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For the week of October 9 – 15, 2017:

Hold on to your hearts and let everything else go!  The week ahead is literally off the charts with upgrades and activations, awakening our personal mastery and unveiling our soul’s blueprint and higher purpose.   This is a week of holistic shedding as we release and surrender the attachments to any fear based patterns in order to discover our brilliance emerging, from the heart…loud and clear, brilliant and bright!


Just before a snake sheds its skin, the eyes get cloudy, the outer skin gets dull, and all vital life force energy is conserved and condensed at the innermost core, gaining strength and potency while the dense layers rise up to the surface for purging, exposing the dead cells that are soon to slough off.  The energetic movement feels like a french-press slowly moving outward.  If we’re fearful of the death and transformation process, this image and sensation can be alarming, it can feel at times as if we’re winding down to die.  If the snake were to look in the mirror from a 3D perspective, it might be concerned.  It’s important not to buy into that image, because what’s occurring below the surface is the remembrance, unification, and purification of light, which is awakening us to our divine infinite creative potential to resurrect, regenerate, and rebirth.


The snake slows down all functions, and patiently waits.  Divine wisdom trusts in divine timing, honoring periods of movement just as much as vital stillness.  When vision is cloudy, patience is required.  To lunge forward without adequate vision would be dangerous and premature.  To try to make something happen before clarity emerges would underestimate and deny the divine purpose of the entire shedding process.  To force the outer layers to peel off before the inner work is complete would be painful and irritating.


Seeking clarity out of a hungry desperation to hurry up and evolve is still fear-based consciousness.  The willingness to surrender to the temporary condition of cloudiness and the willingness to experience the death process, while sensing and knowing that a bigger transformation is occurring, requires divine wisdom, trust, courage and faith.   There’s nothing to force, nothing to make happen.  The process of transformation includes sloughing off the old through friction and irritation, and our ability to surrender even deeper into that exfoliation creates the most profound and intimate unveiling of pure brilliant light, from within.


There is a merging point along our vertical axis between spirit and body, mind and heart, and that still point induces labor for our truth to emerge.  This is a birth of consciousness we can’t rush prematurely by activating our own pressure points.  It’s important to surrender, allow, and patiently receive the activation from our higher source.  The birthing is an integration, an awakened union, a new relationship occurring between our lower 4 body system and our Cosmic Self.  When we can allow our soul, and the wisdom encoded in our original blueprint, to hold our seat of power in our current operating system from the cockpit of the heart, we become the embodiment of truth, calibrated to the universal frequency of Unconditional Love.  Our navigation system is calibrated to our original blueprint, and a new journey begins.  This is the waking up of our lower 4 body system to reveal the masterpiece of Love we are at the core, through the original root chakra of Light.


We can’t access our blueprint if we’re distracted or wrapped up in patterns that identify with the ego, or any attachments to a particular condition or story of our physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual self.  Who we are is greater than all of our aspects, conditions, or stories.  Who we are is the frequency of Love.


If we react out of fear while this process is occurring, if we flinch and shut down as our inauthentic skin is shedding off like velcro, we’ll experience more suffering than is necessary.  If we can soften into the experience, inviting warmth, compassion, and soothing comfort with every inhale, we can literally melt away the old attachments and surrender with grace.  Nothing that’s occurring is meant to punish or induce suffering.  Everything that’s occurring is supporting our greatest expansion through transformation and evolution.  Everything is changing, and every vibration of change carries the frequency of Unconditional Love.


We’re moving through the infinite realm where anything is possible, and all options exist.  We are creating our moments from the curiosity that motivates our attention and vision.  If we want to experience a reality that doesn’t currently exist within our scope of vision, as the pioneers of unprecedented possibility, we must turn inward to find inspiration and vision.  We must allow our eyes to be temporarily cloudy, until we release the attachments and grounding points to the options we’ve recognized in front of us for so long.  We often feel safe when we know where we are, when we know how to navigate the terrain..and therefore we can mistaken safety and familiarity for divine truth.  Where we’re going is unknown, mysterious, and new…requiring a safety that is rooted in faith, trust, and courage of the heart, even if we don’t recognize where we are yet.  We’re learning to feel our way, through Love, from the heart.


The week begins on Monday 10/9 with a Mercury Pluto stepping stone, a Venus Ixion stepping stone, and a Sun Pluto stepping stone. Stepping stones are opportunities to step up into a new perspective, to elevate into higher consciousness. If we approach a challenge with the same consciousness that created the block, we can’t move beyond it. But by elevating our perspective and choosing to step up into our power, we can navigate any obstacle, and use it to propel us forward to new options, manifesting a whole new outcome. This is the key to shapeshifting our reality. There is nothing in this world that is limiting, other than our current perspective. We must elevate to a higher consciousness to gain access to our soul’s blueprint, and there’s no other entry point than through the heart. Like navigating a multidimensional obstacle course through a labyrinth blindfolded, we transform and ascend with each step.


