Copper Membership

Access the full in-depth Weekly Navigation Report, written in the language of Cosmic Consciousness, offered as a 5D contextual roadmap for manifesting higher ground.  Add an extra boost each week with podcast-style audio recordings, offering practical insights, wisdom, and guidance each week.  The Weekly Navigation Report posts every Sunday evening at midnight EST for the upcoming week, and the Weekly Audio posts midweek as a touchstone calibration.  Grounding Cosmic Consciousness, embodying the frequency of Love, and amplifying your weekly practice as you digest and metabolize the universal themes in a crystal clear, cellular experience.    $12/month     
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Crystal Membership

Take your 5D calibration practice to another octave with Live participation in ongoing New Moon and Full Moon Events.  These Live Teleconference Events, facilitated by Christine, are available for Crystal Members only, and include channeled messages about the current astrological aspects and themes, spoken through the lens of Cosmic Consciousness, as well as a channeled 5D calibration to attune the lunar frequencies at the cellular level. Live participation is not required, but is highly encouraged as the virtual community vibration is profound.  All members will have access to the archive of downloadable Moon Event MP3’s for personal use as an in depth tuning fork to calibrate the lower 4 body system with the New Moon and Full Moon each month (See Calendar of Events HERE).   Crystal Members also receive full access to Copper Level Membership. $39/month
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Diamond Membership

Awaken Personal Mastery in this yearlong journey through the elements, the astrological signs, and the planets…all through the lens of Cosmic Consciousness.  We all contain the same elements, the same signs, and the same planets…yet how we arrange those elements and archetypes in our own birth chart determines our unique energetic signature and reveals our blueprint for Personal Mastery in this incarnation.  The 5D birth chart reveals our lower 4 body system and our divine spiral of creation, which is the key to remembering our divine wholeness and unleashing our divine power to manifest and create.  Travel through the zodiac, through a live monthly event for members only, and unlock your unique blueprint.   This level of membership includes a private 1:1 introductory reading and personal template for the entire year’s program, plus access to a monthly webinar classes, a library of calibrations on each of the elements and signs, and ongoing monthly guidance and support for holistic integration.  Unlock the code to understanding your greatest superpowers, and the hidden insights regarding health, relationships, communications, and leadership.   Diamond Members also receive full access to Crystal and Copper Memberships.   $123/month for 12 months.
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