  We can’t own our power if we’re asleep, and the inner awakening process will feel as intense as necessary until we’ve had enough of the old disempowering limitations and stories, and finally surrender in alignment with our truth.  The intensity is there to amplify our current limits, and once we see our self imposed edges, we can soften and expand into our authentic power, and manifest a new reality from that infinite space.


Tuesday 10/17 is a huge day.  Mars and Sedna are manifesting, Mercury enters Scorpio, the Sun and Haumea start a new cycle, the Sun and Ixion are in a resource, Mars is in a great eliminator with Uranus….and all of this occurs before 6am EST!  Then Venus and MakeMake start a new cycle and Jupiter is in a stepping stone with Varuna.


Mars was the co-ruler of the recent Aries Full Moon (along with Venus), and Sedna is the ruler of this week’s Libra New Moon (along with Venus).  Mars and Sedna manifesting together gives us access to the cosmic record keeper within.  Our bodies hold the records of our experiences and also mirror feedback of our current operating system and state of consciousness.  Sedna reveals the cosmic records of all events, past, present, and future.  When Sedna and Mars manifest together, there is multidimensional harmony and full spectrum synchronization of our lower 4 body system and our Cosmic Self.  With our inner communications and operating system in Scorpio, we have the capacity to shape shift our physical expression (including our DNA) by downloading the Cosmic Consciousness of Love.  We can also intuit messages and feedback from the subconscious realms and tune into the unknown depths of our own hidden records, meaning we can also send intentional messages of Love to those dark hidden layers that have yet to be revealed.  This supports us in irradiating fear that may be held dormant and suppressed, by communicating deep below the surface with the Cosmic Frequency of Love.  This is a method of alchemical communication.


We can only access 5D consciousness when we’re coming from a perspective of wholeness and unity.  When we shine our light through the lens of wholeness (Sun Haumea new cycle), all is revealed, including our soul’s higher blueprint for this incarnation.  As we gain clarity and awareness, we may experience a sudden shift or jolt, as we’re awakened to a more refined perspective of our purpose in physical reality.  Through that awakening, our hearts align with a higher law of divine order, calling us to step up and expand from a much higher scope of vision.


On Wednesday 10/18, Mercury and Varuna are in a stepping stone, Mercury and Jupiter start a new cycle, and the Sun is in a great eliminator with Chiron.  This is an opportunity for the Messenger to align with that higher scope of vision, accessing the world between the worlds, giving us the capacity to communicate in accordance with a newly expanded consciousness.  We’re receiving a huge upgrade to the way we operate within our social consciousness, and as a result, we clear the fear based attachments to any old wounds that have ever held us as separate from the whole.


Thursday 10/19 is a Sun Sedna great eliminator.  Then the Sun bridges Uranus, and the Libra New Moon occurs at 3:12pm EST.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra is the sign of Physical Power, the highest realization that our physical reality is a reflection of our own consciousness, which is the source of all we’re perceiving.  There is nothing separate “out there”.  When we fully own our reflection in the mirror, without any judgment or attachment to what we see, we become empowered as responsible creators and agents of transformation through our thoughts.  When we choose to consciously discipline our own minds as a powerful tool to shift what we’re experiencing in the mirror, we gain the power to choose our own experience, at every level.  From thoughts, beliefs, interpretations, and experiences.  When we shift our consciousness, the world shifts around us.  This realization has the power to elevate the current global condition.  This is the time to wake up and choose to step into our fully realized power.


The New Moon in Libra also delivers us completely out of the wormhole experience from this summer.  Mars is the last of the lower 4 body rulers to calibrate to the 28 Virgo degree that ended the wormhole at the Virgo New Moon on September 20th.  This brings even more importance to the physical body as the final reflection and final manifestation.  The physical realm is where all things come to completion.  We don’t truly manifest anything until it shows up in the physical, and by the time something shows up in the physical, it’s already been operating vibrationally at the spiritual, mental and emotional levels, which is why the physical realm is the full mirrored reflection and the final record keeper.


Friday 10/20 is a Mars Quaoar stepping stone.  This is where we walk our talk and bring our physical expression into alignment with the new paradigm.


On Saturday 10/21, Venus and Ceres are in a resource.  Our hearts are supported by the midwife to birth Unconditional Love no matter what is occurring, as a reminder of support, nourishment, and profound connection to something greater.


And Sunday 10/22 the Sun is in resource with Quaoar, Mars enters Libra, and Mercury is in a stepping stone with Ceres.  As we shine light on the new paradigm of the New Earth, Mars enters the realm of Physical Power, and our operating systems are aligned with a higher level of support and wisdom to birth a whole new reflection.  This is the beginning of a massive shift in our experience of the events on the planet.  When we are awake, and operating from a limitless context of Unconditional Love, anything is possible, there is nothing to fear, and we realize that we are the ones with the power to shift the conversation and the story, simply by choosing to be present, conscious, and aware of our results.


The practice this week is to elevate your current state of consciousness on a daily basis.  Pick one area of your life, and observe yourself in the ordinary moments with a more awake and refined consciousness.  For example, you could practice mindful eating.  At every meal, notice and observe yourself in action.  Witness your current physical sensations, current emotions, current thoughts while eating.  Notice what motivates your food choices, notice the quality of attention placed on your self nourishment, and notice the tendency for distractions and interference while eating.  Try eating without your cell phone or any electronics nearby, observe your breath and your physical sensations throughout the meal, and notice if that meal is nourishing, supportive, and empowering to your body, mind, heart and soul.  Or choose mindful driving on your commute to and from work.  Notice the distractions, the conversations, the physical sensations, and the emotions, and witness yourself in action throughout the week.  Find the opportunities to elevate and refine your quality of consciousness in these simple areas of practice.  Conscious discipline in any area affects and elevates our quality of consciousness holistically, and contributes to the collective vibration.


“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life. Meaning does not lie in things. Meaning lies in us.” 
― Marianne Williamson         



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