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For the week of October 2 – 8, 2017:

Fasten your seat belts for another intense ride this week.  We’re moving out of the Pluto station, beginning to recognize the full extent of all that’s new, all that’s been realigned and transformed over the last several months, and this week sheds light on the fullest reflection of our new operating system and the manifestations that result from the newly calibrated balance of divine feminine energy.  This is the beginning of the divine creation of the New Earth, which we’re consciously manifesting now with the spark of each thought, moment to moment.



The slate has been cleaned, karmic stories have been released, and our old skin has been shed.  How we choose to navigate each moment moving forward is critically important, that we consciously choose to operate from love over fear.  If we continue to assume the old karmic patterns and habits that we’ve newly released, we’ll recreate the past on top of the new ground.


When a foundation has been leveled and cleared, whether by our own intentional choosing or from external events or forces of nature beyond our control, we have an opportunity to create something brand new as we rebuild and start again.  In order to create something different, we must consciously choose a different method of operating, with our thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, and actions.  It makes no sense to complete a 10 day juice fast and then go directly back to poor chronic eating habits, expecting a sustainable transformation in health and vitality.  Many lottery winners end up bankrupt within a year because they don’t transform and elevate their relationship with money in a way that sustains and supports the new expansion.


The content can easily be rearranged, rebuilt, and recreated, but until our method of operating in relationship with our current surrounds elevates, we will continue to manifest the same story, no matter how many times we rebuild.  If we’ve habitually operated out of fear, insecurity, or scarcity in certain domains, no matter how many times we redesign, shuffle, or reorganize, those patterns will continue repeating, recreating the same story over and over again, until we shift the fundamental way we operate, elevating our consciousness to the frequency of Unconditional Love.  In doing so, we create new networks of cellular communication, creating new frequencies of vibrations that express as new options that manifest a new reality.   Love is measured as the most powerful frequency of energy available in our universe.  When we calibrate our thoughts and cellular communication to Love, we align ourselves with sustainable power.


Our relationships contain infinite opportunities for manifestation, creation, and transformation.  Our relationship with health, finances, friends, family, partners, work, community, and humanity.  Relationships unify resources for collaboration, and manifestation requires an element of friction, diversity, and opposition to gain traction and momentum for maximum growth and expansion.  Our vertical axis is pure consciousness.  Our horizontal axis is our relationship axis, which is where we interface with our perception of reality through experiences and relationships.


Our current state of consciousness determines the quality of our experience and our relationship with reality.  The horizontal relationship axis flows from the portal of truth at the mental body to the portal of truth at the physical body, activating the mind/body connection.  The moment we think a thought, we move from the infinite realm of pure unity consciousness to a specific vibrational message.  That thought holds a frequency that either nourishes and elevates our current vibration, or diminishes and compromises our vibration.


Moment to moment, we’re choosing to either elevate or lower our vibration through our relationship with our thoughts and the reflections we perceive around us.  When we judge, make wrong, or criticize anything that we witness, we diminish our vibration and collapse any opportunity for expansion.  When we can witness and see the divinity in all things, we generate reverence, respect, and Love, which elevates the cellular vibration within our own self and in the whole experience.  Anytime we connect to the vibration of Love, we are calibrating our own immune system to Love.  It serves us and All to be the Source of Love, unconditionally.


How we witness, interpret, and respond to the events around us matters.  The power to transform and shape shift our reality comes from being awake, aware, and in Love as we’re co-creating the New Earth.  This is a week to wake up, pay attention, and elevate the vibration to Unconditional Love, no matter what shows up around us.  Unconditional means I am the source and the catalyst of Love, no matter what I witness, no matter how it feels, or what it looks like.  I am the Universal Frequency of Love, in action, flowing through All with each breath and heartbeat.  I am the consciousness of Love, and I am Unconditional.


The week begins on Monday with no major aspects.


Tuesday 10/3 is a Venus Pluto manifestation.  Now that Pluto is moving direct, our hearts are creating from our highest vision, from a blank space of new possibility.  Anything is possible, and with Pluto in Capricorn, transformation is always available, divinely initiated by the highest order.  Our hearts are literally the alchemical mixing bowls that can heal, whole, align, and purify anything and everything with the frequency of Love.  Anything can shift on a dime when the awakened heart shows up empowered and pure.