On Tuesday 10/10, Jupiter enters Scorpio, Venus and Chiron form a bridge, and Mars is in a great eliminator with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra). Jupiter in Scorpio brings our expansion of social consciousness into the alchemical mixing bowl for transformation through Love. Anything physical can be healed, elevated, transmuted, and shape shifted by the presence of pure unconditional Love. Venus represents the actual alchemical mixing bowl, which is the heart, and forms a bridge with Chiron, the alchemist that transforms the greatest wound to the greatest source of mastery. When we choose love over fear with every physical encounter and within our own bodies, we alter our karmic roots, our DNA, and our attachments to the physical dimension, elevating our relationship with everything, including the Earth.


Wednesday 10/11 is a Mars Saturn stepping stone, a Venus Sedna manifestation, and a Venus Uranus great eliminator. It’s important that we honor and remember that Mars is now the co-ruler of the Divine Feminine, and is by nature receptive. When we listen to our bodies, and honor the intuitive messages from within, we can own our power in a brand new way that evokes authentic leadership in harmony with our surroundings. There’s nothing to force, nothing to fight or resist, true power emerges from within when we live from authenticity. When we’re authentically owning our power, our hearts are effortlessly manifesting in harmony with the highest records of truth, and we awaken to a much higher dimension of consciousness.


On Thursday 10/12, Mars is in a great eliminator with Eris, Mercury is in a bridge with Eris, activating the Light Bridge, Mercury is manifesting with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra), and Mercury is in a resource with Saturn. The body is a feedback mechanism, giving us symptoms to pay attention to, asking us to wake up and choose Love over fear. Mercury, the Messenger, gains access to the inner awakenings as we bridge our operating system to understand and interpret, crystal clear. The bridge unifies, which creates understanding and awareness of the old symptoms and patterns we’ve been holding in our Earth Star Chakras and collective Root Systems. Once we understand and see clearly, the need for the messaging system (or the physical symptom) resolves and dissolves.


Friday 10/13 is a Mars Ixion stepping stone, Venus Quaoar stepping stone, Mercury Haumea new cycle, Mercury Ixion resource, and a Mercury intimacy aspect with Mars. This is a HUGE day of very high frequency activations. We must be operating from a higher consciousness to take advantage of all that’s available today, attuned to the frequency of Unconditional Love.


The physical body can step up into the conscious embodiment of our soul’s blueprint, and our hearts can step up into the infinite realm of our new paradigm, which gives us the capacity to calibrate the heart to our newly realized limitlessness. Mercury and Haumea begin a new relationship integrating 5D wholeness into our operating system, allowing our lower 4 body system to operate from a cosmic frequency of Unity that is infinite, timeless, and immortal. This new dynamic then creates a resource with Ixion, which give us access to our immortal blueprint for download into our physical body. This is absolutely mind-blowing! And we can’t even wrap our heads around it unless we’re operating from Cosmic Consciousness and Wholeness.


On Saturday 10/14, Venus enters Libra, crossing the World Axis, Mercury is in a great eliminator with Chiron, and Ixion is in a resource with Haumea (part of a Finger of God with Sedna that completes the next day). Venus in Libra brings our hearts into physical power through the dynamic of relationships. As we see our reflection through the world axis, we have the opportunity to own our power by Loving ourSelves unconditionally, no matter what we see. Our own hearts hold the power to upgrade every relationship, every reflection. We can transform the world through the alchemy of our own hearts, by our willingness to Love all that we confront, so that we soften the edges of resistance and harshness, and melt the debris into gold until it becomes pure light. By recognizing that all is whole and complete, I am All, therefore divine self love is the method of healing our planet and our universe.


And Sunday 10/15 completes the Finger of God as Mercury forms a great eliminator with Sedna, Venus is in a resource with Varuna, Mercury is in a bridge with Uranus, Mars is in a bridge with Chiron, and the Sun is manifesting with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra). When we eliminate any edge of separation from our own inner operating system, we allow our own vertical spine to become the universal antenna for Unconditional Love, in service to All. We become the refined instrument of divine communications, and as we do, we gain access to a higher octave of vision, mastery, and contribution.


The practice this week is to soften to your experiences, and choose to receive Love with every inhale, even if you can’t see it or feel it in front of you.  Love is present, always, and every breath connects us with the universal frequency of Love.  Practice closing your eyes, inhaling the frequency of Love, warmth, compassion, and nourishing peace, and allow any fear based attachments to melt away as you exhale and let go.  Feel the physical softening in your body as the attachments and fear unravel, dissipate, and lose their grip.  As you soften around the edges with every breath, allow your inner light to receive abundance, support, and nourishment from each breath until your inner clarity begins to emerge and manifest around you.  Your ability to soften takes the edge off of any conflict or fear based drama that might be occurring in the world around you, and opens you up to receive new possibilities through a higher vibration of Unity, Service, and Love.


“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.  To live fully is to be always in no-man’s land, to experience each moment as completely new and fresh.  To live is to be willing to die over and over again.”  

~ Pema Chodron



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  1. Dear Christine, your interpretation of this weeks happenings is beautiful, brilliant, and chocked full of “Heart felt experience”, I send Love to you and yours and send infinite gratitude to you for your wisdom! Light and Love to all of humanity…❤️

  2. Thank You, Christine, for your extraordinary, beautiful writings here; they are such a powerful healing gift. So grateful for the Guidance this week.

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