On Wednesday 10/4, Mercury and Vesta start a new cycle, Ceres and MakeMake are in a resource, Jupiter and Quaoar are in a resource, and the Sun is in a great eliminator with Neptune.  Vesta brings the fire of devotion to our newly upgraded operating system and inner communications.  Imagine what’s possible when our communications carry the spark of devotion, we become sacred messengers of Love that champion new possibilities.  Ceres, the midwife, supports the deliverance of the higher laws of authentic leadership in the New Earth.  And our consciousness expands when we access the limitlessness of our new paradigm.  We are finding our footing in the realm of infinite possibility, and w’re experiencing the fluidity of each moment, that anything can shift on a dime, depending on where we focus and how committed we are to choosing the lens of Love.   When we choose Love, we see clearly.  When we choose fear, doubt, judgment, or anger, our vision gets skewed and we only see conflict and confusion.  New possibilities always exist in Unity Consciousness.  There are limited options in fear, anger, or hate, and expansion doesn’t exist in divisiveness.


Thursday 10/5 is the Full Moon at 12 Aries.  Just hours before the Full Moon occurs, Mars and Venus conjunct, starting a brand new cycle.  This new cycle between Mars and Venus is extremely significant, as Mars is the ruler of Aries, and Mars is now the co-ruler of the Divine Feminine yin energy, along with Venus.  This conjunction is the beginning of a brand new relationship between Mars and Venus, the newly calibrated and empowered Divine Feminine archetype of energy, that is the collaborative ruler of the Aries Full Moon.  With the moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra, the relationship axis is highlighted, and we’re seeing the fully awakened light of our new creative process.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is conscious discipline, and represents mental power.  Aries is a fire element that ignites when consciousness creates a thought.  Anything is possible from the infinite realm, a thought is created, producing a vibration of communication and frequency that manifests as a physical expression.  We are creating our universe with our thoughts.  When our thoughts are random and unconscious, we give our power away, which is a misuse of our greatest creative potential.  Our evolutionary work to do with this full moon is to bring our conscious discipline to our thoughts, and make sure we’re operating from our fully awakened divine feminine energy.  This is the essence of our newly calibrated creative potential, divine creativity manifesting the New Earth.


Friday 10/6, Mercury is in a great eliminator with Neptune.  As we continue to choose Love over fear, our operating systems align with truth and clarity, and we recognize enlightenment.


Saturday 10/7 is an interesting Uranus Neptune semi square, which in Cosmic Consciousness is referred to as a “friction aspect”.  It’s very subtle, but friction creates the traction to manifest something new.  Without friction, things remain stagnant and dormant.  Uranus is the Great Awakener, so expect some subtle friction to evoke clarity.  When we are sideswiped by unexpected behavior of another, we ask questions.  That opening, and the willingness to question, produces clarity that otherwise would go unnoticed, hidden below the surface.  This is a subtle aspect, so we must be present and paying attention to find the opening.


And on Sunday 10/8, Venus and Saturn are in a stepping stone and Venus is in a Finger of God with the South Node (Earth Star Chakra) and Eris.  This is all about the heart stepping into authority and leadership, choosing love to clear the karmic patterns and awaken to a new possibility.  As the heart leads the way, we shed the old skin, releasing the old attachments, identities, and power struggles.  We free ourselves up to awaken to our truth, from the inside out.  This liberation is generated from the heart, from the inside out.


The practice for this week is to consciously discipline the mind to be present, awake, and operating with the consciousness of Unconditional Love.  To strengthen your conscious discipline, try a candle gaze meditation.  Find a tea light candle, a pen and paper.  Light the candle, and set a timer for 10 minutes.  Keep your gaze focused on the candle, in the present moment, attuning your vision to light and Unconditional Love.  Each time your mind wanders or you find yourself drifting into the past or the future, gently bring your attention back to the light, and make a hashmark on the paper.  Each hashmark represents a choice to start again and consciously redirect your mind back into alignment with Unconditional Love.  Let go of any judgment, be equanimous with your practice, and commit to strengthening your ability to consciously discipline your mental body to think loving thoughts, to focus on light, and to be deeply present as the creator of your reality.  Do this practice daily for the entire week and notice what elevates or shifts in your reality as you commit to fine tuning the power of your mental body.   The power we each hold in our mental body, the free will to think any thought we choose, is the most powerful and precious potential on our planet.  Our thoughts manifest our experience of reality, and our thoughts are the divine spark of creation in motion.


“The words you speak become the house you live in.”   ~ Hafiz


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